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Characters ↠ Sweet Temptation È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ An Arranged Marriage Standalone Mafia RomanceThe first time Cassio met his fiancée she called him ‘Sir’After losing his wife Cassio is left to take care of two small children while trying to establish his rule over PhiNot pleasureRules have to be followed Traditions heededThat’s how he ends up with a woman a girl barely of age She might not be what he and his children need but she’s wicked lovely and a sweet temptation he can’t resistGiulia always knew she’d marry a man her father chose for her Only she never expected to be given to someone much olderSuddenly she’s supposed t. This book was way better than what I expected but I wasn't expecting much due to the gae gap and I'm sorry but you all know how I amCassio and Giulia were fine as a couple and since they were introduced very early as a couple we did not have to deal much with them as individuals and that was good because they were one track minded and with no much personal development Cassio was not a good dad and Giulia's got no agency most of the bookI don't want to tear this book apart because I liked it but I worry about this author's next books She's not improving and while she's talented I mean she made me not hate the fuck out of this story and that's a win right there I just don't see how she can go from hereI will read her next series but I really don't have high hopes for it

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O be a mother to two small children when she hasn’t even held a baby in her lifeGiulia uickly realizes that Cassio isn’t interested in a relationship on eual footing Her mother always warned her that men of power like Cassio don’t tolerate insolence; yet tired of being treated as a nanny and clueless child bride Giulia decides to fight for her vision of a happy fami. Sweet Temptation is hands down a masterpiece and one of the best books Cora Reilly has ever written and I don't say this lightly trust me since Twisted Pride has been my top favorite until now Cassio Giulia and the kids have stolen a piece of my heart and left a permanent mark on my soul I had very high expectations for this story and I'm than happy to report that they've all been surpassed If you're a huge sucker for the single parent arranged marriage and age gap tropes like me then this Mafia romance will be right up your alley This book can be read as a complete standalone without having any knowledge about Cora's previous work So if you aren't acuainted with her Born in Blood and Camorra Chronicles series than you will be totally fine picking this one up But be warned once you auire a taste for her great writing style and addictive Mafia bad boys you won't be able to stop Mark my words This must read is tragic and devastating at times but also heartbreakingly beautiful and deeply touching Cassio is in his early 30ies when he loses his wife and is now a single parent to his son Daniele and daughter Simona He knows that he has to remarry since his small children need a step mother Choosing a wife as a man in his position is a duty and not pleasure So Cassio ends up with pretty lovely but barely off age Giulia who is completely overwhelmed with the situation and the expectations thrown her way Maybe she isn't the mother figure his children need but she is definitely the woman he craves This story had a slightly different feeling to Cora's other Mafia books because she put the focus on the main protagonists and their development and growth as individuals and as a couple There's a mind blowing huge twist she came up with that left me speachless and with my jaw on the floor Cassio Moretti is a Made Man who is refreshingly different Yes he rules over Philadelphia with an iron fist and is well known for his brutality and coldness But that's only his professional face he needs to keep up as an Underboss in order to be respected by his men At home he is the loving and doting father and caring and loyal husband He is without a doubt the most compelling hero Cora has ever written in my eyes His arranged marriage to Giulia was supposed to be a union between Philadelphia and Balti and give his children a new mother But this broken man got so much out of it than he has bargained for His new wife's brand of honesty her patience and understanding have breathed life into him again Giulia Rizzo is the proverbial heroine of this story She showed strength backbone and willpower I was deeply impressed by her Giulia took on a difficult and challenging task for an 18 year old by marrying Cassio knowing that she now had to take care of two small children warm her much older husband's bed and be the mistress of the house She didn't have any experience but she was determined to make her marriage work and gain the kids' love and trust Giulia was very clever and outspoken She didn't bow down to everything her husband demanded She chose her battles wisely In the Mafia world which is dominated by men she had to learn the subtle art of getting her will with a smile and kindnessI've absolutely adored Cassio and Giulia These two were made for each other Two halves of a beating heart Their interactions with Daniele and Simona who were both adorably cute were so endearing and precious They both loved them unconditionally and never left out an opportunity to show them how much they cared Their strong family bond made me teary eyed and emotional Sweet Temptation is pure perfection from the first till the last page I strongly encourage you to pick up this fantastic story and let the intriguing characters put you under their spell Cora my ueen I once again bow deeply to you and your unsurpassed talent I'm giving this gem 6 stars

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Sweet TemptationAn Arranged Marriage Standalone Mafia RomanceThe first time Cassio met his fiancée she called him ‘Sir’After losing his wife Cassio is left to take care of two small children while trying to establish his rule over Philadelphia Now he needs a mother for his children and someone who can warm his bed at nightBut in a traditional world as his choosing your wife is duty. After finishing Twisted Hearts I was rather unsure if I want to read this book or continue with this whole series Well not a series what is it even Since we had two series and now a stand aloneBut then I thought that I sort of liked the little glimpses we got on Guilia and Cassio in the Camorra series so yeah I decided to read it Why do I have a feeling that it's pretty obvious what I'm going to say about this book since I started this review with this ExplanationAnyway I really liked the first third It was fun and I thought redemption Guilia was super fun one of the best female characters in this whole thing She knew who she was; she had personality hobbies I'll get to that later personal style and opinion I enjoyed the push and pull between her and Cassio It was interesting to see how they would make this work Plus the situation Cassio already having two kids was so different from all the other books in the previous series It was just the shiny new thing Don't get me wrong; I was annoyed by Cassio's behaviour but at least was not as bland as for the rest of the bookAnd the thing I need to say here is that I thought that I disliked Guilia's parents in Kiara's books but let me tell you now that I'm 100 % sure that I cannot stand them even a bit But then it started to drag For multiple reasons And the biggest one was that I was not feeling Guilia and Cassio; I did not feel any chemistry between them In the first third maybe a bit but then for the rest of the book No nothing Plus he still kept thinking about her as a child and teen which was killing any chance for some chemistry And every time he called her honey I just could not it felt so weird and not fitting For me this is not Guilia's and Cassio's book It's Guilia's and Cassio's children's book Because this was a story about how Cassio got the perfect nanny for his kids You see she never really held a child before but same for one child crying the first time she held her and the second one acting a bit aggressively the next day she's Mary Poppins She even got a previously untrained and clearly neglected dog to listen to her commandsAnyway I do not get what the huge deal was that Cassio needed a wife to care for his children He just needed a better staff Like what sort of staff who cares for the kids was just so bad that they did not go shopping for six months to buy the children new clothes which fits them Well actually only the two year old boy had small clothes somehow the infant had appropriately sized clothes You don't need a wife to buy clothes for your children just get a better staffSo Cassio He's a major idiot His obsessive and controlling behaviour was way too much I secretly hoped that Guilia would set all the clothes he wanted her to wear on fire Everybody including Cassio kept saying how cruel Cassio is but the problem is that we did not really get to see it Since there was almost no mafia business in this book we did not get to see Cassio in working mode and therefore it was just the talk he certainly did not do the walk So and now to the big plot twist view spoiler The whole Gaia thing and poor Cassio being all broken because he's just so evil and he's the reason his wife killed herself I'm sorry it was just so pitiful that I did not care at all Gaia was probably made to be the villain in Cassio's story But it was so over the top that it did not work Plus it very much felt like Cassio's perspective All I have to say is that There are always three sides to a story Yours Theirs and The Truth Maybe the whole issue comes from Gaia sleeping with her half brother Like please don't At least make it a step brother if anything So because of this it just felt so forced to make Gaia as bad as possible that it became a satire It just got so much in a bad way that I stopped caring about the whole situation Minus the half brother thing because no But I was upset by how Cassio was treating the dog than anything to do with GaiaPlus the fact that the children are not Cassio's just screams another book in future hide spoiler