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Adventure It's what my boring life is missing so when I fall through a portal into another world I'm excited Here I'm important Here I'm special I find out just how special when I meet Death Yup That guy He's been exiled to the mortal realm to work through his flaws and he's just as spoiled and awful as you'd think Rhagos the Shadow Lord is arrogant and rude and controlling and. I spent the last 24 hours with the stupidest person who ever lived in book land I mean guys I have met many stupid characters through the years but no one touches the idiot heroine in this bookIf you read the first book this will all make sense to you If you didn't you might as well leave now We'll waitOh but before you go just know this don't bother reading the first book now because this one sucked so much that it should literally take points from the first oneOk Leave nowSo you remember the most annoying part of the first book The part you hated the most That's this whole bookPlus it's a going back in time book so Ragos can do the Anticipation all over again with an anchor of his choosingOur heroine Max is the anchor to Ragos god of death Every single thought that Max has is wrong Know that Her instincts are terrible and she constantly jumps to the wrong conclusion She has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old girl It's ridiculous I spent all of the first half of the book yelling at her because she couldn't figure out the most obvious thing going on that I knew within 3 sentences out of Ragos' mouthImagine reading a description of this scene for 300 pages That is what happens here But oh Jilly she couldn't possibly know why she was so wrong She didn't have the knowledge of the first book like you didAs soon as she gets to the world she meets an oracle who tells her what to do and she can't follow simple directions Then her first three days with Ragos was her consulting with all of the wise men of the world who filled he in on how it all worked There was no reason for her not to figure things outExcept that she's an idiotWhen you put that together with the aspect of Ragos I think this might have been the most annoying combination of characters ever to existYikes Oh yeah that happenedStill I stand by what I said

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Sworn to the Shadow God Aspect and Anchor #2Ack to Earth and fast As the world falls down around us and we're hunted simply for existing I find myself wondering what it'd be like to serve the lonely god of deathin all ways To kiss him To touch him To bed him ExceptI'm supposed to be finding a way home not trying to kiss Rhagos No matter how tempting he is No matter how much he stares at my lips No matter how much I want i. I thought it was impossible for Ruby Dixon to write boring book but here we areDon’t mind the cover in reality it’s not some cheap erotica but when I think about it nowI loved the first book Bound to the Battle God It was funny lovely interesting so I was excited when I found out that there’s going to be a seuelIt took the author than 3 years I think to write the first book and it was kinda obvious because it was done really good But then the seuel was written in a few months and yeah it end up horribly Like okay I know she publishes book like every month and it’s good but what the heck is thisThis long slow burn romance book it’s not her style so I get it why it took her so long to write it and therefore I think she should also took time for the second bookIt was dull confusing and disappointingI was praying through the whole book to be finally over It was like never ending story There was a lot of names of people and places it made it difficult for me to focused on everything It was just too muchToo much names too much informations too much dumb decisions too much odd dialogs too much annoying characters and yada yada yadaBelieve me I am sad so much because I thought I would adore this 235⭐️

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Sworn to the Shadow God Aspect and Anchor #2 Read í 104 Ì Adventure It's what my boring life is missing so when I fall through a portal into another world I'm excited Here I'm important Here I'm special I find out just how special when I meet Death Yup That guy He's been exiled to the mortal realm to work through his flaws anDemands to get his way He's selfish He's impossible He's also utterly gorgeous Magnetic Lonely And strangely protective of me Thanks to a magic bond I now serve him as his anchor to the mortal realm It means that I'm his conscience his guideand the target for any assassin or glory seeker After a few days of this I'd rather go home than continue on this 'adventure' I need a way b. I have come to an overwhelming decision in my lifeThe reason that Ruby Dixon is able to write such enthralling steamy eat some leftovers cause I'm staying in tonight books about GodsIs becauseShe is in fact REAL TALK I just happened to be browsing on my kindle when suddenly BOOM this bad boy immediately pops on my screenLike Hi Hello How are ya Were you doing anything today PSYCH NOW YOUR NOT BISHAND ON VALENTINES DAY NO LESSFor those who haven't read the first book in the Aspect and Anchor seriesGoEmbraceEnjoyMake sure you don't have any important events coming up CAUSE HONEYThese books become your daily eventsI have been Dieing LOL for Rhagos' book for what feels like a gah damn eternity now and suddenlyI have itAnd its just as GAH DAMN fantastic as I was hoping it would be Max She's the average joe gal glasses awkward hates her boss works a job where the Dick Penis DingDong rules the roost You get it side Bonus She doesn't have immaculate breastesses IBTC for the win Rep us girl Anyways how does Max end up in the next anticipation Well fatefor minimal spoilers sake Fate She's awkward horrifyingly optimistic and faces so many difficult decisions and yet always stays true to her She chooses others happiness and health over her own even when she damn well shouldn't which in some stories can be a real drag Oh she chose them she's so selfless ohhh look at her in all her selflessness BLEH But Max is selfless without the worship She gives and cares for others because she genuinely cares about them I seriously liked her This is now two solid female characters that feel like what any of us women who dream of being transported into a chaotic dreamworld to partner with the love of our lives would probably face and give realistic reactions and responses AKA Non Insta Katniss Everdeen BonusBonus she's funny Not like a HAHAHAHAHA funny but like a 'unattractive snort to yourself' kind of funnyuotes Their faces are dirty their clothing rough and one of the men leering at me has like three teeth If someone picks up a banjo and starts playing the Deliverence theme I'm out of hereI am the Goddess of Knowledge You think there is anything i don't knowDo you know what this means I snap flipping her the birdSeriously Max was a delight Rhagos BISH biiiiiiiiishhhh Rhagos is so friggin' book boyfriend material that as we speak I am immediately making changes to said list now As the God of Death he has lived a lonely existence and longs for the bond connection he has seen another God book one in the series coughcough go read it coughcough have with his anchor BONUS he's the God of Death which totally reminds me of Hades who is myth boytoy #1 so this automatically means I love him I don't make the rules here it's just logic He's tricky powerful but above all else he just wants someone to talk to To care for him Someone who doesn't fear him and wants to be by his side for all eternity Through fate COUGHEMMGHHFLLEE Max and Rhages are paired for the next anticipation and go through trials unlike we saw in the first book AndwellIm flounderingbecause at this point it is nearly impossible to tell you much about the book without giving away spoilers key plot points or any GD SPOILERSThis world is so fantastically magical and in a way we haven't seen done a million times over The Gods are cruel the world is unforgiving of the weak and to watch the main pair struggle through this is truly something to delightthrow your money at And did I mention THERES A MAP AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DAMN BOOKCause I'll say it once I'll say it twice I love me a damn book mapparticularly when I'm confused exactly where we are and also for times when I just want to explore the overall landscape we've been transported toAnd when I say we get transported to the world I mean itNow Ruby Dixon is not just a God simply because of the imaginative beautiful and entertaining story that she has created here Sit down students class is in session Sworn to the Shadow God is 645 pages Bound to the Battle God was 666 pagesThey were written published and delivered to our greedy paws 9 months apartWe all know what it's like to have to sit and wait what feels like eons for a new book in a series we love and must find other ways to pass the time BUT WAIT THERES MOREBut between those 9 months of lonely waiting for our God of Death Ruby Dixon published 8 other books yes some of which are novellas but a BOOK is a GD book homie 8otherbooks That's essentially a book a month while we're waitingThis gal y'all Not only can she write such an incredibly fantastic tale of adventure love loss and dedication BUT she can also put out 8 other dang good books to bide some dang time and keep our greedy little hearts happyI know authors always have things waiting on the back burner and have multiple things going at once but honestly you'd never know it reading this book You'd swear she went on sabbatical for a month to focus all her time on this beautiful puppyimage error