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Free read The Substitute Wife ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ò When Luke uintain's fiancee dumped him Catherine Lang understood immediately that she was the perfect solution to his problem Leggy flame haired and wise beyond her years she decided that he should marry her insteadBut even though Luke needed a wife by hiWhen Luke uintain's fiancee dumped him Catherine Lang understood immediately that she was the perfect solution to his problem Leggy flame haired and wise beyond her years she decided that he should marry her insteadBut even though Luke needed a wife by his thirty sixth birthday or he would lose his in. Really well written but hero was just not a romance hero Hero is a whiny selfish child Not masculine powerful or alpha or a tender beta and not loveable heroine's love for him is inexplicable view spoiler When he cheats deliberately and self indulgentlybeing perfectly self righteous about it and feeling lust for another woman at first it feels inexplicable and then you realize you were fooled into believing he's a better man than he really is This was real cheating on a pregnant wife 8 months into marriage with for convenience but marriage is real and the temporary commitment is real and most importantly he knows heroine is in love with him cheating is with heroine's stepsister no less and he fully intends to continue Hero felt bad because he hurt and lost his toy but he just didn't transform into a good guy Lame excuse for being so selfish and dysfunctionalnot severe abuse and attachment disorder just a cheating mom Best uality about hero was his acceptance of his gay friend Really lame apology and unfortunately no chance in hell hero will stay faithful It ends with Luke's response to heroine's reuest for fidelity that he learns from his mistakes but there are no guarantees about the future Last hero who didn't commit to permanent fidelity was the jerk from Seized by Love That guy was a 19th century Russian aristocrat who went from his mistress's bed to his pregnant wife's Modern day Luke surrounded by close friends has no excuse of societal acceptance of his freedom to indulge himself like a child hide spoiler

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Heritance he had to say No Well that was what he tried to say but somehow Cat left with a ring on her finger and a wedding date on her calendar And Luke could only curse his grandfather's positively medieval blackmailing schemeand count the seconds till the wedding nightCat of course knows her own min. Loved this book have reread many times The heroine is just so comfortable in her own skin she doesn't pretend to be something else even though she is so different from the hero The hero starts out as a self centered jerk but it was so fun to watch him fall as he was fighting it all the way There is a very emotional ending and I loved how the heroine completely heartbroken remains strong and moves on to the hero's shock Great groveling Highly recommend this book

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The Substitute WifeD and her own heart and she wants Luke Meanwhile Luke is wondering how long this will play out and hoping that it might be a little longer with each passing day The problem is he's uite capable of doing something very stupid like falling for CatBecause sometimes love just doesn't take no for an answer. I have been wanting to read The Substitute Wife by Dallas Schulze for a long time And whilst I enjoyed this book immensely I had to bring down the rating from 5 stars because I felt that the hero did not really grovel enough to win back the affections of the heroineCatherine Willow Rain Skywalker Lang I know its a mouthful but it suites her well and good grows up with a hippie for a mother whose wanderlust nature provided Cat with a very uniue sort of childhood Thus Cat had learnt at a very young age to become an adult and a responsible child with her unconventional education that nevertheless grows up to be a beautiful woman inside and out It had been a gangly 13 year old Cat that had met her beautiful 20 year old sort of step sister Devon whose father Larry had been the only family that Cat had known through her transformation from a teenager into womanhoodWhen Cat finds out that Devon is running away with her first love and breaking off her engagement to Luke uintain with whom Cat had fallen in love at first sight Cat's tender hearted nature refuses to let Luke hear about the broken engagement just mere weeks before the wedding via the post So it is because Cat wants to deliver the news of the broken engagement in person that she finds herself on the doorstep of the ultra rich real estate tycoon for whom her heart clamors for something fierceSomehow Luke finds himself at the receiving end of the news of a broken engagement and Cat somehow leaves with a ring on her finger after proposing that she take Devon's place instead Luke agrees because he can't help his reaction to the tall and red haired beauty with the green eyes who calls to his baser instincts in a way that has never happened before Though its a marriage of convenience to which Luke agrees to with a tight prenuptial to neatly tie things up their marriage from the first moment itself becomes something much than Luke bargained forThough Cat enters a marriage that has its divorce date already decided upon her heart cannot help but yearn for Luke and his love to be hers till death does them apart Trouble comes calling when Devon returns and Cat finds herself carrying Luke's baby something that wasn't included in Luke's agreement with his delectable wife whom he can't seem to get enough ofLuke who is definitely scarred on the inside from the trauma of witnessing the roller coaster of a marriage between his parents is a man who knows he is not the right material for a happily ever after And with the earth shattering news about his imminent fatherhood Luke does the unforgivable and finally manages to drive Cat and her love out of his life taking him back to the bleak existence his life was before Cat lit it up with her love and her giving natureI loved so many things about this book right from the very first page itself There is so much humor packed into this story that I swear that I couldn't help but laugh out loud several times Luke's grouchy grandfather Nick who forces Luke's hand in getting married is an interesting character who lends the story a charm of its own kind Cat is such a wonderful wonderful heroine that I absolutely fell head over heels in love with I know weird right But you would have to read this one to understand what I am talking about Cat has so many endearing ualities that you can't help but be drawn towards her character She is so comfortable with who she is that she continues to astound Luke Nick and everyone who doesn't know her that well and continually surprised me with her uirky comebacks and teasing nature She is so very vulnerable when it comes to Luke who hurts her in the worst way possible but still she manages to stand up for herself and work things out And let me not forget Cat's best friend Jack whose relationship with Luke's best friend was an interesting facet of the novel as wellAnd alas I come to the part where my rating for this novel had to be brought down from a solid 5 stars to the 4 star rating it received Mainly because I don't think Luke really did enough towards the end to make up for what he did to Cat I wanted him to grovel a bit and with sincerity than that he showed And Cat being the wonderful woman she is and because she loves Luke to distraction she takes him back upon his one attempt at groveling and apologizing to her for what he did Totally didn't sit well with me But nevertheless Luke still makes for a sexy hero whose reluctant reactions towards Cat was one that I savored to the maxRecommended for fans of contemporary romances with the marriage of convenience settingview spoiler Favorite Scenesuotes “So give it to me straight” Luke turned to look at her long fingers cradling the snifter “I take it Devon’s absence is permanent”Cat nodded reluctantly He didn’t look like a man whose heart was breaking He looked irritated and maybe a little relieved Or was that just wishful thinking on her part“She’s decided to become a nun Having a sex change operation Run off to join the circus”“A dairy farm” Cat said and Luke’s brows rose“She’s joined a diary farm I didn’t know you could do that”“Not joined one so much as well actually she’s sort of marrying one”“Marrying a diary farm” One corner of his mouth curved up “She’s going to need a pretty big church isn’t she” Totally had me cracking upThis was no gentle exploratory first kiss He took her mouth like a conuering warrior not asking for a response but demanding it Cat’s hands tightened on his arms as if to push him away and then she was melting into him her mouth opening to his her body curving against his Luke felt a surge of triumph race through him and he slid one arm around her waist pulling her closer deepening the kiss his tongue slicking over hersThe kiss was hungry and carnal a kiss meant for lovers She whimpered a low sound in the back of her throat It wasn’t a protest It was a plea She rose on her tiptoe her fingers curling into his dark hair as her mouth opened to his inviting him to take to take herCat tilted her head back looking up at him The rest lamp leeched the color from everything it touched painting her in shades of dark and light Dark hair pale skin her eyes deep mysterious pools the almost bruised darkness of her mouth She didn’t say anything didn’t pull back as he lifted his free hand and slid his fingers into the soft knot of her hair searching out the pins that held it and pulling them loose letting them scatter on the pavement Her hair tumbled around her shoulders and Luke curled his hand into it letting it slide through his fingers He felt a nearly painful surge of need Hunger Anger that he wanted her so much that he had so little control where she was concerned hide spoiler