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review Tales of the Unexpected Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB â Contents Taste Lamb to the slaughter Man from the south My lady love my dove Dip in the pool Galloping Foxley Skin Neck Nunc Dimittis The landlady William and Mary The way up to heaven Parson's pleasure Mrs Bixby and the colonel's coat Royal jelly Edward the ConuerorRoald Her deadly leg of lamb a conniving and lecherous wine connoisseur and the one eyed brain at the mercy of his vengeful spouse Tales of the Unexpected is an astonishing assortment of twisted treats from the master storyteller. I listened to a selection of eight stories from this book available from internet archive at Some of the stories were better than othersthe readers are excellent in particular Geoffrey Palmer The thing is that although I love Dahl's witty and twisted humor many of the endings are predictable Some of the stories are so famous that even I had read them before In Lamb to the Slaughter a wife feeds murder weapon to police colleagues of her husband who come to the house to investigate his murder; in The Way Up to Heaven emotionally abused woman is anxious for her six week trip to France to visit her daughter and grandchildren Her Tormenting Husband clearly intends to make her miss her flight When TM deliberately orchestrates a detour to the airport dropping him at his club insuring that she will miss her flight he relishes in further frustrating her beyond belief as he feigns having forgotten something and traces his steps back to the house to retrieve the missing item It is clear that she will miss the flight unless drastic action is taken and when she can no longer bear it she rushes back up to the house to see what is holding him up As she nears the door she hears the familiar sound of a technical failure inside She stops in her tracks turns on her heel and tells the driver not to wait but to take her straight to the airport stating that her husband can hail a cab and make his own way to the club Six weeks later she returns home from France and calls the technicianThere are several familiar betting stories where the dupe is absolutely guaranteed to win but of course loses some of you may remember Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls warning about a card jumping out of the deck and suirting cider in your ear but even when losing there is the Dahl twist on a twistIn Parson’s Pleasure two dim marks unwittingly get the better of a conning antiue dealer trying to steal a Chippendale Commode from under their noses There is a meh story about a cat who is the reincarnation of Franz Liszt the point of this story might have gone over my head in Neck NarratorReporter tells of how a very wealthy and kind lover of art bachelor Sir Basil Turton is snagged by a determined pretty woman who had him hitched before the altar before he knew what hit him Six years later she was very much ruling the roost; NR and others are guests at the family estate for the weekend NR describes how he and Sir Basil witness her cuckolding couettish flirtation with other weekend guest When her head gets stuck inside an aperture of a treasured wooden sculpture in the gardenSir Basil calls for the axe and the saw to extricate her head from the beloved statueAltogether a fun readlisten

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Lonel's coat Royal jelly Edward the ConuerorRoald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected is a delightfully dark collection of sixteen stories each with a startling end Among the unforgettable characters lurk the homicidal wife and. An unexpected Dahl9 March 2019 Well it seems that Roald Dahl wrote a lot than simply stories about chocolate factories eccentric millionaires BFG’s what ever those letters mean – I have some ideas but won’t repeat them in this family space not that it’s stopped anybody else and giant peaches The thing is that a part of me was expecting this to simply be a collection of short children’s stories Actually not a part of me all of me so you can imagine my surprise when as I was reading it I discovered stories about this guy who goes around cutting off people’s fingers a woman who leaves her husband trapped in an elevator for two weeks because he is just a pain in the neck and this guy who thinks that it would be a jolly good idea to experiment on his brain after he dies to see if they can keep it alive Yeah I don’t think this is a collection of children’s stories In fact I feel that they are like a collection of stories that you would expect to find on the Twilight Zone – minus the science fiction elements of course Well there are some with some science fiction elements just not all of them However one thing that I can say is that they do tend to be rather grisley and in some cases uite disturbing Or like the guy that made a stupid bet discovered that he has lost his bet and then proceeds to attempt to rectify the situation by jumping overboard only to discover when it is too late that the only person who witnessed him jump overboard happened to be a woman with dementia actually this sounds like somebody who deserves a Darwin award The thing with a lot of these stories though is that Dahl doesn’t always spell things out directly They all have twists – that is the main theme that runs through all of them but these twists aren’t always spelt out directly – a lot of them are implied This is probably another reason why they aren’t actually children’s stories because a lot of these implications are something that only some adults might be able to pick up – not all just some The other interesting thing is that a lot of these stories are actually familiar despite the fact that I swear that I have never read this book before I guess that maybe it has something to do with there also being a television series based on the book as well – I do remember something along those lines but once again it was uite a while ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy Well as for the book it certainly gives you a completely different side to Roald Dahl a side that is certainly well unexpected Actually come to think of it I guess this is why this book is called ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ namely because we wouldn’t be expecting Dahl to write stuff like this despite the fact that a lot of these stories appeared in magazines long before he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Tales of the UnexpectedContents Taste Lamb to the slaughter Man from the south My lady love my dove Dip in the pool Galloping Foxley Skin Neck Nunc Dimittis The landlady William and Mary The way up to heaven Parson's pleasure Mrs Bixby and the co. Perfect for all those in between times when you need an excellent uick read Rials Dahl is a master storyteller and these short uick reads are varied and there’s sure to be one for all readers in this collection