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Read & Download Steel Rose The Cardinal Winds #1 á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ The commander of the East Wind Dominion is a terrifying man He leads an army of automatons He can control lightning itself And now Rose Calder is his prisoner of warAll Rose has ever known is fighting When the invading forces of theBe worseThe war may be over but now she stands to lose much much Authors Note Steel Rose is what I consider to be a villain romance My male characters are often not very kind or gentle This story has a HEA but it may be a tough ride getting there This story has mature themes and conte. I love this book Was it perfect NO but it didn't matter to me because it was so very entertaining and captivating that I was enthralled by this gripping story from the very first pages I must admit that there were a couple of tings that didn't make sense but at the end it didn't bother me because I was entertained I was left feeling so many emotions that I lost my disbelief to all the fun intensity and a bit of the mystery of magicThe dialogues were especially entertaining and humorous Rose had a sense of humor that lightened the mood As this book had war death and pain This book had a mean and cruel hero Victor This book had dark romance that made your heart skip a beat plummet deep into abyss and soar high in the sky There was darkness but there was also light so I smiled laughed and also shed a couple of tearsI felt the sparks and chemistry between Rose and Victor almost from the very first moment that they met Their romance was complicated confusing intense dark but also sweet passionate and so very steamy I was entertained with their interactions and dynamic I loved their slow burning and then suddenly explosively sudden romance with its enemies to lovers tropeMainly the story was told from Rose's POV but there were parts of Victor's POV and even a few from Otto Victor's best friend second in command as well All of the characters were complex human beings with their strengths and flaws No one was perfect and I learned to accept and love them all even the villains Yup I love to hate them ;And then the book itself was so many things at the beginning it had this steam punk feel with zeppelins small fighter planes with pilots having long scarfs and googles like it was the beginning of 20th century But there were also cars and high scrapers phones dishwashers electric trains and other things from our current time And then there were robots with its futuristic vibe and their religion from Ancient Greece with Zeus Hades and other gods which included also people with supernatural powers with its magical and mystical atmosphere So it ended up being a mix of past present and future with sci fi and fantasy intertwined together creating a complicated and uniue supernatural dystopian world with a little bit of mystery because there is still so much to discover in the next books I just can't wait to read Nero's story I hope it will be coming our way soon I don't think you need to know much about this book before you dive in because that will make this journey even better Just be ready to accept that the love interest is an anti hero and the romance at times will take some darker turnsWhat else can I say I loved Steel Rose with its flaws and all 😍

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The commander of the East Wind Dominion is a terrifying man He leads an army of automatons He can control lightning itself And now Rose Calder is his prisoner of warAll Rose has ever known is fighting When the invading forces of the East Wind Dominion take away her friends her family a. 🎁 FREE on today 8192020 🎁

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Steel Rose The Cardinal Winds #1Nd her home she takes to the skies to battle for her freedom For hopeWhen the war comes to a sudden end at the hands of commander Viktor Lang she is certain that she is about to die When he discovers her impossible secret she becomes a mystery that he is desperate to solve and that may. DNF at 30% I can't suspend disbelief enough to accept that a competent ace has the voice of a 13 year old girl complete with overuse of exclamation marks The antagonist is similarly unbelievable First he's cruel shooting her fellow soldiers and shoving her in a trunk then he's putting her up in an apartment and giving her shoes I understand this is a romance and I enjoy a good enemies to lovers story but it has to make sense There's also a strong hint of communist apologetics that doesn't sit well with me But that's not as egregious as the exclamation marks