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Worth a Shot review µ 3 ✓ One simple run in got me than I bargained forand now I can’t go back It might be dangerous but it might just be worth a shot Victoria Angel It was just a cup of coffeethat’s all I was after Some much needed caffeine to get me through wedding dress shopping That’s it But I guess the universe had other plans How do I go from A bullet for me to getting arrested and put in prison His last name is Goodman but according to the police he’s not at all a good man However it feels as though fate brought us together The police don’t agreeand my fiancé definitely doesn’t either Tristan Goodman She thinks I’m her hero which couldn’t be further from the truth Because of the business that I’m in and the people I surround myself with there’s always a target on my back an. Gail Haris is a new to me debut author so when I decided to read “worth a shot” it was kind of having a double meaning I thought the plot was worth a shot and as it turned out I was right When it seems like it’s a debut I am reading I always pay especially close attention to details And in total I was pleasantly surprised But let’s dive into the critical details The cover I am not a fan of the type of cover used here and if at all it only works for a certain kind of books Had it been me in a bookstore I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have taken the book from the shelf to read the plot I have to admit – I would have missed out on something good – but the thing is – cover sell books – at least in physical stores so there is thatThe plot well that brings me back to my issue with the cover – in my reading world it’s the romantic comedy books where people don’t take themselves too seriously where this cover is used still not a fan of the style But the Blurb promises a plot that does not sound like a comedy and I think when I first came across the book there was no cover – otherwise I would remember frowning at the different vibes the blurb and the cover give Romantic comedy I can only digest when presented in a certain style – so when I started reading the book The plot felt like a romantic comedy but then as the story went on the tone became serious while still the banter went on with the characters And at a certain point I felt that the characters banter and the plot got separated I am not sure how to explain that without giving the story away It could be a very personal style of the author and if so it would definitely be a uniue one I think Still I am not totally convinced I love it The chemistry between the leads was beautiful I could have gone on for hours just reading their dialogues and at certain points I was almost willing to mention “if you like the style of the writing duo Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland than you will like the writing of Gail Haris too” but then I felt that the plot didn’t run with the characters When it was just the leads talking to each other everything was perfect but the second the backstory came into view I felt that a very serious topic was taken not as serious as it needed to be Or it was presented to strong for a comedy Or maybe it was ambitious to try to fit this kind of story into a comedy at all Not sure and I really cannot explain without details all that well The writing as mentioned before – I love love love the banter between the leads – it is perfect the opening – how they get to know each other and all – simply perfect and if you love WardKeeland this will be your style too Dialog wise this author is a winner The book I read was not the final copy I assume because it still had some typos in it – I am not taking them into consideration as I usually do not correct grammar not my strong suit because I am bilingual and mix languages a lot and they did not really disturb the reading But there were enough for me to notice and I only mention them in case it was the final version and they were overlooked My thoughts I was blown away by some of the dialogues and loved the banter – but the plot itself did not runs smoothly with the tone that was set by the charters – The character development – banter and setup are a 5 Star cast in my book but the plot had me shaking my head especially towards the end and only made it to 3 Stars I know it sou

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D anyone associated with me is in the line of fire including the uirky yet gorgeous Victoria Angel I’ve brought nothing but danger to her life the minute she bumped into me in that coffee shop I know she’s not mine but that certainly doesn’t stop me from going after what I want And what I want is an angel She’d be wise to end all contact with me exactly like her fiancé wishes but I can’t leave her aloneespecially after I have a taste of heav. Happy Book BirthdayThank you Gail Harris and Get Me Books for an ARC of Worth A Shot in exchange for my honest review And the biggest thanks for letting me be apart of your release blitzAfter waking up way too early to go wedding dress shopping Victoria Angel just wanted a cup of coffee She didn’t mean to bump into one of the hottest guys she’s seen spilling his coffee all over him She really didn’t think she’d end up in the hospital after being shot at Finding out she was saved by Tristan Goodman a wanted man and now her hero She’s dying to know about him and what makes Tristan so badTristan Goodman was just trying to grab a uick coffee when ome of the prettiest girls he’s ever seen runs into him She not only spills his coffee but insists he’s been drinking it wrong this whole time After talking to Victoria Angel he never expected to take a bullet for this sweet girl Tristan is curious to know about her But could Tori be too sweet for bad boy TristanI’ve never been really big on romance Honestly I always pictured it to be lovey dovey with over the top erotica Worth A Shot changed my mind about romance and I’m glad I gave the genre another try This book had a good balance It was most certainly hot and steamy ☕☕☕I was hooked from the moment I read “coffee” I have a serious coffee obsession and so does Tori I get that girl on so many levels Especially her attraction to Tristan with the muscles and all around bad boy physiue lets say he’s a knockout if you will 😉 Oh my his passion for Victoria is undeniable the chemistry between the two is great and I just love itIt’s been a while since I’ve chosen a book boyfriend but I’ve got to say Tristan Goodman is my most recent 😍🤤😍 Gail Harris did an awesome job with these characters and their story I really enjoyed reading itMake sure you pick up your copy today It could be Worth A Shothey nowdid you see what I did there☝️ Purchase links and author info is on my blog And check out that giveaway Link in BioRATED ⭐⭐⭐⭐😊📚🚫MATURE CONTENT🚫

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Worth a ShotOne simple run in got me than I bargained forand now I can’t go back It might be dangerous but it might just be worth a shot Victoria Angel It was just a cup of coffeethat’s all I was after Some much needed caffeine to get me through wedding dress shopping That’s it But I guess the universe had other plans How do I go from getting coffee to waking up in the hospital after being involved in a drive by And how does my mysterious hero go from taking. This was a great beach read for me I enjoyed the build up between the heroine and the hero And there was just enough drama and angst to keep me turning the pages