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The Unspoken review ☆ 103 Á In this new series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Ian K Smith an ex cop turned private investigator seeks justice on the vibrant dangerous streets of ChicagoFormer Chicago detective Ashe Cayne is desperate for redemption After refusing to participate in a police department cover up involving the death of a young blIn this new series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Ian K Smith an ex cop turned private investigator seeks justice on the vibrant dangerous streets of ChicagoFormer Chicago detective Ashe Cayne is desperate for redemption After refusing to participate in a police department cover up involving the death of a young black man Cayne is pushed out of. The Jason Pettus 2020 Autumn Reading Challenge join us #7 A trashy crime or romance novelThis was my latest experiment in trying to embrace the First Reads program in which the corporation pulls out about a dozen titles from their in house publishing company each month and then offers all their Prime members a chance to read one of them for free I've had a bad experience with nearly every book I've ever chosen to check out through the First Reads program for exactly the same reason I've had so many disappointing experiences with the original movies and TV shows produces through their similar in house Prime Video program; and that's because the end results feel like something that not even a single human being decided was worth 's time and money but rather that their thousands of programmers wrote a bunch of algorithms and the computer program spit out a list of items reuired to be in a creative unit in order to maximize user enjoyment and thus lead to optimal ROI and then some poor 27 year old Oberlin fuck on the Publishing staff was put in charge of going out and finding a book with that exact combination of items about the most depressing definition of a job in the arts I can possibly imagineUnfortunately Ian K Smith's The Unspoken is yet another example of the dispiriting art by algorithm construct that always feels like is the machine behind all of 's depressingly forgettable First Reads titles It's a crime novel and it's set in Chicago and it stars a private investigator; now imagine every single easy cliche and trope that immediately pops into your head when I mention Chicago set private investigator crime novel and believe me when I say that every single one of them is in this book a tale with all the charm of a random twenty year old episode of Law Order that you watched at half attention while laying on your couch on a Sunday afternoon full from a big lunch and slowly dozing off every few minutes yet somehow you still know exactly what's going on when you suddenly startle awake 15 minutes before it's over It deserves neither a good score nor a bad score because that's the entire point it's neither good nor bad but just some bland gray formless blob of room temperature gelatin sitting on a cracked plate in front of you something to mindlessly shovel into your body before trudging off to your joyless job at a draconian warehouse where you're forced to wear a microchip that records exactly how many seconds you spend in the bathroom each day shitting that flavorless gray blob of gelatin back out again That's no way to run a publishing company and this is no way to enjoy a novel even one that aims to be nothing than a little supermarket airport read piece of fluff which is why I get a little despondent about the world every time I try to read another one of these First Reads books I've been keeping at it because I keep hoping to be proven wrong; but I have to admit at this point I'm just about ready to chuck it in for good and to block the First Reads emails from even showing up in my inbox in the first place I mean kudos to Smith for raising his public profile yet a little for those who don't know he's a celebrity doctor who regularly shows up on such racing to the bottom fare as The View and The Rachael Ray Show and is actually much better known for his nonfiction books on diet and nutrition; but Jesus Christ dude don't get to the end of your life and have nothing else to show for it but soul killingly mediocre bullshit like this Try at least a little bit harder next time won't you

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The force But he won’t sit uietly on the sidelines he’s compelled to fight for justice as a private investigatoreven if it means putting himself in jeopardyWhen a young woman Tinsley Gerrigan goes missing her wealthy parents from the North Shore hire Cayne to find her As Cayne looks into her life and past he uncovers secrets Tinsley’s been hiding f. This is a new series set in Chicago with our main character Ashe Cayne who is a PIAshe Cayne is a former Chicago detective Ashe was forced out the force after he refused to participate in a police department cover up involving the death a young man Since then Ashe has become a private investigator Tinsley Gerrigan a young women from the wealthy North Shore goes missing her mum hires Ashe to find her As Ashe looks into Tinsley life he uncovers secrets that Tinsley has been hiding Tinsley boyfriend is murdered who is the nephew of well known gangster and the investigation gets murky with each step Ashe sets out to find Tinsley and find out who murdered her boyfriend This was a great start to the series Ashe is character who you can root for He stood up for he what he believed in and lost his job but Ashe doesn’t regret this Ashe is a smooth and resourceful investigator and full of personality The actually case Ashe works on has twists and turns and keeps you guessing There is side story in the book that Ashe is involved but I won’t go into detail in case I give out of spoilersA excellent start to a new series with a very likeable main character and I will definitely be reading the next book in the series I received a ARC from Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for an objection review

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The UnspokenRom her family Cayne fears he may never find Tinsley aliveHis worries spike when Tinsley’s boyfriend is found dead another black man murdered on the tough Chicago streets Cayne must navigate his complicated relationships within the Chicago PD leveraging his contacts and police skills to find the missing young woman see justice done and earn his redempti. Ashe Cayne is a former police officer who left the force after refusing to participate in a cover up He left with uite a settlement and good investments means that he can choose his own cases as a private investigator while still trying to improve his golf gameWhen Violet Gerrigan comes and asks him to look for her missing daughter Tinsley he isn't very interested But the Violet tells him about Tinsley the his curiosity is aroused So he begins an investigation Soon he is led to the best friend Hunter Morgan who was supposed to host her friend the night she disappeared but says she didn't arrive and hasn't called to let her know whyMorgan does mention a boyfriend Tari Chopper McNair who is the nephew of a well known gang lord in town and who is Black and not what people from the best part of Chicago want as a son in law Ashe meets Chopper who is worried about his missing girlfriend and paints a picture of a strong lasting relationship Soon thereafter Chopper is found shot to death in an abandoned alley and decorated with gang marks to make it look like he was killed by a rival gang of his uncle's Now his uncle comes to Ashe because he wants to know who killed his nephew He has revenge in mindThe story was filled with interesting information about the city of Chicago Chicago politics and the activities of the very wealthy Ashe is a smart competent investigator who's as comfortable with gang leaders as the most wealthy in town He is persistent and has a strong sense of justice He is also something of a smartass A subplot about what he does to a former priest who abused a number of boys but seemed to evade justice was jarring but understandable considering Ashe's sense of justice and dislike of bullies I liked the sidekick characters too Carolina provides a lot of information and seems like she'd be good girlfriend material once he finally gets over his fiance running off to Paris with another man and Mechanic is also an intriguing characterI enjoyed this story and am eager to read of Ashe Cayne's adventures