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Free read Permanent Record ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë El mayor escándalo diplomático de la historia  Una vida al servicio de la verdad  Las memorias ue agitarán la geopolítica mundial «Me llamo Edward Snowden Antes trabajaba para el gobierno pero ahora trabajo para el pueblo»En 2013 Edward Snowden responsable de la De inteligencia agente de la CIA y ya en el exilio en activista por el derecho a la privacidad Un libro ue nos alerta sobre la deriva autoritaria de los Estados ue denuncia la colaboración entre el espionaje y las grandes multinacionales de la era digital y ue destapa cómo nos vigilan y de ué manera se comercia con nuestra información personal Porue como anuncia Snowden en su libro «la lucha por el derecho a la intimidad es la nueva lucha por nuestra libertad»#VigilanciaPermanen. I did not intend on writing this review on 911 which I guess could be considered appropriate or inappropriate depending on your perspective I actually finished this book yesterday for what it’s worthI was a child in September 2001 so I don’t remember specific rollbacks in privacy; I didn’t have any real privacy to speak of at that point But I do remember the way the adults around me changed Three months after having to stand up and say the pledge of allegiance again in the middle of the school day on a random Tuesday my school’s choir sang a song entitled “ American Tears” about heroes and firefighters and pilgrims to a gym full of sobbing parents and teachers At the time I was like ‘ Wow we must be amazing singers’ And while I would like to continue thinking that they were just blown away by my solo two thirds through the song the likely and obvious conclusion is that they were reacting to the words themselves We were in a stage of unflappable patriotism a stage that has extended over the past 19 yearsOne of the damaging things about this rise of hyper aggressive patriotism is that we started to make allowances in our personal liberties that we would have never accepted pre 911 All the government had to do was mention “terrorism” or “national security” and they were given a legal hall pass to act in whatever way they pleased And in a country where the the worst thing you could be accused of being was ‘unAmerican’ any criticism was headed off before it had a chance to be truly consideredThis is the version of America that Edward Snowden came of age in Like many others he wanted to serve his country because he assumed his country was serving its people I was only somewhat familiar with him based off of the few news snippets I’d come across during the past 7 years and the trailer for the Joseph Gordon Levitt movie Snowden from 2016 I did not actually watch the film But it was a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver story from 2015 that first gave me any background information about why Snowden did what he did It’s been five years since that piece aired and I did go and rewatch it to see if the reporting holds up It definitely does ‘Government Surveillance’ A good amount of time is spent going over Snowden’s early years and the beginning of his career He talks about his family his personal life and relationships just as much as he does explaining the interworking of the NSA and other government agencies This is as intentional as it is necessary I’m sure Snowden would have preferred to keep much of this personal information to himself but unfortunately it’s not just his technical expertise that’s being judged here One of the first things the government will do to discredit whistleblowers is to paint their actions as a deficit of character by going after who they are as a person If the public doesn’t trust the source of information because they believe he or she is working for their own selfish motivations our leaders won’t have to address the validity of their claims at all So there in lies the difficult task of trying to convince millions of people to like you while being in exile in a hostile foreign country I don’t want to get into too many specifics of Edward Snowden’s experience; it’s his story to tell But the system of mass surveillance in the United States that has grown over the past 2 decades is inexcusable at best and sinister at worst My only criticism of what he did isn’t related to the government at all but how he kept his partner Lindsay in the dark during the whole ordeal If he did indeed trust her I feel as though depriving her of the decision and time to prepare herself for the incoming storm was unfair Maybe not cruel in intent but in effect And for those outside of the US reading this please know your country is likely allowing the same thing to happen to you The UK Canada Australia etc—you are also being surveilled The end of Permanent Record does not let the reader get away with a proverbial shoulder shrug in response This is a call to action not just in the vague ‘Vote’ talking point that we’ve been beaten over the head with for the past year Frankly it was the Obama administration that continued Bush era surveillance programs and trapped Snowden abroad Chelsea Manning was imprisoned for seven years under Obama as well This isn’t as simple a solution as switching political parties There needs to be radical change in the way people companies and governments approach individual privacy or we will continue to fall deeper and deeper into the surveillance state we’re currently living inA week ago courts struck down the NSA surveillance programs Edward Snowden exposed back in 2013 as illegal and unconstitutional Will the charges against him be terminated as well

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Vida privada de todos y cada uno de los ciudadanos del mundoEn Vigilancia permanente Snowden desgrana por primera vez por ué lo hizo cómo ayudó a construir un sistema de vigilancia masivo y la crisis de conciencia ue le llevó a destaparlo todo y poner en jaue al sistema Como resultado de auello se inició una caza y captura internacional ue a día de hoy sigue abiertaUn protagonista fascinante ingenioso y con una mente prodigiosa convertido a lo largo de su vida en soldado analista. If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewDNS over HTTPS DoH Permanent Record by Edward SnowdenThe minute some politico starts banging on about that we need to restrict something because we need to protect the children you can be absolutely sure that they mean to prevent the people having the same access to information as they do Or they have been caught with their trousers down And I am not talking about defence related stuff categorised as Top Secret It is doubly funny when the person banging on about it is so remote that they cannot even send an email without the help of a child What has been troubling me about the Snowden revelations is something George Orwell failed at in not going beyond in his books Animal farm and 1984 which that there seems to be a force of intent that is operating in our world far powerful than governments as Google's prime example is currently demonstrating this historical fact

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Permanent RecordEl mayor escándalo diplomático de la historia  Una vida al servicio de la verdad  Las memorias ue agitarán la geopolítica mundial «Me llamo Edward Snowden Antes trabajaba para el gobierno pero ahora trabajo para el pueblo»En 2013 Edward Snowden responsable de la mayor filtración de inteligencia en la historia sacudió al mundo revelando ue el gobierno estadounidense tenía la capacidad de leer cada correo electrónico escuchar cada llamada y entrometerse en los rincones de la. “I was resolved to bring to light a single all encompassing fact that my government had developed and deployed a global system of mass surveillance without the knowledge or consent of its citizenry” Edward Snowden I began reading this book with a decent amount of skepticism Is Edward Snowden a hero or a criminal Could I believe him I was bothered by the fact that he lives in Russia; is he a hero or a traitor What is he doing in Russia rather than living in exile in another country Thankfully this book answered those uestions and the answer to the first is as I see it that Edward Snowden is a hero Permanent Record is the story of Edward Snowden's life leading up to the time he blew the whistle on the United States government his childhood his teen years his twenties Mostly it is the story of what the CIA was up to during the years Mr Snowden worked for them About the massive surveillance it was carrying out on United States citizens a system Mr Snowden had helped to set up It also tells of what happened afterEdward Snowden was increasingly bothered by what he saw as an invasion of citizens' privacy the secretive intrusion by the government into our lives They were collecting and saving the data of citizens and citizens of other countries without our even knowing it Under the ruse of protecting us from terrorists they began collecting our phone calls our emails our text messages and all online activity They were keeping track of where we went and whom we spoke with  And they were building servers to store all of our digital lives into perpetuity Without our knowledge and without our consent They were violating the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 whose Article 12 states “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy family home or correspondenceAs Gus Hunt of the CIA bragged in front of an audience you can watch the video online here “At the CIA” he said “we fundamentally try to collect everything and hang on to it forever” And collecting everything they wereThankfully Edward Snowden has integrity and a deep sense of loyalty to his fellow citizens Knowing he would either end up in prison or in exile for blowing the whistle Mr Snowden sacrificed his own freedom and well paying career to inform the American public that their government was abusing their rights This book tells his story and what a story it is I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this book It is brilliantly written and utterly engaging  I wish I had read this before the first round of this year's Goodreads Choice awards because it would have been my pick for best memoir  Unfortunately it didn't make it to the final but it should have   Mr Snowden doesn't divulge any new information about the government in this book but it is captivating nonetheless Some of the technology was over my head but that didn't matter; it still thrilled me I would have liked to know about what we as average people can and should do to protect our data but that's the only thing I felt was lacking in this book That will need to be found in another bookIf you want to know what led up to Mr Snowden's whistleblowing; if you like I had wonder about his integrity because he's living in Russia and want to know why; if you want to know what all he revealed then you need to read this book If you want to know the outcome of Mr Snowden's bravery you should read this book If you uestion his motives and wonder if he's a hero or traitor you will want to read this book  Highly recommend