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Hasn’t given up on those for whom she has sacrificed so much the people of the southern provinces and especially Tikany the village that is her home Returning to her roots Rin meets difficult challenges and unexpected opportunities While her new allies in the Southern Coalition leadership are sly and untrustworthy Rin uickly realizes that the real power in Nikan lies with the millions of common people who. Book 100 of 2020I feel a void in my heart I need a hug

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The Burning GodThirst for vengeance and revere her as a goddess of salvation Backed by the masses and her Southern Army Rin will use every weapon to defeat the Dragon Republic the colonizing Hesperians and all who threaten the shamanic arts and their practitioners As her power and influence grows though will she be strong enough to resist the Phoenix’s intoxicating voice urging her to burn the world and everything in it?. Update #14 On the back cover in all its gloryUpdate #13Heads up there’s going to be a juicy preorder incentive very soon rubs handsUpdate #12UEEN RIN IN ACTIONUpdate #11 “Not a single person I’ve seen online or anywhere has correctly predicted how it’s going to end” she notes “and I think I’m really happy with the ending I think it’s going to be very satisfying I didn’t take any easy ways out and there are no happy endings obviously but it’s not super pessimistic and tragic either One thing I’ve tried really hard to accomplish through the trilogy is to make sure that nobody gets off for what they’ve done Everybody has to face the conseuences of their actions And everybody has to grapple with the demons that haunt them and the things that they stand for To justify why those things are worth fighting for — the whole trilogy has been asking the uestion of how do cycles of violence replicate themselves It’s clear to see the trajectory Rin has taken — basically Mao’s communist movement as a response to Western imperialism And that clash is coming And we know how it ended in 20th century Chinese history And we know it ended in a horrible tragic way that led to the death of millions And I’m asking what are the alternatives but I really can’t say than that without giving away the whole end game”SourceUpdate #10😭Update #9MA’AM just lower me into the grave alreadyUpdate #8I need an emoji for stabbed in the heartTBG is 617 pages long isn’t that exCITINGUpdate #7WASNT READY FOR THESE GIFTS TODAY Update #6The cover is yellow Brb it’s emotional crying timeI love it when my favorite authors support each other 😭Update #5I can’t help but compile here all Rebecca’s tweets about TBG cause I’m wEAKAnd that’s the editor I don’t know how to feel about that hidesUpdate #4OMG PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO MEUpdate #3It’s going to hurt am I rightUpdate #2title is revealedMeUpdate #1Currently starting The Dragon Republic and already worried about having to wait an entire year for the third book Everything’s fine

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The Burning God Free read · PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ò The exciting end to The Poppy War trilogy R F Kuang’s acclaimed award winning epic fantasy that combines the history of twentieth century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters to devastating enthralling effectAfter saving her nation of Nikan from foreign invadThe exciting end to The Poppy War trilogy R F Kuang’s acclaimed award winning epic fantasy that combines the history of twentieth century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters to devastating enthralling effectAfter saving her nation of Nikan from foreign invaders and battling the evil Empress Su Daji in a brutal civil war Fang Runin was betrayed by allies and left for dead Despite her losses Rin. ARC provided by Harper Voyager1 The Poppy War ★★★★2 The Dragon Republic ★★★★★ Rin had spent so long hating how she felt when she burned hating her fire and her god Not any The Poppy War trilogy is truly once in a lifetime and this conclusion was honestly a work of art all itself This series is a military epic fantasy that is ownvoices and inspired from the authors family history and the stories she learned from them Heavy themes of war colonization racism colorism genocide cycles of abuse and so many different types of trauma are never shied away from I’ve read and reviewed many books these last six years of my life and I’m not sure a series has impacted me than this one Every sentence has meaning every chapter is so well planned every event conveys layers and layers of thoughts and feelings History is truly created by the victors mostly with the most blood on their hands and the stories that get told are mostly through a white and colonized lens RF Kuang has done so much with these three books and they mean so much to so many Asian readersOkay okay let me try to give you a review now Also please check out my dear friend Petrik's review because he is the reason I reuested an ARC of The Poppy War back in early 2018 He is also a Chinese reviewer and his voice means a lot to me Next this review is going to be spoiler free for The Burning God but not for The Poppy War or The Dragon Republic Please use caution reading this review if you have not read the previous two installments in this seriesbeautiful art of Rin by merijae She was capable of such cruelties even without the Phoenix’s power and that both delighted and scared her Rin and Kitay have had everything in their world turned upside down again at the start of this book but they are both desperate to reclaim a country that has been taken from them repeatedly They’ve also both been playing for the winning side for so long they soon learn that tactics and strategy feel vastly different when you are now the underdogs Rin has only known destruction for so long but now she gets to know what it feels like to be a liberator instead of only a tool because of her godWe really get to see many different sides of shamanism in this book and I adored that aspect with my whole heart I feel like I really can’t say a lot here but the trifecta and the additions were amazing I will say my only complaint for this book comes from the trifecta but I still couldn’t get enough of all of the different types of shamanism in this book Especially with a few new characters who easily made me feel very many emotions while this story progressedSpeaking of different types of gods I will say with utmost confidence that The Burning God has the best fight scenes I have ever read Like ever in my whole life Rin and Nezha just the imagery the banter the emotions their complicated actions everything is another tier Like the pouring rain and the breathing of fire alone had me burning and drowning in the very same moment Utter perfection in every combat scene and it was some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever seen strung together Truly one of my favorite parts of this book and not to lessen any of the important themes and values but I don’t think I knew yearning until I read Nezha and Rin on different sides of a war neither want The buildup of every encounter every battle every conversation I was truly uaking Hate was its own kind of fire and if you had nothing else it kept you warm This book very much centers around trauma and the many different cycles and forms We get to see so many different kinds of trauma from physical sexual and emotional abuse but we also get to constantly see the trauma from xenophobia and the impact of racism and colonization We also get to see the way that many different characters within the book attempt to heal live and cope with their different traumas And even though it is very heartbreaking it’s very real and very honest and very important I feel like The Burning God especially puts an emphasis on how abuse and trauma can be easily hidden because of love duty and maybe even vengeance too You don’t fix hurts by pretending they never happened You treat them like infected wounds You dig deep with a burning knife and gouge out the rotten flesh and then maybe you have a chance to heal And Rin’s trauma is so deep She always remembers what it felt like the be a war orphan who was looked down upon from the very start She knows what it feels like to be considered a lesser student because of her skin color and because of where she is from She is haunted by the betrayal she has endured by the people who she thought she loved She will never forget all the things she has seen and the price of war She is realizing all the shit she has been forced to internalize because of the environments she has had to survive in Rin harness her hate and anger and desire for revenge and keeps it close to her at all times in this book They want to erase us It’s their divine mandate They want to make us better to improve us by turning us into a mirror of themselves I feel like I could write an entire review on the colonization in this book alone The reader gets to see the threat of this and in each book but when Rin visits “New City” for the first time it was harrowing in every sense of the word Yes this book is about a horrible and terrible civil war but the Hesperians are the greatest evil of this whole book How the Hesperians took over this city took over the name took over the foundation took over the imports and exports took over the military all the while trying to convince everyone that it’s for the greater good that it’s the right and better way that it’s the only way This might be the Filipino coming out extra hard but white people love to colonize everything but especially the people of the land they try to take while always reminding them they are and never will be truly eual to them All of the scenes that truly disturbed me were with the Hesperians and they so horrifically depicted what has happened to so many countries over and over again and what is still going on unapologetically in 2020 I could feel Rin’s helplessness with everything I am and I hope people really process who the villain of this story truly is Magical gods disguised as dragons power hungry men and internalized racism are terrifying but there aren't words for people trying to rip the identity of your culture from you There are never any new stories just old ones told again and again as this universe moves through its cycles of civilization and crumbles into despair This book also emphasizes how the victors get to decide how the history is written They get to create their own villains their own heroes their own story History books are written by the same colonizers who are still trying to take absolutely everything and make it westernized hence the fact most people myself included were not educated on what was going on in China pre WWII and what happened when Japan marched on Nanjing When you conuered as a totally and completely as he had you could alter the course of everything You could determine the stories that people told about you for generations I’ve had so many people in my DMs on goodreads and on insta asking about my feelings on how this last book concluded and I never really know how to answer it but the answer is heartbreaking perfection I honestly cannot think of a better conclusion yet I do think that it won’t be for everyone But as the events in The Burning God unfold it becomes and clear And I really do think it is a perfect parallels to how things in our world felt then and how they very much still feel now Also war is unspeakably hard but when you’ve lived your life for battle after battle trying to live after a war is over can be just as hard just in a different kind of way Take what you want it said I’ll hate you for it But I’ll love you forever I can’t help but love you Ruin me ruin us and I’ll let you Overall I’m going to be really honest I cried while writing this review and I’m very teary eyed right now with my final thoughts This series just means so much to Asian readers and reviewers It was such an honor to read these books to feel haunted but seen by these themes to fall in love with Fang Runin over and over again What a blessing it was to see all three of these characters walk alongside them see them change and grow because of their environments because of expectations and because of their damn selves I truly don’t have the words From Sinegard to every battlefield to the very end I am rendered speechless Not only do I think Rebecca is going to redefine so many parts of the book world with her writing both with this trilogy and all her other endeavors to come but I think she will inspire and help pave the way for so many Asian authors to come She truly ended this trilogy perfectly I’m just not ready to say goodbye but I am so eternally honored for this series existence and I truly will sing it’s praises foreverBlog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | Twitch Trigger and Content Warnings animal abuse animal sacrifice animal death colonization dark torture dark murder death racism genocide colorism sexism assault talk of rape talk of sex trafficking talk of being buried alive that I feel could be claustrophobia inducing talk of suicide abuse talk of abuse in past PTSD depiction grief depiction so many traumas depicted very hauntingly talk of drug addiction drug use drugging against people’s wills bombings self harm forced captivity also claustrophobia inducing I feel panic attacks blood depiction talk of genital mutilation to people who committed bad acts cannibalism talk of kidnapping in the past talk of a graveyard devoted to children mention of miscarriages and abortions mention of shock therapies mention of unwanted medical experimentation starvation and famine and just overall very dark war themes This book does not shy away from all aspects of war and can be extremely hard to read at times please use caution and make sure you’re in the right headspace Please credit me if you copy paste these trigger warnings It takes a lot of time energy and labor for me to try my best to help ensure the people who read my reviews have the safest reading experience possible You just read a review and book about colonization don’t steal an Asian reviewer’s work Thank you The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication Buddy read with Maëlys ❤