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Kartega (Kartega Chronicles, #1) Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ì From the author of The AetherBorn Saga series comes the first book in an epic new series about a uirky recluse who must come out of the shadows and use the strength of her hidden magic before a power hungry ueFrom the author of The AetherBorn Saga series comes the first book in an epic new series about a uirky recluse who must come out of the shadows and use the strength of her hidden magic before a power hungry ueen kills everyone she loves‘Never use your magic Especially if you’re not alone’Sid a gifted mechanic has contemplated this rule countless times over the years Having spent her whole life playing doctor to an ailing ship thousands of m. This novel follows Sid a young girl who grew up alone on a space ship orbiting a planet in a faraway star system Sid's only point of contact is Colton who lives on the planet's surface and regularly checks in with her Her days are spent trying to keep her aging craft in working order and tending to her plants When her desperate repairs prove not to be sufficient she escapes her home to the world below where she's thrown into a struggle for power between the human colonists and the planet's natives and must choose whether to work to maintain the status uo or to seek a new way of coexistingI felt that this novel was very ambitious in the way that it blended elements of science fiction fantasy and dystopian fiction It was a uniue approach and I think it worked generally well although I did feel there were some rough edges that could have been smoothed overThe world building was well done with Sid's time on the Arcturus being a stand out for me as well as the period when she initially landed on Neostar I think these were very successful I also liked that the there were three primary cultures on the planet and I found that each of these was different from the others and interesting to explore I wish the element of spirituality had been explored a little there did seem to be some sort of a spiritual element present and I am very curious about how this played out in day to day activities I also feel that could have been done to convey the richness and diversity within the three culturesThe character building was generally well done as well Sid as the primary focus of the story was a stand out character I have some uestions that remain unanswered her chronological age how young she was when she was blasted into space to fend for herself and so on but she definitely read as a very human character with evident strengths and weaknesses Another stand out character for me was Ashlan I felt he was given a rich treatment I did feel that certain other characters were not as well developed particularly given their impact on Sid and the events of the story These two read as flat with no indication of the complexity of their personalities or motivations I think this was a disservice to these characters as they had the potential to both be and create interesting elements in the plotMy biggest concern in the edition that I read was the editing There were a lot of mistakes punctuation homonym mix ups confusing use of pronouns incorrect capitalisation odd and sometimes incorrect word choices etc There was also a lot of repetition In addition the dialogue was at times cartoonish which I didn't feel suited the story well As a whole this element of the novel resulted in my being taken out of the story often which really slowed down my reading and hurt my enjoymentIn addition the editing negatively affected the pace of the story The repetition as well as unnecessarily wordy ways of expressing ideasdescriptions bloated the novel My own feeling is that a streamlined prose would really help smooth out the pacing issue as well as keep the reader engaged through every page I found it very easy to pick up and put down this novel With that being said I did enjoy reading the novel The world was very interesting and the author has left room for adventures to be had in this universe which I would definitely be interested in following I received an ARC via the author

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Iles above her home she wants nothing than to find her place amongst her people But when Sid’s wish is granted by a catastrophic failure that sends her hurtling into the wild jungle of the star below she realises two things Neostar isn’t as perfect as she’d originally believed and sometimes rules need to be brokenFor on Neostar the use of magic has been long diminished the native populace from which her heritage stems have been enslaved for. Kartega is a seat of the pants hair raising alien with magical powersKartega has lived her whole life on a space ship rotating around a planet with only a robot as a companion Her mentor checks in on her regularly for a video chat; until one day he doesn’t Her ship is old and has numerous make do patches that she as a mechanic has made One insurmountable problem she is missing an essential replacement valve and the part is not in the last supply delivery that she just received Running out of air and being unable to fix the problem she has no choice except to use the escape pod to go to the planet An escape pod that she has stripped to keep the spacecraft running What happens when she crashes onto the planet What will she do when she finds that her mentor is dead How is an alien being with magical powers going to defend herself from certain death when she doesn’t know how to control or use her powerThis story is an edge of the seat a hair raising adventure that you won’t want to miss readingFree ARC copy

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Kartega Kartega Chronicles #1Generations and the ueen she’s idolised from childhood is nothing like the benevolent figure that has perpetually graced her telescreenLost and alone Sid longs to return to the sky but sometimes running isn’t an option A revolution simmers beneath the surface and all must choose a side But with the survival of an entire race on the line how much difference can one small girl makeFreedom comes at a price Not everyone is strong enough to pay i. I loved the cover and the blurb hooked me into reading itThe book does start of slow and it takes a few chapters before things really start to happen however when it picks up it gets interestingI gave it three stars because I found the main character really annoying and I felt like slapping herI am hoping she will improve in the next book of the seriesYes I will read book two since this one has me intrigued enough to find out what happens next