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read An Amish Cookie Club Courtship doc ↠ Paperback É reflectionslisburnltd ô Baking cookies every other Friday for their respective church districts gives Edna Esh and three of her closest friends a chance to give to the Plain community and strengthen their bond with each other In this thiRists You wouldn't think she'd have time for matchmakingEdna couldn't be happier that her new daughter in law Bethany is pregnant But Bethany is also her best helper and morning sickness has her out of commission Desperate for hands Edna accepts a friend's offer for her twin daughters Rachel and Ella Mae to step in Trouble is the young women are constantly bickering except when Edna's sons Jeremiah and Jonas are aroundIt's soon clear that Rach Seems we often look at things from our own perspective and not at how things link together Life is like a chain of events If one link is removed the chain loses its strength God's plan is often mysterious to us until we look at the past and how it impacts the future Without the past we wouldn't be where we are today Rachel and Ella Mae twin sisters are linked together than anyone could imagine They do everything together that they are not thought of as individuals but as a duo They have a reputation of being arguementive with each other and misunderstood Their mother knows that they have much to offer to the community and to future husbands When an opportunity arrives from her good cookie club friend Edna to help cook and prepare meals for English families visiting the Amish she thinks of Edna's two sons that might make a good match for her daughtersEdna is apprehensive to the ideal but she finds out that Rachel and Edna Mae are hard workers and have a side that many people do not know She begins to devise her own match making plans Edna owns sons are misunderstood which makes for an endearing romanceI loved this romance and getting to know the sisters They are spunky faithful and loyal The brothers are good natured and have a deep sense of faith that comes thru You don't know who will end up with who and if any heart break will occur It speaks well of a pure love and getting to know one as a friend instead of an means to an end Highly recommend A special thank you to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review

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Baking cookies every other Friday for their respective church districts gives Edna Esh and three of her closest friends a chance to give to the Plain community and strengthen their bond with each other In this third Amish Cookie Club novel by ELPA bestselling author Sarah Price tourist season is approaching and the Edna is busier than ever between baking with her Amish Cookie Club friends and running her business serving meals to Englische tou Thanks go to the publisher and Net Galley for the complimentary copy of An Amish Cookie Club Courtship by Sarah Price for the purpose of reading and reviewing prior to publication My opinions are my own and no one has influenced themAn Amish Cookie Club Courtship is a lovely Amish romance with engaging characters and an enjoyable plot A pair of twins and two Amish brothers who start out at odds with each other but love finds its way into their hearts in a most unexpected wayThere are two heroines in this tale Rachel and Ella Mae although twin sisters their personalities are vastly different Where one is uiet the other is outspoken Edna the brothers’ maam is determined to match her sons to the twins Lots of twists and turns going on in this bookThe Brothers also have different personalities Jonas is a jokester and irritates Rachel in the beginning but that changes as Edna devises ways for them to spend time with each other Ella Mae spends time with Jeremiah and discovers he’s much to her tastes than JonasThe mother added a delightful twist to this tale and I enjoyed the banter between her and the other ladies in their cookie club There are several humorous moments that had me chuckling In the end Edna’s instincts proved rightIf you enjoy Amish romance with a great cast of characters and a plot that will have you chuckling then you will find An Amish Cookie Club Courtship a delightful reading experience Sarah Price has a masterful ability to give her novels an authentic view of Amish life and community Happy reading

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An Amish Cookie Club Courtship El has taken a shine to Jeremiah while Jonas is smitten with Ella Mae It's also clear the feelings aren't reciprocated But after confiding in the Cookie Club Edna devises a plan for the pairs to spend time together The only problem is it seems to be failing Yet it appears there's a grander plan at work and as nature takes its course and the MayFest arrives there's reason to look forward to the bountiful sweetness of a double wedding come autum We are back with the life long friends in this Amish Community they continue to back their cookies for the Amish Aid and Edna is needing help with her dinners she serves to touristsAgainst her better judgement she decides to give her friends Wilma's twin daughters Ella Mae and Rachel know as the bickering twins a chance to help herSurprise there is also a chance the twins might end up with at least one of Edna's sons Is there romance in the air? You will wonder which twin is interested in which brother? Will the mother's influence their children tongue in cheek no will maybe push them in the right directionThere are some really cute moments in this story and some shake your head times and it did take a while to know whom was interested in whomA sweet page turnerI received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Kensington and was not reuired to give a positive review