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CrescendoOne awful moment shattered her lifeBasslea was a haven and Marina was totally content there She had her music and her innocent childlike fantasies Nothing seemed capable of chang. This was such a great ride I love Charlotte Lamb even at her most un PC but this one is just a terrific story period The first part starts with a young girl enjoying the view on the edge of a cliff when a dark stranger come barreling up to her thinking she's going to take a dive off the edge After some introductions he ends up renting a room from her and her grandfather and starts pursuing the h There’s a lot of secrets and intrigue while you try to figure out what's going on The author makes it obvious that something isn't as it should be but we get our answers soon enough Then starts the angstfest that just leaves you gutted view spoilerWe find out that the h has been suffering from selective amnesia for the past year and has had no recollection of the H or their history She regains her memory to find that the H is her husband We are the taken on a flashback journey to discover that the H was a child prodigy who was raised by a possessive mother to be a narcissistic manwhore with commitment issues The H sees women as playthings that are there for his use and disposal However he had fallen for the h despite his reluctance to be hog tied The h who was just a baby of 18 when they met he's 15 years older knows that she can’t compete in his sophisticated world and that her heart would be stomped into the dirt if she lets him get close so she takes evasive action never considering that the H could feel anything special for her However time and persistence as well as a breakdown of that protective wall for both of them ends in an affair that results in her getting pregnant The H who very readily admits he had no desire to get married insists that they do and is secretly glad that he's been put in this position He gets to keep the h but doesn’t have to admit to that constraining love thing so he never tells her he loves her and she continues to wait for the other shoe to fall In a big angsty scene the H is staying over in London on business while the h is in the country with her grandfather The grandfather suggests she go and visit the H in the city When she gets there she walks in on the H and his former mistress in a passionate embrace this is explained later though I wasn’t totally sold She is devastated stumbles out in a fugue immediately walks in front of a car and ends up mentally cracking and developing amnesia after the H shows up at the hospital creative license says it can happen Of course she loses the baby too The story the picks back up in the present with the H in hot pursuit determined to win back the love of the h While trying to win her over we learn through a bout of verbal diarrhea that he had been fighting the love for the h that was consuming him much to his irritation As related above because he was spoilt rotten and also due to the control his mother exerted over him he swore never to allow another person to ever have power over him while also feeling he was within his rights to use people as he saw fit He goes on to tell the h all these horror stories about his attitude towards women and how he tried but failed to keep her in the category of plaything to be discarded when he tired of her She’s insecure anyway had seen him in action during his manwhore activities so it just freaked her out She was convinced that he was lying or that his feelings would change despite his assurances that his love for her had him by the jugular There were a couple of scenes where the h sticks it to the H by giving him some of the medicine he’d been giving women over the years The h stays strong for the most part and made the H work hard to win her back hide spoiler

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Hould He seemed to wield a power she didn't understand until he forced her to recognize the truth for herself Then Marina realized what was happening to her and what had happened. Wow I thought this book was practically perfect The pacing and the plotting were so well done I couldn't tear my eyes from the page I loved the mystery in the beginning and the flashback to the big event Then the epic grovel where our heroine speaks some home truths to the besotted Hero She did not melt like a puddle at his first look and made him EARN it I loved this bookSafetyview spoilerSome OW drama as the H still sleeps around even after meeting the h They spend time as friends getting to know each other so they aren't a couple but it breaks her heart to see him with his mistress all over the place The H had a tragic childhood that makes him the way he is but he grovelled so well and understood his transgressions and the pain he caused by his selfishnessOnce they are married there is no cheating even though the h thinks he did hide spoiler

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Crescendo summary · 9 ´ One awful moment shattered her lifeBasslea was a haven and Marina was totally content there She had her music and her innocent childlike fantasies Nothing seemed capable of changing her world until Gideon Firth arrivedHe was everything she was not sophisticated urbane powerful And she found herself responding to his magnetism the way nIng her world until Gideon Firth arrivedHe was everything she was not sophisticated urbane powerful And she found herself responding to his magnetism the way no unawakened girl s. 35 starsIf you want to know how to make your man suffer for real or imagined crimes read a Charlotte Lamb or Sally Wentworth revenge themed manual romance This book's main theme isn't technically revenge but the heroine's transformation from innocence to ice is a sight to behold with her sharp putdowns to the hero a lesson in steely resolve 'If you don't like the way I look at you you have an option Go and don't come back''I can't' he groaned his hands hanging loosely by his side and that pain in his dark eyes 'I love you''I don't care' Marina said flatly 'Just go You're boring me' LOL Point to MarinaMarina did have some reason to feel anger but I felt she held onto her bitterness a tad too long unwilling to let Gideon even explain himself I was sympathetic up until it was clear Gideon hadn't done this view spoilerHadn't cheated on her with his ex girlfriend whom he'd dumped to be with Marina I believed him when he said the ex kissed him and not vice versa Gideon's only true crimes Not being in touch with his feelings and not breaking things off cleanly with the OW he'd gone on platonic dates with Marina while still with OW Otherwise the man was super besotted Based on his courtship of Marina and the way he treated her I felt it was true After Gideon explained all did Marina believe him or at least try forgiving him Nope It's not until he finally left—after she repeatedly told him to go—that she bent And then hated him for not saying goodbye The man couldn't win It was clear she loved him but wanted to make him pay as much as she could hide spoiler