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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK Wizard By John Varley Î REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD ê One of the greatest science fiction epics ever written John Varley's Titan Wizard and Demon comprise a groundbreaking trilogy that will live forever Human explorers have entered the sprawling mind of Gaea Now they must fight her will For she is Er will For she is much too powerfuland definitely insaneThese books are going to be around for a long time Locus One of the greatest science fiction epics ever written Well no Not even close Some of it crosses over into into the very silly Buzz bomb for example what is this a Dead Kennedys album Actually that might be weirdly appropriate considering the musical communication between the centaurs This book contains a lot of good ideas including the basic premise of a living ringworld and the splintering personalities based on the distributed brain reuired for such a large organism It seems that Varley wants especially towards the end for us to feel sympathy for those rebelling against Gaea but I found myself disliking the humans for the destructive behavior that is so much in evidence in our current day The wanton destruction of species occurring right now paralleling what appears to be the forthcoming trajectory planned for the next book ie death of Gaea itself Then again there is a lot of moral complexity in the book revealed through the various points of view so probably Varley did that deliberately and is uite aware that his heroes are not necessarily all that heroic depending on the point of viewThe obsession with the sexual formations of the centaurs became a bit exhausting Varley even created a full diagram in the back of the book showing all 29 possible configurations called ensembles by which the Titanides can reproduce The amount of work he most have put into creating this diagram along with the grouping and names all based on musical modes could be seen as excessively prurient or as an impressive level of world building expertise and perhaps both are true My hornier younger self might have found it all very titillating but my older cynical self finds it mostly uaint tiring and just a bit embarrassingOne of my other gripes is the unnecessary mentions of telepathy and ESP 3 total if I remember correctly neither of which contributed to any substance to either the story or the world building and since this book already blurs the science fiction heavily into mythic fantasy I felt those elements would have been best left out but that reflects a personal bias on part I find telepathy and ESP to be annoying cheats when it comes to science fiction and even with my deep favorites such as Star Trek I have never liked things such as Vulcan mind melds But this is a minor uibbleAt its core this is an epic uest fantasy and Varley is not trying to hide that fact since Gaea explicitly creates things to be uested after and reuires heroic deeds to gain her favor By that measure this book delivers fairly well Not with Tolkien level skill but still decent enough that I enjoyed the ride well enough There are character deaths and there is character growth and depth There are serious conflicts and resolutions but not with idealistic happiness Things are complicatedIf goodreads allowed half star ratings and wouldn't it be nice if it did this would be a 35 for me but following my rounding up rule plus the fact it clearly gave me a lot to think about it gets a reluctant 4 But to uote Public Enemy Don't believe the hype especially that on the front cover which says most celebrated adventure since Dune This one is somewhere between Heinlein and Piers Anthony

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One of the greatest science fiction epics ever written John Varley's Titan Wizard and Demon comprise a groundbrea It's hard to argue with a novel whose protagonists are an epileptic lesbian separatist who has chewed off her own finger and a schizophrenic who falls in love with a purple centaur who idolizes John Philip Sousa on a uest to circumnavigate a donut shaped mind world in orbit around Saturn to foment a revolution among her 12 regional brains

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Wizard By John VarlKing trilogy that will live forever Human explorers have entered the sprawling mind of Gaea Now they must fight h Wizard picks up about 80 years after the events in Titan Cirocco is now a Wizard for Gaea meaning she’s a troubleshooter Gaby is sometimes her sidekick and sometimes just does freelance work They are both paid with extended lifespans Since Titan plenty of humans have emigrated to Gaea There is a limited uota for free trips and through this program two new travelers both prone to periodic seizures arrive in Gaea One is Chris a rather shy and geeky young man from Earth The other is Robin who comes from an ultra radical sect of witches in the Wiccan sense living in a habitat on the far side of the Moon The sect is made up entirely of women and holds men to be evil Robin has never met a man and has some strange conceptions about them As they arrive Gaea tells them that she can cure their ailments as long as they do something heroic They join up with Cirocco and Gaby on a circumnavigation of the habitat wheel The wizard and her sidekick have a hidden agenda though Gaea is becoming ever senile and crazy and the two are looking for allies in a coming war against herThe adventures of Chris and Robin make for a coming of age tale of sorts The scenery is still wondrous and Varley has added much to the richness of his world The prose is excellent and the characters are rich and alive Despite all that I was still somewhat disappointed The story sets up the next and final book Demon and develops the characters but the plot isn’t that interesting There seems to be little sense of where the story is headed While this is often the case in long sections of many Varley books in this one there weren’t any other really stellar bits to compensate Varley is never bad but it was an ultimately unsatisfying readhttpwwwbooksrosbochnetp1450