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kindle ô 極道な月 read Ò “Bacaan yang sarat emosi dan menyayat hati Buku ini direkomendasikan untuk siapa saja yang tengah mencari pemahaman mendalam dan personal tentang masyarakat Jepang” –Publisher Weeklycom“Dia terlahir sebagai putri yakuza masa remajanya terjerumus ke dunia seks dan obat obatan terlarang lalu ditato di usia dua puluhanObatan terlarang lalu ditato di usia dua puluhan Tendo mengerti betul sosok seseorang yang pernah masuk neraka kemudian memutuskan untuk kembali” Josei Seven pers JepangYakuza Moon merupakan pengakuan mengejutkan sekaligus mengharukan seorang perempuan yang hidup dalam masy I read this book in one go; considering I have never done that before it says a lot for the intensity and breathtaking reality of the memoir Though relatively short it packs a powerful punch an amazing debut I was drawn into her story until I felt I was a part of it The essence of a good writer is to be able to make that connection between reader and character and Shoko Tendo has certainly done that Way out of my usual genres I was completely absorbed in her heart wrenching memoir an emotional roller coaster told in a straight forward no holds barred manner In the version I read photos and a foreword have been added to the original publication These contributed to the personality of Shoko Unfamiliar as I am with yakuza society somewhat like a Japanese mafia this book brought me into lifestyles I knew nothing about; I also learned to see a tattoo as a complete work of art which in Japan it truly is These tattoos are full body canvases extremely detailed and historical art Shoko was the middle child in a family of three girls and a boy her father a yakuza in a life of plenty Fearful of her father's rages bullied at school discriminated against and insecure Shoko's lifestyle had already begun to change at the tender age of twelve when her older sister took her to a club and passed her off as 18 The next several years of her life are spent in drugged out sex used and abused When all goes wrong at home her father resigns as a yakuza and is pursued by yakuza loan sharks Shoko falls into the trap of one man a former friend of her father His false promises to help her father with his financial problems and his Jekyll and Hyde personality drags her deep into his net Misguided in what is expected of her she sinks deeper and deeperShoko does not try to lecture in her book but is faithful to her memories She does not dwell on her situation but writes with an honesty and thoroughness that through her worst times I could feel the disassociation she finally reaches Intense poignant numbed and broken she lays it all on the line Her emergence from this darkness is wonderful to read and shows the strength of her true character This memoir is a real eye opener of horrendous abuse and the intimidation that denies escape Exceptionally well written for a debut I highly recommend this book

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Arakat yakuza di Jepang Cerita tentang seorang perempuan muda yang berhasil memenangkan pergulatan dalam hidupnya yang keras Memoar ini juga memberi pengalaman berbeda namun nyata mengenai kehidupan yakuza Jepang dari sudut pandang seseorang yang benar benar pernah menjalaniny Dark True Story With Great TranslationI think foreigners myself included have a tendency to romanticize Japan and its culture and people Especially when it comes to stories about Yakuza This dark horrifying story is a cold reminder that Japanese gangsters are not nice peopleThis story should come with a strong trigger warning for drugs abuse and assault The first half was a struggle for me to pick up because things just kept getting worseThe fact that Yakuza Moon is a true story makes it all the chilling and the photos at the end of the book are a cold reminder of thatThe translation was I think solid Louise Heal Kawai did a great job reflecting the original meaning in a clear and understandable way that made it feel like it wasn't translated Her characterization to make each voice distinct was fantastic There was some narrative parts that felt cold but I think this comes down to the source text There were also some English words that I stumbled on but I think that's because of regional differences rather than any fault with the translator

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極道な月 Yakuza no tsuki“Bacaan yang sarat emosi dan menyayat hati Buku ini direkomendasikan untuk siapa saja yang tengah mencari pemahaman mendalam dan personal tentang masyarakat Jepang” –Publisher Weeklycom“Dia terlahir sebagai putri yakuza masa remajanya terjerumus ke dunia seks dan obat I was really intrigued to read this book a woman's account of the inner workings of the Yakuza the first of its kind Unfortunately perhaps the memoir doesn't touch so much on the actual Yakuza but rather Shoko Tendo explains how her father's early affiliation with the syndicate shaped the path of her life Tendo is shockingly stubborn and proud and the decisions she made were arguably uite terrible but the reader maintains an affection for her she is unapologetic and blunt She doesn't glamorize the life of a young yanki nor her trysts with powerful men She is a woman carved out of fire who has come out the other end scarred both literally and metaphorically but strongI would also highly recommend this book to anyone who is unfamiliar with a collectivist culture mindset It is so very different from the individualist culture of North America some of the decisions Tendo's family makes might seem absurd to someone unfamiliar with a highly collectivist and honour based society such as Japan Contrary however from reading Tendo's memoir I gathered a much greater understanding and respect for a culture so different from my own