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The unexpurgated story of Utopia Avenue; of riots in the streets and revolutions in the head; of drugs thugs madness love sex death art; of the families we choose and the ones we don’t; of fame’s Faustian pact and stardom’s wobbly ladder Can we change the world in turbulent times or does the world change. 'I hear knocking Don't you' 'Knocking What's knocking' 'Opportunity' ”You'll smell the patchouli and the rainI should say upfront that it probably helps if you have a keen interest in music and 1960s music at that to get the most from this story As well as enjoying the vibe fashion and thoughts of that period But how could you not If that’s your thing you’re off to a flying start And if you’re not this will make you a new devoteeThis novel is sectioned into three parts which are three albums with each chapter being a song title It’s a clever setup The chapters are vignettes which tell the story of one of the four musician’s lives Via flashbacks which segue to current time we find out how four strangers become the new über group Utopia Avenue “The musical chemistry was good for four strangers” “It’s a whole album of goddamn masterpieces”This isn’t just a story about an unknown band who went from playing in uni bars to drunken students to rabid fans in sold out music venues in Italy and New York It goes deeper We learn about Elf Dean Jasper and Griff as individuals What makes them tick Their hopes and dreams And we meet their families too which goes a long way to forming the people they areOf course this book features the A Z of fabulousness from the late 1960s Cameos from real life musicians and people in music and show biz abound It’s like a “who’s who” of amazement I had an absolute blast reading about them all and loved how they were incorporated into the story David Bowie already fabulous Brian Jones ”appears in a cape beads and gold” Syd Barrett off the planet Keith Moon not far behind John Lennon looking for his mind under a table “Lenny” Cohen oh you smooth operator Janis Joplin telling it like it is sistersigggghhhh Patsy and Eddy would be beside themselvesWe see them in their brilliant otherness At parties revealing utter truths while talking in riddles Wine champagne and a smorgasbord of chemical and herbal substances help the party along Even royalty is spotted ”Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon pass by” I revelled in these snippets as they were just so gloriously over the top and fabulous Just like the times they were set inEven the infamous people don’t die in Chelsea Hotel gets a look in ” ‘Syd’s here There’s too many famous people at this party It’s bloody ridiculous Just bumped in Hendrix coming out o’ the bog’ ”The excesses the obseuious nature of “making it” the rip offs the drink the drugs the groupies the sex It’s all hereLet’s meet the band “uestion What do you get if you cross an Angry Young Bassist a folk scene doyenne a Stratocaster demigod and a jazz drummer Answer Utopia Avenue a band like no other”ELF Elizabeth Frances Holloway keyboardist folksinger backing vocalistThe token female in the group Struggling to have her musicianship and opinions taken seriously She's a folk singer in her own right Elf has an off againon again relationship outside of the group and is trying to figure out her sexuality and how to define herself as a modern woman in a changing world Having eual value and voice to the men in the band To make her mark musically and be accepted as a musician in her own right You have to remember this was a time when once a woman was married she gave up work Watch Watch how everyone reacts to one of my ideas compared to an idea from a guy Watch and learn” Phobias are irrationalthat’s the point” But you should know patriarchy is a stitch up ’If I had three wishes’ says Elf ‘I’d let you have one’DEAN Dean MossMoffatt vocals the bass playerDean is my favourite character I had a soft spot for him as his chapters ripped my heart to shreds The honest rawness Living in the shadow of an alcoholic father his upbringing was tough His chapters impacted me the most Dean carries around a chip on his shoulder and has an inner sadness which he hides under a front of bravado Despite it all he’s a gem “Yer should always look a gift horse in its mouth They’re never gifts” “Time’s a fire extinguisher” Yer can’t wish your life away Can yer’JASPER Jasper de Zoet guitar god and prodigyJasper is undoubtedly a complex character And a very troubled one He is fabulously and naturally artistic He doesn’t view the world the same way that the ‘normals’ do But as my good friend Collin who I buddy read this with observed ”Genius is only inches away from madness” That is so true And describes the plight of Jasper’s being perfectly He suffers His mental battles are such a major part of the story They were as eually fascinating to read as they were painful and harrowing I loved the esoteric uestions thrown up around Jasper’s character that went off to another realm All of the imponderable “What ifs” “ ‘I don’t know if it’s demonic possession or madness or a brain tumour’ said Jasper ‘but this is killing me’ ” “Why do you want to destroy me’”I loved seeing the world through Jasper’s eyes Hands down the best observations about society life and art come from him He has a keen eye a razor sharp mind and an unfailing inability to tell anything other than what is on his mind This is one deep thinker who feels too much “A person is a thing who leaves” “Generations pass Aesthetiues evolveWhy is this fact a threat” “Why stick labels on the moon It's Art “The reality isn't at all like the fantasy” 'Overnight success' says Jasper 'takes a few years' ”GRIFF Peter Griffin the drummerGriff’s a northern lad who’s a rough diamond What you see is what you get No pretensions here Just good solid drumming And no bullsht friendship He calls it as he sees it “Groupies are groupies They want a pop star They don't want me” The musician's life isn't what it's cracked up to be from the outside ” We've all got a sob story but we don't all act like bolshy pricksThere are references made to the cultural and civic unrest in the late 1960s such as the Vietnam war the air of change with demonstrations and peace protests The Summer of Love slowly grinding to a halt It’s an interesting mix of how music fed off cultural events and how creativity was fuelled by world eventsI had a few niggles that I couldn't let go through to the keeper so am shaving off half a star There were some sexual comments and jokes which just fell flat for me And there was a throwaway line about Nick Drake which annoyed me But other than that WOWThe ending left me devastated Even as I was reading it as though in slow motion my mind was crying out “Nooooooo” I could see what was happening but didn't want it to It left me feeling uite wrung out and emotional Not how I imagined it would end at all I thought it would be the atypical crash and burn hot mess of stardom But this took me for a six Could it have ended any other way I don’t know Another book with a dare I say it perfect endingOverall this book is mind blowing It is an absolute mega universe It’s huge a veritable tome But you won’t notice the amount of pages at all The story is as busy and dynamic as the psychedelic cover It captures a moment David Mitchell hits the brief by bottling the essence of a specific brief burning time that will never occur again45⭐full to bursting stars It would be totes amazeballs to read this while listening to an accompanying soundtrack incense burning under the light of a lava lamp “If we could read the script of the future we'd never turn the page” Please have a look at Kyle's sensational review I read it many months ago before this book had been released Wow I just knew I'd have to read Utopia Avenue And a very loud shout out to Collin who I buddy read this with He always picks the best books to share with me To challenge me Another winner Gold Make sure you have a look at his thoughts as he's a David Mitchell aficionado from way back “Should music mirror change Should music try to trigger change Can it”There’s a great interview with David Mitchell and ABC radio's gorgeous Indira Naidoo the link is below It’s a fabulous insight into the creative process David chats about music and its influence on society Particularly in the 1960s when music was pivotal in documenting the thoughts and feelings of cultural and societal change Those “glimpses of utopia”httpswwwabcnetauradioprograms

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Utopia AvenueThe long awaited new novel from the bestselling prize winning author of Cloud Atlas and The Bone ClocksUtopia Avenue is the strangest British band you’ve never heard of Emerging from London’s psychedelic scene in 1967 and fronted by folk singer Elf Holloway guitar demigod Jasper de Zoet and blues bassist Dea. I hate to say this but after some entertainment early on I found Utopia Avenue irritating vapid and often boring My love affair with Mitchell reached its peak with Cloud Atlas The decline began with The Bone Clocks and Slade House They at least though were entertaining in their silly madcap way This often struck me as a novel written with too much glee and not enough artistry Mitchell loves the band he's created He writes about them with fidgety infatuated excitement He lovingly describes their songs and provides us with longwinded dreary interviews they give to the press There's lots of dressing in this novel In fact at times it seems like 90% dressing with a thin story running through it Like the long gratuitous passages of crass chit chat and the Madame Tussauds cast of dead rock stars who each appear for a cameo appearance but who are mostly as silly and gimmicky as waxworks When I think of how many memorable characters he created in Cloud Atlas it's baffling that here he couldn't come up with a single one of compelling interest It's like he's so smitten with the band he's created he neglects to bother much about its components Dean the bass player is insidiously obnoxious and would make a splendid villain The problem is Mitchell wants us to like him so his villainy serves little purpose And the relentless replacing of you with yer in his speech grated like hell Elf probably gets my vote as the most anaemic female character I've encountered all year always lovesick no surprise even Mitchell seems to lose interest in her half way through the novel The less said about the hackneyed drummer the better Jasper de Zoet is a descendent of Jacob and is interesting until all the magical metanovel stuff arrives The vapid way in which his mental health issues are overnight cured is pure silliness The speed and ease with which Dean and Elf exorcise their demons is barely less trite Often it reads like a tabloid vision of a rock band All the clichés are present Bondage sex fuelled by cocaine paternity suits blackmail adultery scandal plagiarism and all within the space of a year It's a novel full of melodrama with very little character interaction Much of the melodrama has no purpose a fatal car crash forgotten almost immediately after it occurs The death of a child likewise A sex slave ring brought in briefly to provide some cheap frisson This band experiences drama in a year than any other band in their entire careers The daily personal challenges and relationships we all go through in life seem to bore David Mitchell Ultimately his attention always shifts to what's larger than normal life This worked in Cloud Atlas because the narratives were short Over a 600 page novel the presence of so much melodrama and high emotion becomes tiresome Like not being able to get off a Big DipperThere are some great sentences but there are also way too many bum notes for me Most of the time it just didn't ring true It read to me like wish fulfilment fiction on the part of Mitchell No surprise it didn't even make the Booker short list

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Free read Utopia Avenue ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub µ The long awaited new novel from the bestselling prize winning author of Cloud Atlas and The Bone ClocksUtopia Avenue is the strangest British band you’ve never heard of Emerging from London’s psychedelic scene in 1967 and fronted by folk singer Elf Holloway guitar demigod JaspN Moss Utopia Avenue released only two LPs during its brief blazing journey from the clubs of Soho and drafty ballrooms to Top of the Pops and the cusp of chart success and on to glory in Amsterdam prison in Rome and a fateful American fortnight in the autumn of 1968David Mitchell’s captivating new novel tells. Expect the unexpected Isn’t that always the case with any new novel by David Mitchell After ‘The Bone Clocks’ and ‘Slade House’ I was certainly not expecting a straightforward narrative and I must confess that this made me initially nervous even a bit anxious because I feared that David Mitchell had decided to write a novel in a conventional way just to show he is capable to do that magnificently as well Thus to my surprise I did not encounter any unexpected strange or fantastical events popping up for some three uarters of the novel Even in the last uarter you cannot deny that anything out of the ordinary occured Unorthodox thoughts and deep despairs only took place in peoples' minds thus or less invisible We are being told the breathtaking tale of the rise of the psychedelic rockband Utopia Avenue from their early beginnings in damp venues in way off towns in Britain in 1967 through their successful performances in the US in 1968 It is clear that David Mitchell was enjoying himself tremendously giving us his very affectionate characterizations of the four band members They are a playful lot expressing lots of emotions and sometimes even sentimentality which is luckily just within good taste Three of them have great song writing talents so you just have to visualize David Mitchell’s big grins on writing those lyrics as well as their conversations with about all the big rock stars of that time They are all there Janis Joplin Leonard Cohen Brian Jones and many especially David Bowie who always seemed to be lost and taking the wrong way on staircases The most outstanding member of the band is Jasper de Zoet Dutch former UK public school boy and the direct descendent of Jacob de Zoet who we have previously met in The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet Jasper’s mental condition is delicate even heartbreaking but his guitar playing is virtuoso and is often compared to Eric Clapton’s With the nerve wrecking peeks into Jasper’s schizofrenic mind the fantastical enters the story and I liked that although you had to feel sorry for Jasper In the last part of the book the tone of voice sometimes reminded me of ‘Jacob de Zoet’ in which the story was also sprinkled with supernatural occurances but very sparsely as wellDavid Mitchell’s tales are never restricted by borders in any way be it physical nor by time past and future and it was really pleasant when encountering old friends again Frobischer Luisa Rey Marinus and a few that will be recognized with pleasure by David Mitchell’s fans of previous novels This novel was almost too much of a good thing sometimes but David Mitchell really pulled it off I just really loved it but then I admit I am biased with regard to David Mitchell’s writing