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As he set out at the age of fifty eight to rediscover the country he had been writing about for so many yearsWith Charley his French poodle Steinbeck drives the interstates and the country roads dines with truckers encounters bea 4 to 45 starsIt seems like lately I have been reading a lot of books about road trips This is just fine with me as I love the open road Getting some perspective on others' experiences on the highway combines road trips with my other favorite hobby reading of courseTravels With Charlie is mid 20th century America in the words of one of the most American authors that ever was Just a truck a dog and the open road It is poetic and beautiful It is dark and mysterious It funny and infuriating Don't go in expecting a smooth ride because 1960s America was full of pot holes and speed trapsSteinbeck is viewing post WWII America before new technology takes over and shrinks the country down When each region still each had a strong uniue mystiue of their own Where prejudices still ran high in some places if you were not a local or not the right color and yes I know this is still an issue today but what Steinbeck describes is extreme And when vending machines at rest stops could still blow Steinbeck's mind as the most cutting edge retail technology He pulls no punches when it comes to telling the reader how much he loved or loathed his experiences Because of this some people may have a hard time reading this without getting upsetI think works like this are so important We have plenty of books preserving information on major historical events but day to day life needs it's time in the sun as well To be able to read something like this about life in my country around the time my parents were teenagers has the potential to impact me a lot than learning about the major news events of the time period I am not sure how much an impact this book might have on non Americans but I think everyone who grew up in the United States will be captivated

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Travels with Charley In Search of AmericaRs at Yellowstone and old friends in San Francisco Along the way he reflects on the American character racial hostility the particular form of American loneliness he finds almost everywhere and the unexpected kindness of strangers John Steinbeck put a house on a pickup left the wife behind in their Long Island home and traveled the nation for several months This is his tale of that experience I found many uotables here and I guess one should expect that when the traveler’s name is Steinbeck In a book of about two hundred pages one can hardly expect a detailed look at all of America Steinbeck picks his spots Sometimes they work sometimes not It was of necessity merely a sketch of some parts of the country But some of those sketches should hang in the Louvres Two in particular grabbed me His description of “The Cheerleaders” a group of women who gathered every day at a newly integrated southern elementary school to taunt and threaten the black kids and Steinbeck’s look at the culture surrounding that was chilling a close portrait of an incendiary place at an incendiary time and is alone a reason to read this book The other was his depiction of a redwood forest in northern California where the massive trees alter dawn and blot out the night sky Steinbeck and Charley from the NY TimesThe subtitle of the book is “In Search of America” What travel books are really about particularly when undertaken by a literary person is self discovery It works the same as in literature The road the uest the journey all exist in an interior landscape and lead to an inner destination I did not feel that this was much at work here and was disappointed Steinbeck kept his eyes on the external road Sometimes his snapshots of early 1960s America were uninteresting Sometimes they were compelling The compelling parts made the trip one worth taking EXTRA STUFFApparently there is some thought that not all the material in this book was actuallyumreal GR friend Jim sent along a link to a site by a guy named Bill Steigerwald who writes about Steinbeck Looks like he did a fair bit of research and concluded that Steinbeck's journey may have been of an internal one than we believed check it out

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Download Book Ö Travels with Charley In Search of America 214 pages Ù A uest across America from the northernmost tip of Maine to California’s Monterey PeninsulaTo hear the speech of the real America to smell the grass and the trees to see the colors and the light—these were John Steinbeck's goals as he set A uest across America from the northernmost tip of Maine to California’s Monterey PeninsulaTo hear the speech of the real America to smell the grass and the trees to see the colors and the light these were John Steinbeck's goals dude steinbeck is so much better than kerouacand i know that is a totally obvious statement but if i want to read a story about a man traveling across america and describing his findings it is going to be a man with a varied vocabulary a keen eye for detail and some powers of interpreting his experiences john i am listeningthis is my first nonfiction from steinbeck and i am impressed with how conversational it reads he has a real skill in making his experiences near visible to the readerin both his physical descriptions and his musings about what an american is i feel like he would be a fantastic road trip companion and i envy charleyand that is another thing when it comes to dogs i am completely breed ist there are dogs that i love and then there are dogs i think should be banned from breeding so i don't have to see them ever again poodles are among these breeds they are the silliest of all dogs and how a man's man like steinbeck could travel across the country with one of them baffles me this is not a dog it is an aberrationbut for steinbeck's sake i can read about a poodle for a little while and it is sweet how they bond with each other but i still think they are ugly and not real dogssteinbeck misses out on an investment opportunity if i were a good businessman and cared a tittle for my unborn great grandchildren which i do not i would gather all the junk and the wrecked automobiles comb the city dumps and pile these gleanings in mountains and spray the whole thing with that stuff the navy uses to mothball ships at the end of a hundred years my descendants would be permitted to open this treasure trove and would be the antiue kings of the world if the battered cracked and broken stuff our ancestors tried to get rid of now brings so much money think what a 1954 oldsmobile or a 1960 toastmaster will bring and a vintage waring mixer lord the possibilities are endless things we have to pay to have hauled away could bring fortunesof course he is being facetious here but i for one would kill for some vintage appliances in another life in a better apartment i would have a fantastic kitchen filled with these old timey kitchen things and i curse steinbeck for not giving a tittlesteinbeck does not get sucked into revisionist nostalgia even while i protest the assembly line production of our food our songs our language and eventually our souls i know that it was a rare home that baked good bread in the old days mother's cooking was with rare exceptions poor that good unpasteurized milk touched only by flies and bits of manure crawled with bacteria the healthy old time life was riddled with aches sudden death from unknown causes and that sweet local speech i mourn was the child of illiteracy and ignorance it is the nature of a man as he grows older a small bridge in time to protest against change particularly change for the better but it is true that we have exchanged corpulence for starvation and either one will kill us i am so glad my real world book club finally chose something i can review on here instead of just a short story or an essay or a poemand this time i will have something to add they are all european intellectual types with their tales of berlin and ukraine and their war stories as both witness and participant and i just sit there and drink my wine and play the role of very good young listener thank you steinbeck for giving america some street cred and fodder for booktalkscome to my blog