The Story of More How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here Free read Õ 7

Summary The Story of More How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here

The Story of More How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here Free read Õ 7 é From the bestselling author of Lab Girl comes a slim urgent missive on the defining issue of our time here is Hope Jahren on climate change our timeless pursuit of and how the same human ambition that got usInction Jahren celebrates the long history of our enterprising spirit which has tamed wild crops cured diseases and sent us to the moon but also shows how that spirit has created excesses that are uickly warming our planet to dangerous levels In short highly readable chapters she takes us through the science behind the key inventions from electric power to large scale farming and automobiles that even as they help us release untenable amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmos. I adored Lab Girl and it is the reason I read this book I sadly wish I had not read it as this did not live up to that wonderful book First this was a very simplified view of the history of development and industrialization in the world with a focus on the US This is a tiny book and the ground the author tried to cover plus amusing anecdotes lead to generalizations to the point of oversimplifications It also assumed zero background knowledge so space was spent defining DNA and the word tummy was used for stomach which is just infantilizing outside of a children’s book Finally and this is my soap box this would be a three star book had it used footnotes Yes it had a list of general sources at the back but saying some statistics came from the World Health Organization WHO and some from Vanity Fair gives me no ability to judge the uality of the work and research Second especially when discussing research that people have spent most of their lives on this work it needs to be cited It is unethical to do otherwise I will continue to hold this belief on all popular science books that without footnotes there is no ability to judge the uality of the sources and it fails to give credit to the hard work that went into the research that is being used for the book

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Phere She explains the current and projected conseuences of greenhouse gases from superstorms to rising sea levels and shares the science based tools that could help us fight back At once an explainer on the mechanisms of warming and a capsule history of human development The Story of More illuminates the link between our consumption habits and our endangered earth It is the essential pocket primer on climate change that will leave an indelible impact on everyone who reads i. RECOMMENDEDAs if I couldn't love Hope Jahren even This incredibly readable explanation of how the world has changed since 1969 the year of her birth is informative and invigorating It's not a battleaxe or a guilt trip about turning off the lights when you're not in the room; it's a clear eyed reporting of our current state of environmental affairs and how we got here I could not stop reading it And even if the environment is not your thing which come on the Earth is all of our thing everybody her approach toward change and advocacy AND RESEARCH is really helpful too I need to purchase my own copy of this book and you should definitely read it ALSO I need to reread Lab Girl maybe on audio this time all of the want and suffering in the world ALL of it arises not from the earth's inability to produce but from our inability to share What was only a faint drumbeat as I began to research this book now rings in my head like a mantra Use Less and Share More 88 Keeping the Lights OnIt's not time to panic it's not time to give up but it is time to get serious 141 Warming WeatherAmerica has become that unhappy couple who is mired in fights about dishes and laundry because both partners are too terrified to earnestly examine any sort of change 153 Rising Waters

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The Story of More How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from HereFrom the bestselling author of Lab Girl comes a slim urgent missive on the defining issue of our time here is Hope Jahren on climate change our timeless pursuit of and how the same human ambition that got us here can also be our salvation Hope Jahren is an award winning geobiologist a brilliant writer and one of the seven billion people with whom we share this earth The Story of More is her impassioned open letter to humanity as we stand at the crossroads of survival and ext. One sixth of the global population uses ⅓ of the world’s energy and half the world’s electricity They’re responsible for ⅓ of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions ⅓ of the world’s meat consumption and ⅓ of the world’s sugar consumption It’s statistics and data like this that Jahren breaks down for readers in a book that’s meant not to terrify readers about the overwhelming scope of global warming and climate change but instead to instill hope that indeed small changes add up over time “Having hope reuires courage” is her big message throughout the book which was inspired by the classes she’s taught at universities The book breaks down big topics such as meat consumption carbon dioxide emissions energy creation and consumption the growth in the use of plastics and and looks at how just over the course of her own life the richest countries in the world have consumed than their fair share and how that’s impacted less wealthy countries as well as the world as a whole Unlike a number of climate change books this one is data driven and extremely accessible for the average reader It doesn’t feel overwhelming in fact Jahren is reassuring that doing even the tiniest things adds up over the long haul Can you go one night without eating meat That can make a difference Can you swap a flight for a trip on a train What about purchasing lower energy appliances washing clothes with cold water purchasing less stuff including food that you ultimately end up throwing away By using less we allow resources to be better distributed among those on Earth That in turn reduces creation of which can and does impact the overall vitality of the globe Encouraging accessible and written conversationally Jahren’s book should be a first stop for anyone interested in reducing their own footprint It’s short too making it feel completely doable as opposed to overwhelming and complicated Start small as she does with her students dump open your briefcase or purse and count up how many of those items are made from plastic What can you swap out for something not plastic when it runs the course of its life And change in your own life doesn’t need to be global in scope either Choosing one area in your life to target for change is good work If you change your consumption habits and swap soda for water at meals buy fewer processed goods consume less meat and she never says you need to go vegetarian or vegan like other books preach that does make an impact The book doesn’t overlook the realities of living in a capitalist society and that it’s big corporations that have done this to us That’s the binding thread throughout But by choosing to battle back with changes in our lifestyle as dictated by capitalism we can better help our fellow inhabitants on Earth by sharing resources