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Read & Download In Fury Lies Mischief Midnight Mayhem #2 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ø She was everything that I wantedHe was everything that I despisedUntil she wasn’tUntil he wasn’tKillian Cornelii was a walking calamity He reached inside of me and touched every single inch of my ruined soulSo painful so rich that it destroys everything and everyone around itIncluding ourselvesMidnight Mayhem is the platform to which Killian performs his tricks on but the greatest trick wouldn’t come from himIt would come from meTricksters don’t have heartsThey just pretend that they do Tick Tock Tick To. „Do villains have hearts baby” What have I just read My mind is completely blown away I feel like Amo Jones has compelled me and threw in a different dimension where reality blends with something out of this world I have no words to describe what this sorceress of an author just did I’m so consumed with Midnight Mayhem that I don’t know how to act in a normal world Can someone remind me what year it is and what’s currently happening on EarthThere is no proper way to explain the storyline of this spectacular book All I will say is that in order to experience it fully you have to go into it blind Every detail description or event is important in general and each of these surprises allows us to feel the impact of this story deep to the bone Killian and Saskia are amazing characters precisely detailed perfectly imperfect and astonishing I never knew what behavior I could expect from them and what they will do They made me gasp cover my mouth from shock and clutch for my chest I wanted to shake them slap them and hold them tight The push and pull between them made my head spin but they shared such an incredible bond that I wanted them together all the time And their passion It was raw intense consuming and dirty There are few things that could embarrass me but Kill and Saskia’s intimacy definitely made my eyes pop out of my head and my face turn crimsonKillian is a guy who instantly makes you obsessed with him Like some kind of drug he lures you with his undeniable charm flirting and promise of good time just to switch his personality to intense dangerous and cruel bastard But he’s so addictive that you’ll let him fool you every time You’ll allow him to caress and daze you just so he can bite you and steal a part of your soulSaskia turned out to be the biggest mystery and I loved to peel off all of her layers She’s a mix of vulnerability and power She’s both delicate and tough innocent and deadly She keeps her walls up and her heart guarded but also cares deeply for the ones close to herJones proved that she’s the biggest trickster ever because with her captivating words she’s taking control over our thoughts and emotions and we’re just like puppets asking for In Fury Lies Havoc is Amo’s newest stunt that makes us hipnotized and enchanted just to wonder at the end what the hell happened and if it was real My mind is still reeling but it was so freaking good that I want ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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She was everything that I wantedHe was everything that I despisedUntil she wasn’tUntil he wasn’tKillian Cornelii was a walking calamity He reached inside of me and touched every single inch of my ruined soul but he didn’t just touch it He caressed petted and captivated it He tailored me to fit into. OMG Amo Jones did the damn thing ONCE AGAIN In Fury Lies Mischief was legit FIRE I was mesmerized and consumed from the first page Killian and Saskia were basically a cauldron of explosiveness that never let up from the getgo And honestly I thought King was everything but Killian God Almighty Jones broke the mold with him HE IS THE BEST HERO SHE HAS WRITTEN TO DATE I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THIS WORLDWhat I love most about reading an Amo Jones book is feeling like I am coming home Her stories hit the spot and I never want them to end I thought I knew who Killian was after reading book one but honestly I HAD NO IDEA This man had hidden facets upon hidden facets that I could only dream of Ladies and Gentlemen he was beyond sexy and addicting He was edgy and intense and like a drug I need I am so in love with him it isn't even funny The minute he rolled up on the page I sat at attention I loved his fierceness and the way he was drawn to Saskia Their connection could not be denied Likewise Sass was the epitome of an Amo Jones heroine She was so damn strong but also filled with real vulnerabilities and raw emotions hidden deep inside She was closed up on the outside but when she loved she loved deep and all consuming Overall this story was hands down magnificent The sexy and fiery banter the passion the deep love and loyalty within the brothers and sisters of Kiznitch the fantastic playlist I read along with the sensual and mystical vibe of Midnight Mayhem itself and the dark and hidden secrets of this world we are only just learning about took my breath away I am so here for the next book and look forward to from Jones in the future Killian and Saskia are hands down 5 Star Goals Bravo Ratula 

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In Fury Lies Mischief Midnight Mayhem #2The palm of his hands The same hands that possess so much cruelty were the very same that comforted meI thought I knew himHe thought he knew meThis isn’t a fairy tale or some achingly beautiful story about two soul mates who instantly fall irrevocably in love with each otherThis is a story about a love. Englishspanish version OMG I definitely wasn't ready for this story In Fury Lies Mischief is something out of this world dark gritty sexy angst an explosion of feelings and magic that blew out my mind wow I have no words to describe it; It's a MASTERPIECE I couldn't put it down a single secondKillian dear God is my FAVORITE HERO BY THE AUTHOR he is a handsome evil cocky he exudes sensuality and mischief a single smile of his can set your panties on fire and he is as addictive as a drug you can never have enough of him he awakened in me feelings that connected me in a deep way to him Saskia is a mysterious girl we know little about She is an ambivalence innocent but rude vulnerable but brave so badass and sassy I loved herKill and Saskia are pure fire their explosive attraction is so scorching hot so intense I loved their interactions their constant full and push their challenges and their banter They are like two magnets whose magnetic forces are attracted to each other like invisible threads and I loved getting into their minds and their darkest thoughts they also made me swooned so hardGradually secrets and mysteries are revealed and new twists and events left me with my soul in my mouth on the edge of the seat and turning the pages as if my life depended on itThe story consumed me in a vortex of magic mystery hedonism and sensuality Scene after scene unfold vividly before my eyes like a movie that owned my senses and enthralled me in a uniue way The author created an amazing world that still vibrates through my blood I feel it beating with my heart Midnight Mayhem is an addiction that you can't get enough of Get ready for a book hangover of hell I can't wait for the next one Versión en españolOMG Definitivamente no estaba preparada para esta historia In fury lies mischief es algo fuera de este mundo sexy crudo oscuro una explosión de emociones ue voló mi mente guau no tengo palabras para describirlo; no podía parar de leerKillian uerido Dios es mi héroe favorito por la autora es encantador arrogante exuda sensualidad travesuras una sola sonrisa suya puede colocar tus pantaletas en fuego y tan adictivo como una droga con una sola probada no puedes tener suficiente te hechiza y despertó en mí profundas sensaciones ue me conectaron de una manera profunda a él Saskia es una chica misteriosa de la ue sabemos poco pero ue a lo largo de la historia vamos conociendo más Es una ambivalencia inocente pero ruda vulnerable pero valiente tan genial Me encantó Kill y Saskia son puro fuego su atracción explosiva es tan erótica y sexy tan intensa amé sus interacciones sus constantes estira y encoge sus desafíos y su juego de palabras Ellos son como dos imanes cuyas fuerzas magnéticas son atraídas una al otra como hilos invisibles y me encantó adentrarme en sus mentes y sus más oscuros pensamientos pero ellos además me hicieron suspirar tan fuerte Poco a poco más secretos y misterios se van develando y nuevos giros y eventos me dejaron con el alma en la boca en el borde del asiento y volteando las páginas como si mi vida dependiera de ello Amo Jones me consumió en un vórtice de magia misterio hedonismo y sensualidad Escenas tras escena se desenvolvieron vividamente ante mis ojos como una película ue se adueñó de mis sentidos y me hechizaron de forma única La autora creó un mundo alucinante ue aún vibra a través de mi sangre la siento palpitar con mi corazón Midnight Mayhem es una adicción de la ue no puedes conseguir suficiente Preparate para una resaca literaria del infierno No puedo esperar por el siguiente