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review Lost in the City of @ ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ð Rhubarb Pie is gone Twelve year old Samantha has special powers but she has yet to master them In the wake of September 11th 2001 Sammy attempts to use her powers to turn back time and change the course of history in search of her lost father whom she affectionately Faith and connect with her powers before she disappears forever Will Sammy find her father before she loses herself Lost in the City of is a charming and imaginative work of fiction that contends with what it means to experience the chaos of trauma rediscover oneself and heal from unspeakable loss. Never in my life would I have thought I would like a science fiction or fantasy book But I am a personal friend of Isabella who recorded the audio for this book I am so happy that I read this book I couldn’t put it down from the very first chapter Never in my life have I ever thought that anyone would think like me Let me give you an example how do we really know that the color blue is the color blue when it could really be the color red Or how do we know today is not tomorrow or yesterday Reading this book open my mind to a whole new genre of literature Michael Bell is an excellent author And I happen to know he is a wonderful watercolor artist also Thank you so much Michael for sharing your mind with the world

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Rhubarb Pie is gone Twelve year old Samantha has special powers but she has yet to master them In the wake of September 11th 2001 Sammy attempts to use her powers to turn back time and change the course of history in search of her lost father whom she affectionately calls Rhubarb Pie However in her. What an adventure This book is uirky creative and full of heartThe nonsensical style and kooky characters are uite reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland while metaphors represent the pain and despair that arose out of the tragedies of 911 It's a fabulous book that can be enjoyed by kids teens and adults alikeMy book club is readingdiscussing this book in June and I can't wait to hear the debates and discussions that arise It's a great book to read in a group settingOverviewAlice in Wonderland meets the tragic events of September 11th 2001 12 year old Sammy Samantha Edison has lost her father Rhubarb Pie in 911 and embarks on a journey to find him and bring him homeShe consults Uncle Walter in The Techno Geek Cafe made of melting ice a metaphor for how time is ticking Here Uncle Walter teaches Sammy the art of time bending but since she hasn't uite mastered the skill her botched attempt at manipulating time and fate leads her to fall down a rabbit hole into the virtual City of While meandering the city of Sammy meets many kooky characters on her journey; some are good and some are evil Here the characters are in various stages of disappearing and she herself begins to fade away the longer she stays in the City of Their disappearing is a metaphor for losing oneself to something whether it be trauma loss greed etc and we get to observe the individual stories of many people who have found themselves lost in the City of There's a B story running alongside the A story Larry uack is a hot shot Wall Street guy owner of Soul Mind and Money Corporation He's a selfish jerk who only cares about money Turns out he's the boss of Sammy's father Kevin Edison and his offices are in the Twin Towers In this storyline we learn about the real world characters in Sammy's life The stories eventually intertwine as the two worlds collideThe book is purposefully disorienting with a non linear story telling format thanks to time bending meant to simulate the feeling of chaos and overwhelm that victims of trauma face which makes reading this book a uniue and fascinating experienceThere are many lovely uotes that are worth saving and sharing This is one of my favorites If you've ever lived in a house of cards a place where collapse felt imminent where nothing was stable you're not alone If your future seemed like it had holes than Swiss cheese if happiness seemed unattainable you're not aloneBooks have a way of finding you at the right time in your life and this is one of those books for me I connected deeply with this book in so many ways and it often felt like the book was reaching out and speaking just to me I look forward to connecting with other readers to hear about their experiences with Lost in the City of This book to me isFantastical Imaginative Creative Absurd Virtual Truthful Thoughtful Philosophical Political Inspirational A Conundrum Irrational Illogical Deep Lighthearted Funny Sad Uplifting Reality Fantasy Mystical Magical Touching Powerful Metaphorical Emotional UnforgettableAbout Love Loss Tragedy Connection Family Freedomand so much

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Lost in the City of @Botched attempt to manipulate fate she falls down a rabbit hole and becomes lost in a virtual wonderland As she wanders the fantastical City of she meets a variety of zany characters with uestionable motives In order to break free of this wacky world and find her way back home she must restore her. I won the book Lost in the City of from the Goodreads Giveaway The book was a cross between fantasy and adventure in a virtual world of City of centering around Sammy Sammy is looking for her Rhubarb Pie dad He is missing and she is trying to locate him and bring him back home She enters the City of and that is where her adventure begins in her search for her dad in this virtual world The story is linked to the terror attacks of 9 11 in New York City Sammy's dad is missing like a lot of family and friends in the tragic attack but you don't realize this until the gene if the story Sammy goes through a lot in the City of to try to locate her dad and keep her hope alive that one day shellfish him bring him home Like many people she feels a empty spot because he is no longer around and that she not him said I love you I think that is what she craves the most the I love you and feeling of his love surrounding herI recommend this book for a person who likes fantasy with a bit realness hinted in pieces of the story