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Snip Snap What's That? review ✓ 104 ☆ snipsnapSNIPSNAPSNIPSNAPWhat's thatAnd what will the children do once they find outT's thatAnd what will the c. I absolutely loved this book The author included many sound effects which children always have fun doing Not only did this book have great sound effects it used many adjectives to describe the alligator as well as the children The adjectives described how the alligator was moving what it looked like as well as how terrifying it was to the children As a child i would love to hear my mom read a story to me and do all the sound effects It would make me excited about reading that story and to hear about the alligatorAnother great part of this story was the choice of color and illustration method The colors help the children pay attention to the story The pictures also had a great way for the children to point out where the alligator was The illustrator would draw bits and pieces of the alligator not the full thing This book would also be good to include the kids and ask uestions like how would they feel if an alligator was in their home etc

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Hildren do once they find o. Repetition makes this alligator tale no pun intended predictable and hilarious The children hear a ‘snip snap’ all through the house and ask ‘what’s that’ time and time again until the alligator gets closer and closer Were they scared You bet they were They try to hide they try to get out of its way when they decide to take the upper hand and tell the alligator to get out Now it is the alligator’s turn to be scaredwas it You bet it was A great story for predicting while a child can relate to imaginary things that are can sometimes be scary without being real

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Snip Snap What's ThatSnipsnapSNIPSNAPSNIPSNAPWha. This is one of my favorite books to read aloud There is drama suspense and a tremendous conclusion The kids will get involved with you when you ask And were the children scard the kids will yell You bet they were I read this in an interview and it did the trick so it should work for your group too A mite scary for under 3 or scaredy cats