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Raymond and her mind is opened to a history and heritage far different from her own With her newly expanding horizons Christine wonders if she can return to the domestic life that is expected of her Her heart still longs to be with Andy but she isn’t the same person she was before the fire and she wonders if he can accept who she is becoming Has too much distance grown between them? Or can they bridge the gap from past to present and find their way back together? A Long Bridge Home is the second amazing book written by Kelly Irvin in her Amish of Big Sky Country series The author once again offers her readers not only and amazing story involving the Amish but also a lot of information on the Native Americans from that region I enjoyed this story for many reasons The characters are well developed the plot takes us on a journey that will keep you wondering what happens next and also what the conclusion may be I enjoyed the scripture inserted throughout the story as wellWhen a fire drives residents from the homes and towns the Mast family from the first book is brought to their knees and have made the decision to move to Kansas This isn't directly caused by the fire but non the less leaves Christine Mast wondering what will happen to her plans to marry Andy Lambright When allowed to move in with her aunt and uncle Christine is excited to start a new job but it proves her excitement unfounded When Christine meets Raymond Old Fox and he introduces Christine to his ways and coulture she finds herself in deep trouble with her aunt and uncle for many reasons Andy is not sure Christine will find her way back to her Amish roots When Andy finally reveals a secret from his past Christine now wonders if he is truly the man for her I was not given a complimentary copy of this book to read and review I was not approached to post a favorable response All opinions are my own I have rated this story with five stars for meeting my expectations of a wonderful story that I can highly recommend to othersCongratulations to Kelly Irvin on releasing another interesting story for her readers enjoyment I look forward to book three in this series

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A Long Bridge HomeAfter her community in the awe inspiring Montana mountains is suddenly consumed by a raging wildfire one young Amish woman finds herself in a new town where she’s introduced to the Native culture of the Kootenai people When the Mast family is forced to evacuate their home in the West Kootenai region of Montana Christine chooses not to move with her family to her father’s childhood home in Kansas Instead she wants to stay closer to home and to her beau Andy Lambr One of my favorite authors of Amish romances Kelly Irvin writes books with an amazing story line that I will revisit time and again It's a treat to be back in Montana once again The Big Sky Country which I really need to visit with the same characters and some new we get to meetChristine has some tough decisions to make and with the complexity of her relationship with her beau Andy who seems to be holding onto secrets from his past will they be able to reach a compromise in their relationship?In this book I also enjoyed learning about the areas Native American peopleAnother powerful faith filled book that will keep your attention and you'll not want to missPublished February 11th 2020 by ZondervanI was given a complimentary copy of this book Thank youAll opinions expressed are my own

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Download A Long Bridge Home kindle ↠ 336 pages Å reflectionslisburnltd Í After her community in the awe inspiring Montana mountains is suddenly consumed by a raging wildfire one young Amish woman finds herself in a new town where she’s introduced to the Native culture of the Kootenai people WheIght who has yet to ask for her hand in marriage and who seems to be holding tightly to secrets from his past Now living with her aunt and uncle in St Ignatius Christine is on her own for the first time in her life While working in her uncle’s store Christine meets Raymond Old Fox whom she befriends and he introduces her to his rich native culture with strong ties to the earth and nature Despite the warnings of her aunt and uncle Christine is inexplicably drawn to Forgiving small acts of transgression is easy The true testing of faith is when the transgressions are enormous and painful That's when a person must set aside his smallness his humannessSet in the mountains of Montana the Amish community scatters as a fire takes over their homes Christina Mast must either go back with her family to Kansas or stay in Montana and live with her relatives Choosing to live with her relatives in Montana so she can be close to Andy her special friend Andy has been courting Christina but has not proposed to her He has his own family issues that forces him to go back home to his family to resolve these issues before he can propose to Christina They make promises to each other but with the unknown there becomes uestions Christina to make her way with her aunt and uncle starts to work in their Amish store where she makes an unlikely friend in Raymond Fox Raymond Fox suffers from an identity crisis as with his white father who abandoned him Living now with his grandmother he is looking for answers to who he is With Christina and Raymond their friendship opens a door of faith Christina desires to learn of the Indian culture and how Christians left a bad taste of who Jesus really is She begins to seek answers that ultimately will decide her path Their friendship is frowned upon with her relatives which uestion Christina's salvation Andy is dealing with forgiveness as his brother married his first love There is a tension for Andy has he struggles to move on with life with Christina Each of them must have understanding of their uestions and insecurities to be able to move on and start their own life I loved how faith was interwoven with their stories Each was different but with many ironies that cause you to look at your own faith What is my faith based on and how do I respond to others These are uestions that will carry on in our own lives as we work thru own salvation with the Lord A Special Thank you to Zondervan Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review