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Download æ Surrender White People Our Unconditional Terms for Peace è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í In this follow up to his “hilarious yet soul shaking” Black Enterprise New York Times bestseller How Not to Get Shot comedy legend D L Hughley offers satirical termsSlavery to Jim Crow to modern police brutality Under the terms of Hughley’s satirical agreement white people will stop having their police officers kill young black men stop poisoning the water stop appropriating black culture stop trying to prevent black people from voting and In exchange black people will talk some sense into Kanye And they shall keep their opinions of white people's dance moves to themselvesSurrender White People includes 25 black and white illustratio. I could write two reviews that would look like I'm reviewing two entirely different books It is an easy read that moves along effortlessly It is also funny Yet it is dead serious and sprinkled with history and important uestions That is the brilliance of DL Hughleys Surrender White People He is readable user friendly humorous reflective and spot on Kind of like that favorite teacher that we all remember who was fun and engaging to the point where you didn't even realize you were learning uestioning and growing But you were And you are in reading Hughley's new book The take away that I love the most and that I include here to remind myself is that asking white people to surrender may sound militant and scary but if you unpack it it makes a simple reasonable reuest It asks white people to surrender their perceived supremacy and share the good that is supposed to be available to all of us That's it Admit that supremacy is simply bullshit and let's all play on the same field Not so militant or radical right

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Ecoming a majority minority nation D L Hughley advises “Surrender White People” and offers his terms for reparations and reconciliation in this edgy book infused with his trademark blend of humor and cutting social commentaryAs Hughley explains whites better make their peace with their black and brown brothers while the getting's still good There's a lot to answer for the United States has subjugated African Americans and other ethnic minorities since its founding from. White people have literally gone batshit crazy in this country Granted it’s not completely their fault Part of it is genetics white people have simply evolved to think that they are entitled to everything from better housing to better education to better jobs Part of it is their history Few non white cultures have stood up to their craziness and told them “no” The few that have tried tend to be branded as “enemies” or “terrorists” or “ those people” and subjugated or slaughtered White people call this patriotismBut there will be a day that white people get their comeuppance and I hope that the revolution will be led by DL HughleyIn his book “Surrender White People” Hughley humorously articulates a peace treaty putting an end to the 400 years of war waged on black people Yes it’s funny but don’t be fooled Hughley is making some seriously unfunny social commentary in this bookTake for example history textbooks One would think after reading a standard curriculum high school textbook that slavery was just a minor embarrassment to white people rather than the horrific and vile institution that it wasThere are ignorant people still who think that black slaves were treated decently After all they were given jobs beds and food on the table What could they possibly have to complain about According to Bill O’Reilly not much There is also a tendency to whitewash pun intended the reasons for the American Civil War As Hughley points out most textbooks say that it was due to state’s rights What often gets forgotten or never mentioned is that it was primarily the state’s rights to profit off of slavery There is also a slew of major historical events in which crazy ass white people just went completely medieval on black people’s asses Ever hear of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre I hadn’t until I read about it in this book Most people for decades until recent historians started digging into the past hadn’t either as the white community kept a tight lid on it for years Hughley’s book is full of this eye opening stuff In between the laughs he is trying to make a very serious point one that is only now in 2020 finally being addressed seriously Except of course by our idiotic rancid mango and cat semen jello mold of a president

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Surrender White People Our Unconditional Terms for PeaceIn this follow up to his “hilarious yet soul shaking” Black Enterprise New York Times bestseller How Not to Get Shot comedy legend D L Hughley offers satirical terms for a peace treaty between white America and the rest of humanityFor than four hundred years white America has been safely a majority and has used that power to fck with blacks Hispanics Asians and Native Americans Now however the demographic tide has turned and a reckoning is coming On the eve of America b. He's done it again folks How Not to Get Shot was one of the most necessary but hard to handle books I've ever read I don't think I was emotionally prepared for what that book had to say even though I knew what it was going to say It's just a lot to digest While that book was a satire of an instruction manual this one is a satire of a treaty that is similarly a mix of hilarious humor and spirit breaking truths While the first book focused mostly on our broken criminal justice system this one is less focused and deals with every day in which our country screws over Black people It was eually hard to read but about very different topics I think this book would scare off some readers and I'd like to taken this moment to address those specific people No one is telling you you should be ashamed to be white No one is judging you for being white What this book and others like it are trying to tell you is that in being white you have unearned privilege that makes this world easier for you It is an undeniable privilege that you can channel into making positive changes for people who do not have that privilege I am white I am not ashamed of my skin color But I am extremely ashamed of the things people my color have done throughout history and today that make life unfair uneual or dangerous for people who don't have my skin color What things you may ask First let me finish this dramatic eyeroll that you are that unobservant and then let me give you this book Hughley answers the uestion much elouently than I ever could