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read A Beautiful Arrangement doc ´ An Amish Journey #3 ☆ beth wiseman Í Lydia and Samuel Bontrager weren’t planning to get married and they certainly weren’t prepared when Lydia became pregnant at only seventeen But they did the right thing—according to the Ordnung and their forceful parentD fall in love they find themselves wishing they could experience the courtship they’ve missed out onCan Lydia and Samuel find romance and love within their marriage of convenience? Or is too much awkwardness and resentment causing them to settle for less than a marriage can and should be First of all I must say the cover is beautiful I have read from Beth Wiseman for years and she never disappoints the readers If you love reading about the Amish then you must pickup a copy of this book I highly recommend this bookI received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Zondervan Fiction for my honest review

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Raising their six month old daughter Mattie and living as husband and wife Resentful at being pushed into marriage both Lydia and Samuel are unhappy and have fallen into a mundane routine that includes love for their daughter but not for each other As they watch their young friends date an Samuel and Lydia Bontrager a young married couple with a sweet baby girl now face the rush of getting married Rushed into marriage without the time of courting and learning about each other Samuel and Lydia have an in to me see intimacy problem They are unable to communicate with each other and end up shutting down and having hurt feelings When Samuel to plays cupid with a co worker and friend of Lydia they begin to unravel emotions that need healing Their friends Joseph and Beverly's new beginning reveals what Samuel and Lydia missed in courtship Lydia suffers from shame of wrong choices and Samuel not protecting his bride They begin to build their relationship on trust and faith A 3rd party brings their weakness and strength out when Lydia feels called to help a homeless Amish woman who lives in a rundown house Not much is known about this woman however Lydia feels calls to help her and calls on her friend Beverly to help her Beverly also has a background in the story as she is recently widowed She desires to wed again but when her secret is discovered she is faced with rejection She finds something new in Joseph and when she is sure of his love for her she reveals her secret only to be abandoned once again A Beautiful Arrangement is God's way of bringing our bad choices misunderstanding and relationships to light It is a relatable telling of how we desire to be accepted and known A Special Thank you to Thomas Nelson and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review

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A Beautiful Arrangement An Amish Journey #3 Lydia and Samuel Bontrager weren’t planning to get married and they certainly weren’t prepared when Lydia became pregnant at only seventeen But they did the right thing according to the Ordnung and their forceful parents and wed shortly after finding out Lydia was with childNow they are A Beautiful Arrangement by Beth Wiseman is the third An Amish Journey Novel Lydia Bontrager is seventeen years old and married to Samuel with a six month old daughter Lydia and Samuel were forced to marry by their parents after she became pregnant They went from lust to marriage skipping the courtship stage of the relationship Lydia wants romance and a chance to fall in love with the husband she hardly knows Samuel and Lydia are asked to introduce Joe a co worker of Samuel’s to Beverly a friend of Lydia’s The foursome have a lively dinner together and then a picnic Lydia and Samuel like watching their friends fall in love It gives Samuel the idea to court Lydia Just when they are getting to know each other Lydia and Beverly begin looking into the local homeless woman with a mysterious past Samuel wants Lydia to avoid the woman but Lydia wants to help her Will Lydia and Samuel get the chance to have a traditional marriage? While A Beautiful Arrangement is the third book in An Amish Journey series it can be read as a standalone I have enjoyed all three novels and I recommend reading Hearts in Harmony and Listening to Love I thought A Beautiful Arrangement was well written with realistic characters Lydia is a seventeen year old who is unready for marriage especially to a man she hardly knows Her six month old daughter Maddie has been crying each day and Lydia does not why She feels like a bad mother I know that feeling Lydia and Samuel want to improve their marriage but they do not share these thoughts we each other They both have fears regrets and hopes When they introduce Beverly and Joe to each other they get to join them on a couple of dates It gives Samuel and Lydia a chance to get to know each other They are each afraid to make the first move though for fear of rejection Samuel is also worried about his elderly parents His father has heart problems and his mother is unable to care for him like she used to Beverly and Joe were delightful additions to the story Joe is a lively man with a humorous side I liked the addition of the mystery involving the homeless Amish woman It added depth and interest to this engaging Amish novel I uickly found myself engrossed in this appealing story A Beautiful Arrangement is a poignant tale with regrets friendship faith family fear hopefulness and romance