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Read & Download Æ Les Fleurs de l'ombre 106 õ A riveting and emotionally intense novel set in a near future Paris where a woman confronts past betrayal and present mysteryAuthor Clarissa Katsef is struggling to write her next book She’s just snagged a brand new artist residency in an ultra modern apartment with a view of all of Paris aNvestigation of the mysterious high tech building even as she finds herself drawn back into the orbit of her first husband who is still the one who knows her most intimately who shares the past grief that she has never uite let goStaying true to her favorite themes the imprint of the place the weight of secrets de Rosnay weaves an intrigue of thrilling suspense and emotional pow. I am forever grateful to #netgalley and #saintmartinspress for the ability to read and review this novel before it publishes on February 23 2021 I’m ready to just pretend it’s 2021 already Is that okay with y’allI’ve been a fan of Tatiana de Rosnay since Sarah’s Key so when I spotted this new release I knew I had to read it The themes of this new novel are ones we can all relate to see description below but the author so subtly takes you there that the act of reading seems like hypnosis protagonist Clarissa happens to be a fan Reading this was like gliding on a kayak with your best girlfriend for several hours on a perfectly clear sunny day while leisurely eating a peach and letting your guard down only to be pleasantly surprised by some rapids that aren’t terrifying — just entertaining and interesting — and then turning to your friend and saying “well now That wasn’t what I was expecting Let’s do it again”Please check out this book when it is available and also get your hands on her backlistDescriptionNew York Times bestselling author Tatiana de Rosnay's Flowers of Darkness explores how artificial intelligence tampers with love sex and the basis of artistic creation in a new future ParisCASA is a brand new artist residency in an ultra modern apartment with a view of all of Paris A dream for any novelist in search of tranuility But is this residency a dream or a nightmare Since moving in Clarissa Katsef has had ominous discomfort the feeling of being watched Who is behind CASA Is Clarissa right to be wary or does she too easily give in to paranoia falling victim to an overly fertile imagination Meanwhile Clarissa is still haunted by the betrayal that led her to divorceStaying true to her favorite themes—the imprint of the place the weight of secrets—de Rosnay weaves an intrigue of thrilling suspense to explore the threats hanging over a precious asset our privacy#books #bookstagram #bookblog #bookworm #bookblogger #bookstafeatures #literaryfiction #reading #bookish #bookworm #booknerd #booklover #bibliophile #booksofinstagram #goodreads #currentlyreading #fortheloveofbooks #readersofinstagram #bookstack #booksonbooks #coffeeandbooks ⁣⁣⁣⁣

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Ing of being watched Is there reason to be paranoid Or is her distraction and discomfort the result of her husband’s recent shocking betrayal Or is that her beloved Paris lies altered outside her windows A city that will never be uite the same a city with a scar at its centerStuck inside in the midst of a sweltering heat wave Clarissa enlists her beloved granddaughter in her i. Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Expected publication date February 23 2021 After her husband’s infidelity drove Clarissa out of the family home she finds herself being accepted into CASA an exclusive community of artists Initially overwhelmed by her luck Clarissa is excited to begin writing again and is finally feeling positive about starting over However after just a few days Clarissa starts to feel that something is off about CASA Her cat hisses and growls at nothing and like Clarissa herself struggles with bouts of sleeplessness Clarissa is exhausted all the time feeling older and sluggish by the day Determined to find out the secret of CASA Clarissa begins to ask uestions but even her own daughter begins to think she’s simply “losing it” and suffering from a “depressive episode” after the dissolution of her marriage Is Clarissa having a mental breakdown as her daughter suggests or is there something sinister behind CASA Tatiana DeRosnay’s beautiful “Flowers of Darkness” is creative powerful and futuristic Set sometime in the near future society is completely tech driven all of their demands are met by highly functioning robots and books and culture have become a thing of the past Clarissa’s CASA residence is designed and catered specifically to her needs and wants and is completely interactive But like all seemingly good things there is a brutal dark side Clarissa is spunky eccentric and intelligent and she is a character you root for right from the page one Starting over in a funky artist commune in Paris is perfectly appropriate for Clarissa and her daughter Jordan and granddaughter Andy are also completely adorable and likable In fact there isn’t an unlikable character in the bunch with the exception of the minds behind CASA and perhaps Clarissa’s ex Francois although he is not completely detestable Obviously DeRosnay’s writing is poetic and beautiful highlighting Clarissa’s love of literature and languages alongside the science fiction aspects of the novel I wanted to know about CASA the creation and the development its purpose and its future I did not get enough of the tech savvy community and its developers and I wish DeRosnay had focused on this than Clarissa’s past as a budding writer That being said this novel is enjoyable creative beautifully written and charming Like “Sarah's Key” and The Rain Watcher” DeRosnay does not disappoint and provides pages of elouent pretty words with a meaningful plot

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Les Fleurs de l'ombreA riveting and emotionally intense novel set in a near future Paris where a woman confronts past betrayal and present mysteryAuthor Clarissa Katsef is struggling to write her next book She’s just snagged a brand new artist residency in an ultra modern apartment with a view of all of Paris a dream for any novelist in search of tranuility But since moving in she has had the feel. Tatiana de Rosnay is bilingual and has published books in both French and English Flowers of Darkness like some of her well known books Sarah's Key and A Secret Kept is set in one of the neighborhoods of Paris Clarissa Katsef the main character presents two parallel threads of storyOne of these threads is the backstory of how Clarissa came to apply for and live in CASA a special artists' apartment retreat entry to which reuires a thorough and very personal interview Clarissa's backstory which she comes back to time and time again is that of a successful and perhaps world renowned writer who discovers uite unexpectedly that her husband of twenty five years is having an affair As Clarissa comes to turns with this betrayal she plays detective and finds the secret love shack and eventually steels up the nerve to confront the vile adulteress who tore her world apart Clarissa immediately walked out on her husband and decided to start life anew leaving the wreak of her old life behind It is a haunting dreamlike story and Clarissa's bold decision to leave her life set her adrift and closed her off from her old worldThe second thread of the story is all about CASA a gorgeous penthouse artist's retreat in a modern building where the occupants' every need is catered to by a virtual assistant extraordinaire named Mrs Dalloway Move over Siri Step aside Alexa And this perhaps is where things get strange The virtual assistant is uite personal and there are cameras everywhere And mysterious feelings that someone is always watching At times it is so creepy that it feels like a BF Skinner experiment than a modern apartment And that's where perhaps we are in modern life with Google and Facebook and the ubiuitous cameras that are everywhere always watching always knowing always analyzing What kind of strange mind control experiment has she gotten herself intoBoth threads of the story have a closed off feeling a sense of being caged up separated and corralled It is a slow story not filled with wild action but there is a sense of a build up of expectations rising of a master reveal like when the curtain is lifted to reveal the wizard in the Emerald City throne room Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain For me the ending was a whimper than a bang and the build up of the expectations that were never fully realized leaving the read oddly dissatisfying I expected at the end