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Six Months With Cerberus review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Alternate cover edition of ASIN B0833GKPL7Cyane was delivered as a newborn to an orphanage with nothing but a cryptic note from her parents to come to Sicily for an obscure celebration on her twenty fourth birthdayYears later desperate to get to the festival on time toScape he does what he’s always done best stops themWhat he doesn’t expect is a beautiful human woman cowering beneath his blade When she begs for his help to leave Hades’s realm his loyalties are tested unlike never before Six Months with Cerberus is a dark mythos romance rife with intrigue gods power play manipulation and schemes Mature readers onl. 55 Cerberus yes the three headed hellhound is my new favorite Greek god at least Naomi Lucas’ versionYes It’s been a hot minute since I’ve read a 5⭐️ book I read this book in one sitting I could not stop reading this story Naomi Lucas NEVER disappoints when it comes to steamy af anti heroes emotional connections and earned HEAsThis is a basically an insta love but I feel it’s true Plus This is PNR Insta loves are one of the pillars of the sub genre just saying and it’s also why I LOVE PNR Give me the damn insta love and make me froth for the couple which is exactly what this book is in its entirety Six Month with Cerberus was a familiar Greek mythological story re imagined All the bones of Hades and Persephone were there but this story was about Cerebus Hades faithful hellhound given a body in the image of not gonna day bc big fat spoiler and Cyane Their love story begins with Cerberus pulling her out of the River Styx There is contempt from him how dare a human crossover to his master’s domain Cyane is fearful and confused The story revolves around Cyane trying to find her parents and she and Cerberus falling in love All during the seven days leading up to the return of Persephone Cerberus is a good kinda anti hero BUT Hades is an even better example This book had twists and turns I didn’t see coming AT ALL The characters were memorable and it’s a world I didn’t want to leave like all of NL’s worlds she creates I felt the fear anger confusion lust love and friendship That ending I felt that in my bones I want standalone books like this one Ms Lucas please FYI oral and penetrative sex Hot sex scenes Hot messy sex scenes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Possible triggers Persephone’s rape is briefly talked about and the incest that brought forth a daughter between her and Zeus During the Day of Deviance it’s mentioned that even life can be produced from rape

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Ting for her life and near death she’s pulled from the water by a man An ancient Greek warrior with frighteningly animalistic eyesCerberus son of the dragon Typhon hundred headed hound to Hades Gatekeeper to the Underworld Watcher of all the souls in Styx and first shifter senses an unauthorized mortal in Hades’s domain And when that mortal tries to e. Sweet Mother of Mythologyand conflicted reviewersFor those of you out there who never found yourself tail deep in a variety of mythological drama Hey hunHow are yaThis book is one of those concepts where I genuinely could have cared less who the author was what the cover looked like or how much it cost PURELY BECAUSE IT MENTIONS THE UNDERWORLD HADES AND PERSEPHONE LORD I am a strait up Hooker for anything and everything Hades and PersephoneAt this point in my life I will pretty much consume any story that has any type of connection to mythology at all I feel like I've read so many that I'm starting to forget how tragic nasty and drama infested the original myths areAnywaysI'm waffling on ONWARD to the storyNow I won't mislead you In this book the focus of the story is really on Cyane and Cerberus with Hades and Persephone as somewhat smaller contributors to the main story The main character Cyane has been alone her entire life waiting for the day to finally answer the note left by her supposed 'father' for her and to travel to meet him in Sicily during the celebration of Thesmophoria Thesmophoria the celebration of Goddess' Demeter and Persephone and the return of Persephone to the underworldCerberus the gate guard to the land of the dead was gifted a human body from Hades and is still as dog gone tough scary and intimidating as everThrough la di da's and doo de doo's that ensue Cyane finds herself in the underworld and at the will of the Gods therein Including Cerberus who has taken an instant fascination to the living mortal This trip is just thatA TripI'm kind of in this momentary state at the moment where words of many sorts and colors are coming to mind to describe this book Some good some bad some steamyThe concept of the book was incredibly intriguing and felt new considering the vast amount of stories 'based on' the Grecian myths The writing was well done the story woven great; yet I feel like I have to highlight one big thing that is sitting on my brain pretty heavilyThere were moments where I was confused Like SERIOUSLY confused And trust me teaching first grade you are confused a majority of your day There were moments that felt disjointed like you were here NOW your there kind of teleporting action if that makes sense I found myself going back multiple times just to try and understand exactly where we are now and what the heck is happeningAnd one last little thing I felt iffy on Cerberus Like I Was SOOOO down for that But for some hookey pokey reason some of his actions in the story left me feeling somewhatcold towards him I'm not sure what exactly it was he was doing and thinking that made me feel that way but I just never really got the 'love' or 'lovingly' or 'whateverthefluck' feeling from him Which totally bitesI think it was so interesting the interactions between what was once this great beast and confronting a Human Mortal and feelings he has never felt before But still SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH ME because I just felt like something was missing I wanted And don't even get me started on Hades FANTASY BOYFRIEND FOR LIFE I think it was my least favorite portrayal of Hades I've readIDK my head hurts my heart burns and I'm lost in my feelingsThis review has been a pain in my booty to try and write I think it's because of my discombobulated feelings I have post reading this book I was caught between not being able to put the dang thing down and not really knowing WTF was going on Naomi Lucas has some serious freakin' talent and homegirl can write a romance to blow your damn socks off Which made me sad that my socks remained in place for this one HarumphWas this my favorite It hurts my heart to say Not Really Was it a solid read that I think delivers some time burning entertainment Oh most definitely Was there twists and turns adventure and STEAM YES YES MF'in YES booAnd yetI feel like I just needed something Maybe it's a me not you thing or I am officially needing to start packing my things to head on over to the looney bin 'Cause I think I'm going nutsAll in all the book was good it was in no way shape or form bad I'm just left feeling like I either missed something or something was missing Will I gladly buy any books with influences of the Mythological sort30 Hades Persephone FO' EVA stars

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Six Months With CerberusAlternate cover edition of ASIN B0833GKPL7Cyane was delivered as a newborn to an orphanage with nothing but a cryptic note from her parents to come to Sicily for an obscure celebration on her twenty fourth birthdayYears later desperate to get to the festival on time to finally meet her parents she’s tricked and dragged under the Ionian sea Confused figh. Mind blowing I am stunned by this story so much if I could I would give it 10 stars Cerberus and Cyane story is super interesting and so beautiful It also gives us new views of Hades and Persephone Awsome