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EBOOK ✓ EPUB Lizzies Heart ã The Amish of Southern Maryland #5 ½ SUSAN LANTZ SIMPSON ½ Fall in Southern Maryland’s Amish country is a time of fiery falling leaves a bountiful harvest and bracing frost touched days It’s the perfect season for one irrepressible maidelFall in Southern Maryland’s Amish country is a time of fiery falling leaves a bountiful harvest and bracing frost touched days It’s the perfect season for one irrepressible maidel to try an unexpected match Good hearted and impulsive twenty year old Lizzie Fisher has many chores and secrets She’s caring for kittens abandoned by their mother and practicing her d 45 StarsLizzie's Heart by Susan Lantz Simpson is a heartwarming and inspirational Amish romance about family and God's perfect timing Set during the fall time in Southern Maryland's Amish country the story follows Lizzie Fisher a lovely and kind hearted Amish girl who loves animals and drawing and Stephen Zimmerman a Mennonite who meets Lizzie when he follows her into a burning building to rescue kittens There's an immediate spark between the two but they live in different communities and are doubtful that they'll ever see each other again A few days later Lizzie goes to a Mennonite woman's house to teach her how to weave and is surprised to see that the woman's son is none other than the handsome blue eyed boy who helped her rescue her beloved kittens During her visits to Stephen's house their relationship grows and deepens But will their different religious backgrounds prevent them from having a future together?Susan Lantz Simpson is a wonderful storyteller She knows how to keep the reader engaged and turning pages The setting was beautiful and the cast of characters was well developed Lizzie was such a lovable character You couldn't help but root for her and admire her determination to stay positive in negative situations Her family experiences were relatable and realistic The relationship between her and Stephen progressed at a good pace I thought they were perfect for each other and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop Mary was also a wonderful character and her friendship with Lizzie was very heartwarming I loved learning some of the differences between the Amish and Mennonites Overall this was a very enjoyable read and I will definitely be reading books by this authorThank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Rawing talent away from disapproving eyes So the last thing she needs is someone like handsome Stephen Zimmerman constantly “helping” her out of trouble But when she discovers they both have lovelorn siblings she has an idea why can’t she and Stephen bring his older brother and her older sister together? After all how hard could matchmaking be? Even though he? A chance encounter with a strange a plain gentlemen has a life changing effect on Lizzie Zimmerman Of course this encounter leads to a incident that is almost life ending for the both of them and it is repeated again in this bookIf you have a love of animals this one is going to make you smile and while others in Lizzie's family do not agree with her I enjoyed the family dynamics You feel sorry for Lizzie's sister Frannie but when the facts come out you wonder why she is so prickly but keep readingWe get a glimpse into two different plain families and I'll have to admit there was one that I would prefer to live in but you will have to decide for yourselfCome and get lost in this sweet Amish readI received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Zebra and was not reuired to give a positive review

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Lizzies Heart The Amish of Southern Maryland #5 ?s the youngest son of an Old Order Mennonite family Stephen is used to looking out for everyone else Yet somehow the romantic schemes he and Lizzie cook up keep going awry in ways that hint they may suit each other But their deepening bond is both delightful and complicated For bridging their differences will take bravery compromise and faith in their hopes and drea This book is a winner from the cover to the last page It is a heartfelt story from the author set in the Maryland Amish community Simpson is known for in her Amish stories The heroine Lizzie Fisher is a compassionate uick witted spunky and a lovable person with her talents and care for abandoned animals Her family didn’t see all of her ualities as her characteristics were of her great mammi than siblings especially with her weaving on the loom she inherited from Mammi Lena Lizzie had another talent that was hidden until Stephen Zimmerman discovered her secret The amusement of Lizzie and Stephen interaction was humorous as well as touching with the depth of their nature and inner heart toward others animals and the talent God blessed them with shined forth The drawback was being Amish and Old Order Mennonite they didn’t see how they could be together I would like to see a seuel to this story for Lizzie’s sister Frannie who was a total opposite of Lizzie or even Stephen’s older brother Seth in the future Their character in this story will make another great read for their own story to unfold into a delightful person t o be around I received an ARC complimentary copy of this book from the author and was under no obligation to write a review I have shared my own opinion