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Download ✓ Building a Better World in Your Backyard - Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Luxuriant EnvironmentalismMake a huge positive global difference from your own home Prioritize comfort over sacrifice while saving thousaT 2 tons But if you live in a cold climate and you switch from electric heat to a rocket mass heater you will cut 27 tonsJoin Paul and Shawn on a journey featuring simple alternatives that you may have never heard of alternatives which are about building a symbiotic relationship with nature so we can all be even lazier Nurture nature and nature nurtures us al. It is derived from the hope that was left in Pandora's boxA calm calming voice in the stampede of chickens running around without their heads The immediacy and urgency of modernity is helping to distract from the perspective we so desperately need to properly effect our future in positive ways Some simple some not so easy steps to build a better world to get to a sustainable and productive life Building a better world in your backyard even works when you don't yet have a back yard to work int

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Luxuriant EnvironmentalismMake a huge positive global difference from your own home Prioritize comfort over sacrifice while saving thousands of dollars Explore dozens of solutions and their impacts on carbon footprint petroleum footprint toxic footprint and other environmental issuesIf 20% of the population implemented half the solutions in this book it would. Up front I was one of the people who provided feedback on this book before it was published I received a free copy in exchange I'm pleased to see all my feedback was includedSometimes when you read a book it sounds like the author The book sounds like Paul I enjoyed the aspects of humor including the phrase “possibly point and laugh” on the copyright page Other elements of humor that made me smile included “the cancer fairy” “My guess is that the boat was afraid of the dark” “dirty cup CSI” and “it's not like the tree will run away while you are chasing it with a chainsaw”Parts of the book assume you have land Even in those parts I learned something like “carrot poop” exudates and the “volunteer tomato” vs the “pampered tomato” Other parts of the book apply to everyone including shampoo It was also nice seeing diatomaceous earth covered in the book this was the answer to a uestion a close family member had years agoMost of the book was easy to read There were some parts that were hard because I can’t relate And the vocabulary is tougher For example I know what a berm is but I still need to think about it That’s said I was able to follow all the parts which I wasn’t expecting going in The parts that apply to everyone were easy to followI also like how the book is meant to be passed around rather than kept forever My copy is signed so I'm keeping that one But PaulShawn sent me copies I was sure to donate a copy to the local library Best way I can think of to pass a book around

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Building a Better World in Your Backyard Instead of Being Angry at Bad GuysSolve the biggest global problems All without writing to politicians joining protests signing petitions or being angry at the people that are causing the problemsGood solutions are often different from conventional environmental wisdom The average American adult has a carbon footprint of 30 tons per year Replacing a petroleum car with an electric car will cu. PREMISEWhen I heard that Paul Wheaton is self publishing a book on Kickstarter I was excited and apprehensive at the same timePaul has been getting his hands dirty for years in Permaculture and sharing information in rambling podcasts and forum posts and it was about time his knowledge and experience was condensed into a bookOn the other hand I was apprehensive because having taken part in some of his previous Kickstarter campaigns the end product never lived up to the hype on top of massive delays and not so subtle unprofessionalismNonetheless I was very happy that the campaign killed it with the funding It’s nice to see thinly disguised Permaculture books coughRichard Perkinscough doing so well in the crowdfunding spaceHowever I skipped all that and just got the ebook after the campaign was overREVIEWWhile promising to not shake angry fists at bad guys Paul spares no amount of space identifying them throughout the book The biggest bad guy seems to be toxinstoxicity and a uick search for “tox” brings up 114 hits So this pretty much sets the theme for the book Any techniue not used by Paul is brushed aside as toxic This classification is dubious at bestReferences are provided throughout the book all of which point to an online forum where rambling opinions and further unreferenced armchair “research” all clearly show that the truth is dispensed by the Gospel of Paul there are barely any references that don’t originate with himWhich leads me to the biggest problem I have with this book it's one big opinion If you're looking for an Eco Guru to follow Paul is the one His experience is based on communal living on sloped land surrounded by conifer trees in Montana and if this is not your conext well I’m sorry but you just won’t be able to build a better world The solutions provided for his very specific circumstances will translate poorly when applied to most other locationsSome specific ideas that I don’t think would translate well elsewhere include light bulbs for heating people heating with RMH there are good reasons why interest in them is still relatively low “just do it with conifers” composting poop on a hill Wofati building seeding fruit treesIt’s also unclear how many ideas have been realized outside of the author’s head There’s not a single photo in the book and no real demonstration of any of his concepts in practice Going down the rabbit hole of rambling forum references doesn’t elucidate this either I can imagine his Wofati house design having massive problems in various scenarios I wonder if any people actually live in Wofatis year round Seems to me a rushed way to present this as the housing solution that will save the planet as it’s completely untestedI’m all for testing new ideas and experimenting if only the presentation wasn’t so pompous and obnoxious “My hypothetical brainstorms clearly trump other people’s real life applied solutions that have been working for years and decades” is the style employed throughout the bookThis might seem like harsh criticism but I think it’s about damn time for Paul to go on a diet of humble pie and provide substance in the content he releases Overpromising and under delivering has come to be closely associated with the Wheaton brand in Permaculture circles I say all this in the hope of providing candid feedback for improvement and I wish that all of his future crowdfunding projects are as or successful as this oneOn a positive note I think Paul does an excellent job of introducing people to Permaculture thinking and demystifing some of the superficial “environmental” high profile approaches including energy heating diet and CONCLUSIONVery easy and entertaining read with some excellent starting points for people who are looking to reduce their environmental footprint I would recommend using this book as a book of ideas instead of tried and tested techniues and experimenting your way into methods that fit with your specific context