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D infuriating but this time surprisingly charming and witty When he looked at me I got butterflies But I can’t go there He’s just a player in a hot suit and I’m just a widow with three unruly sons I just need this conference to be over Because everybody knows that Tristan Miles always gets what he wantsand what he wants is. I absolutely loved Tristian in The Stopover he was the down to earth brother funny as breath taking as his older brother most definitely a manwhore also all the Miles aires where wealthy and good looking and great at what they did in Miles Media Tristian Miles was the brother that dismantle companies he saw weakness and pounced Tristian was good at it That is until he met Claire Anderson of Anderson Media Tristian wanted her company and bugged her everyday sometimes 2 to 3 times until Claire took his call Claire hated everything Tristian represent a bully a dominate personality that demanded and commanded attention and wanted her husband company Claire refusedClaire Anderson a sassy heroine that lost her husband 5 years prior and as still struggling everyday with the lost of her husband Warren left her Anderson media and 3 boys Fletcher Harrison Patrick all trouble boys now that their father was gone and Claire didn't know how to help them They were very protective over their motherClaire decide to take a break and go to a week long seminar and after attending guess who is the main attraction The one man Claire wish she would never see again yes Tristian Miles After a day of ignoring Tristian they discover they have in common the electricity that surge through their bodies when every they see one another Claire denies Tristian which Tristian is never use to a woman ever turning him down is now turning the Miles charm full forceAfter a weekend in Paris Claire tells Tristian they are no she has 3 boys and refuse to involve them into this which was just a fling Well Tristian wasn't down and wanted decides to go to her house and why did he do that Tristian was attacked by her boys with his own underwearNow absolutely scared of Claire demon children Fletch Wiz Trickey his nicknames for her kids and not only that Muf the cat the dog Tristian was convinced they were all crazy However he still couldn't get her out of his mind and decided he wanted the entire package He was tired of living alone so he stayed on her killer couch with Muf the pissing catSo many up down Tristian is the best book boyfriend ever all he wanted was a family of his own and he found that with Claire and the 3 hearts that was connected to her

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The TakeoverIn bestselling author T L Swan’s second hot installment to the Miles High Club series he’s sexy rich and her mortal enemy Hate never felt so good I first met Tristan Miles at a meeting where he was trying to take over my late husband’s company He was powerful arrogant and infuriatingly gorgeous and I hated him with every ce. Tristen “I told you to call me Tristan”Claire “And I told you to go away”Claire Anderson 38 is a beautiful smart and proud woman She is a widowed mum to 3 adorable kids Fletcher 17 is short tempered Harry 13 is the naughtiest child and Patrick 9 the wisest She has been struggling for years to keep her late husbands company which is her children's inheritence When an offer comes to buy her company she has smoke coming out of ears almost literallyTristen Miles 34 is a handsome smart and witty man He is a playboy but has a gentle soul inside with an infectious personality which is so loveable He is a ruthless and cold businessman he always gets what he wants whether it's business or women When he targets another failing company he offers to buy persistently colour him surprised when the owner is determined to push him awayYou should probably stop looking at me like that”Like what”“Like you want to fucking eat me”“That’s very presumptuous Mr Miles”“Call me Tristan”“I’ll call you whatever I like” Claire and Tristen have very little similarities He is uncomplicated and can have thoughtless sex but Claire she is attracted to him and has lot of complications When they meet again at a conference they were burning with physical attraction for the other“You see I could pretend that I like you and that I want to explore our friendship or some fucking bullshit” He sips his drink “Or I could just tell you the truth”“Which is” I breatheOur eyes are locked“The idea of you hating me while I lick you up is a fucking turn on” he whispersClaire What’s the rush”Tristen “The rush is I want you naked and I can’t get you naked until I’m naked It’s the naked law”TL Swan I absolutely love your conversations Their sexual banter preferably Tristen's perspective is what I look forward to Girls he is so charming that can have you swooning Tristen and Claire's one week together extended to the weekend They decide after this they are going back to their ordinary life “Well where am I going to sleep” “I can’t drive”“Call your limo driver”“He’s off tonight”“Why not call an Uber”“They ran out of cars”“I nearly died last night Claire between the cement couch the clock the cat and now the fucking crazy nut Harry outsideBut Paris isn't over Tristen pursues Claire and is gobsmacked by what he sees His introduction with the kids had me laughing my ass off He was introduced to horror in the best possible way having being choked with his own underwear getting his ligament torn and a sweet boy who is all smiles and touchy with him and finally a cat and a dog who have minds of their own; Tristen ran away He realises Claire has a lot of things going in her life work financial problems and three rowdy children He finds himself wanting to be with them “You know Tris ” I pause “I don’t want to sound insecure because I’m not I’m than happy with who I am But I do wonder what you see when you look at me”He leans his face onto his hand as he watches me I feel suddenly uncomfortable Why did I say that“You know what I see Claire”I frown“I don’t see anything it’s how I feel”I take his hand again“For the first time in my life ” He frowns as if getting the wording right in his head“How do you feel Tris” I whisperHis eyes meet mine “Like myself”I like how the author used the characters complications to dictate the story I like how Tristen didn't simply jump on the children and just these are Claire's kids I love them he didn't dislike them he just couldn't imagine the extend of rowdier they are But he was willing to try he didn't only have a woman to win over but also three kids along There are so many words by Tristen Miles that made my panties wet I cannot say much it may spoil the book for you Claire's many inner monologues had me agreeing with her regarding Tristen I'm so infatuated of Tristen Miles I like it when she gets suddenly mad because he is nice she can handle a flirty and fun Tristen not a caring Tristen Both fall in love and it's so beautiful Tristan isn’t a soul sucker he’s a savior An angel in a perfect suit he hides behind his asshole title He’s a good man who takes no creditAt the end of the book Claire has a breakdown it shows her protectiveness for her children and in this part also I'm amazed that the author didn't simply hand over the kids to Tristen just like that This is my second favourite hero after Nathan Mercer from Our Way let me tell you TL Swan creates some epic heroes and best heroines Two books from this author and I love them I think this is a beautiful cozy romance There is not a bored moment in it I highly recommend this book

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The Takeover review µ 103 ´ In bestselling author T L Swan’s second hot installment to the Miles High Club series he’s sexy rich and her mortal enemy Hate never felt so good I first met Tristan Miles at a meeting where he was trying to take over my late husband’s company He was powerful arrogant and infuriatingly gorgeous and I hated him with every Ll in my body In the shock of the century he called me three days later and asked me on a date I would rather die than date a man like him though I do have to admit it was good for the ego Turning him down was the highlight of my year Six months later he was the guest speaker at a conference I attended in France Still arrogant an. 5 ⭐️ This author totally writes my love language Her stories are a perfect mix of all the feels I laughed and laughed The chemistry and angst between the h and H are off the chart Whew OMG I loved this book For me her books are pure unadulterated fun A summer read that lets me escape my stressful busy overworked life Its the second book of this series and it’s about Tristian He is sexy beautiful confident and a romantic It’s a stand alone and it can totally be read out of order Which is another thing I love about her books I really enjoyed all the side characters and had a big smile on my face when I finished I highly recommend this book I hope this was helpful Thank you NETGALLEY and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my honest review ♥️