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The Power of Experiments Free read ´ 104 ê How organizations—including Google StubHub Airbnb and Facebook—learn from experiments in a data driven world Have you logged into Facebook recently Searched for something on Google Chosen a movie on Netflix If so you've probably been an unwitting participant in a variety of experiments—also kHow organizations including Google StubHub Airbnb and Facebook learn from experiments in a data driven world Have you logged into Facebook recently Searched for something on Google Chosen a movie on Netflix If so you've probably been an unwitting participant in a variety of experiments also known as randomized controlled trials designed to test the impact of different online experiences Once an esoteric tool for academic research the randomized controlled trial has gone mainstream No tech company worth its salt or its sh. Luca and Bazerman took a subject which has great potential and wasted it with presenting the reader excerpts from Thaler's Nudge and Duckworth's Grit and talking about some of the research centers the writers worked for The rest of the book is a few examples from tech industry The message this book is trying to deliver is You can use testsexperiments to answer your uestions which unfortunately for a book written in 2020 is at least 15 years too late I admit that I am not an average reader I spent two years in graduate school studying behavorial economics and experiments I design and run experiments in non tech organizations as a part of my job I know the content of this book by hearth What the authors don't realize is every single organization I've worked for or interviewed with since 2008 every single one of them knew that they could use an experiment to answer a uestion What they didn't know or still don't know is self selection bias the concept of statistical significance controlling for confounder effects or controlling for interactions Most of these companies including tech run multiple tests on the same subject at the same time and assume independent results just show why it isn'tThis book gave me absolutely nothing and it will not give anything new to a reader who at least knows what an AB Test is I have wasted 16 and 2ish hours on this Learn from my mistake and don't waste yours

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Are price would dare make major changes to its platform without first running experiments to understand how they would influence user behavior In this book Michael Luca and Max Bazerman explain the importance of experiments for decision making in a data driven world Luca and Bazerman describe the central role experiments play in the tech sector drawing lessons and best practices from the experiences of such companies as StubHub Alibaba and Uber Successful experiments can save companies money eBay for example discovered h. Rating 🌟🌟🌟5Pages 211How many experiments do you think you’ve participated in over the past year We’re talking about randomized controlled trials—experiments designed to test the impact of different treatments by randomly assigning you and other participants often called subjects to various treatment conditions like those you might have participated in if you took Psych 101 or if you’ve tried out an experimental drug So what’s your number At first blush you might think the answer is zero But unless you live in a bunker with no Internet access you’ve likely participated in many experiments over the past year If you logged onto Facebook right now there’s a good chance you’d be an unwitting subject in a variety of the company’s ongoing experiments as you scroll through your News Feed and peruse the ads being shown to you You are also likely to be a test subject if you search for an item on Google watch a movie on Netflix respond to email surveys or call companies for customer supportA book backed up with facts and figures and experiments ofcourse📚Gives the examples of successful and unsuccessful experiments of the of tech giants like #Google #Uber #Facebook and #airbnbBy the end of the book you will be realising that once you start looking you can’t help noticing incidental experiments everywhere Do you see any in your organization If so what insights might you glean from them Give this a readhttpsamznto3d5lXY0

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The Power of ExperimentsOw to cut 50 million from its yearly advertising budget or bring to light something previously ignored as when Airbnb was forced to confront rampant discrimination by its hosts Moving beyond tech Luca and Bazerman consider experimenting for the social good different ways that govenments are using experiments to influence or “nudge” behavior ranging from voter apathy to school absenteeism Experiments they argue are part of any leader's toolkit With this book readers can become part of “the experimental revolution”. As dry as an academic book without the rigor of one There is practically nothing in this book that hasn't already been said by Eric Ries and Daniel Kahneman YEARS agoI have no idea who they were trying to appeal to here it's too shallow to be an intellectual book and the writing is too poor to be a proper popsci book If you have nothing to say why publish