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The Amish Newcomer Lcomed by the close knit community and Amish bachelor Isaac Sommer But caught between two very different worlds choosing love would mean leaving her Englisch life behind foreve After the witness of a murder Leah Porte a TV journalist takes refuge among a community of conservative Amish people Leah finds her whole life upturned in but a few moments she cannot go back to her old life because of the public nature of her job She is challenged by the simpler ways of the Amish and intrigued by furniture maker Isaac Sommers I admired her ready to help attitude and how she is open to learning and trying new things An enjoyable read with a wonderful community of people who make Leah feel welcome Though at times it felt like parts of this book were written for someone who has never read an Amish book before Isaac is a caring and thoughtful hero This is a pleasant and heartwarming read for fans of Amish fiction I received a complimentary copy of this book Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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The Amish Newcomer Reader ó 368 pages Download Ñ Can an Englisch city girl ever become one of the Plain People?She needed a safe place to hide Instead she found a place to call homeTelevision journalist Leah Porte never imagined her career would end with her witnessing a murder Now she’s temporarily living among the Amish in witCan an Englisch city girl ever become one of the Plain People?She needed a safe place to hide Instead she found a place to call homeTelevision journalist Leah Porte never imagi The Amish forged through their strong ties with each other They didn't compete they cooperated They didn't tear town they built up They had community Leah Porte is in the Witness Protection Program She had witnessed a brutal murder while on the job as a reporter in Los Angeles Now her life in in danger She has been put in an Amish community living with the Bylers in Pikeville Ohio The Bylers have six children and another on the way Amos and Edith welcome Leah into their family and know Leah's background Leah knows some of the Amish lifestyle but living with the Bylers she learns so much about sustainable living and faith She also learns about love in communityLeah wonders about the Amish lifestyle and how they can be happy without the conveniences of the English world but as she experiences the plain life she experiences the beauty of a life not hurried a meal that was planted canned and shared with How work brings family together and how gratitude changes everything The Byler's farm hand Isaac has in common with Leah and challenges Leah in faith I loved how the prose taught you about the simple faith of the Amish and why it is so hard for the English to become Amish The Amish is such a lifestyle of faith hard work and gratitude and how the pull of the English world keeps us from God's blessing A special thank you to Harleuin and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review

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Ned her career would end with her witnessing a murder Now she’s temporarily living among the Amish in witness protection Instead of feeling alone and adrift Leah is warmly we 35 StarsThanks #netgalley harleuinbooks for a complimentary e ARC of #theamishnewcomer upon my reuest All opinions in this review are my ownBecause of dire circumstances an English city girl finds herself living in an Amish community with an Amish family A former television reporter whose career is suddenly jeopardized when she inadvertently witnesses a murder Leah is living in witness protection without a phone and its access to 24 hour news and adjusting to a different culture Even though Leah is an outsider and is lonely for her friends routines and lifestyle she is warmly welcomed in the Amish community As she begins to adapt and feel useful she also develops a friendship and fondness for an Amish bachelor IsaacThe Amish Newcomer is inspirational uplit and definitely told from a Christian perspective The foundation of the Amish community and culture is strongly religious I feel like the author does a good job here explaining their lifestyle choices as they are integrated with their beliefs Like all stories this represents one experience in the Amish culture It doesn’t seem like the author is an Amish “own voices’ author although she has practiced and written about self reliance and preparedness for over 24 years so I would be interested in reading reviews or reading from other Amish perspectives The straight forward writing one timeline and one point of view help this to be a fast reading experience I finished in one day It’s an engaging and lovely “uplit” and inspirational readLeah is a likable character who overcomes a challenging situation She finds some answers to uestions about life that she might not have realized she had She is conscientious responsible innovative kind and compassionateThoughtful and poignant themes include faith a self sustaining lifestyle the simple life family community and second chancesI’m enthusiastically recommending The Amish Newcomer for fans of Christian fiction for readers who are looking for a light and uplifting story and for those who love a gently brewing romance completely closed door Readers who have a background with the Amish community or are curious to learn might especially enjoy thisFor reviews visit my blog wwwreadingladiescom