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Set the Stars Alight summary ↠ 0 â Lucy Clairmont's family treasured the magic of the past and her childhood fascination with stories of the high seas led her to become a marine archaeologist But when tragedy strikes it's Dashel an American forensic astronomer and his knowledge of the stars that may help her unearth the truth behind the puzzle shPuzzle she's discovered in her family homeTwo hundred years earlier the seeds of love are sown between a boy and a girl who spend their days playing in a secret sea cave while the privileged young son of the estate looks on wishing to join As the children grow and war leads to unthinkable heartbreak a. Amanda Dykes has a signature style for sure It’s poetic lyrical a bit whimsical and wholly her own It feels a bit like magic but somehow all of the layers come together into something true and beautifulThe modern day storyline involves watchmaker’s daughter Lucy with a heart for the sea meeting and befriending Dash a boy with a heart for the stars Though time and circumstance pull them apart later the stars and the sea bring them back together to solve a historical mystery Lucy has set much of her academic life as a marine archaeologist on finding out what happened to a ship that disappeared two hundred years ago Dash an expert in his field just might be able to help her find the answers that she needsTwo hundred years ago near the coast of Sussex Frederick is the young son of a grand estate learning everything there is to know about ships and sailing At the same time he craves freedom and a place to belong As his story entwines with that of a shepherd’s daughter and another local boy the layers build gently until the reader is left wondering where the thread began and what could Dykes possibly do to unravel this tale Yet she does so with finesse and ease Though the historical story took me a bit longer to settle into but its depth grew with each scene and I was soon eager to know how things turned out for these characters The way everything relates to the present day story is well woven tale indeed There is such a sense of whimsy to her stories and so much charm including fairytale like stories hidden paintings secret caves mysterious church bells and so much You really just have to read it to appreciate it in all its winsome goodness There is a substantial amount of grief but Dykes never leaves out hope In fact I would say that her stories are often about acknowledging the hope’s light even when it’s unseen holding onto grief and hope eually realizing there is beauty in both“The One who is comingand comingand coming after you Fighting for your heart Every breath a gift He sets the stars alight my girl And we open our eyes to this in benevolent defiance of the darkby remembering Take note Live deeply”I hope I always take note live deeply and lean into the light I hope we all doI received a complimentary advanced copy of this novel from the publisher; this review is my honest opinion

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Story of love betrayal sacrifice and redemption unfolds held secret by the passage of timeAs Lucy and Dash journey to a mysterious old estate on the East Sussex coast their search leads them to a community of souls and a long hidden tale that may hold the answers and the healing they so desperately se. Sigh Some books come along and leave youdreamy Set the Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes is such a book The writing is ethereal the story wondrous There’s something magical about the book that pulls you in as stories did when you were little and anything was possible But the message the heartbreak and the depth of the symbolism elevates this above a simple tale I feel bereft of words and yet overflowing with words all at the same time All I can say – read this book

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Set the Stars AlightLucy Clairmont's family treasured the magic of the past and her childhood fascination with stories of the high seas led her to become a marine archaeologist But when tragedy strikes it's Dashel an American forensic astronomer and his knowledge of the stars that may help her unearth the truth behind the. I read Amanda Dykes’ newest book almost two weeks ago thank you NetGalley and I still haven’t written the review because well I just don’t have words for how beautiful it is Seriously It’s just gorgeousit’s lyrical and enchanting heartbreaking in some places and so inspiring and uplifting in others Every little detail feels perfectly placed and meaningful in a way that honestly astounds me Last year Amanda’s first novel—Whose Waves These Are—was my favorite book of the year and it's right up there with some of my favorite of all time books so needless to say I had crazy high expectationsand I’m so thrilled that Set the Stars Alight exceeded them by far And just to nerd out as a writer for a sec I remember saying to an author friend last year that the writing in Whose Waves These Are felt somehow wild and free Which might sound silly but that’s how it felt to me And I would say the exact same thing for this story I think as writers it can be so routine to labor over the technicalities of sentences and paragraphs and structure and follow a bunch of story crafting rules–and none of that is wrong It’s good And I’m definitely not saying Amanda Dykes is breaking all the rules or disregarding grammar or anything like that But it just feels like this story and the writing go beyond rules Every once in awhile I’ll read a book where you can almost feel the author’s intense labor—the polish and punchiness Again not necessarily a bad thing But in this one I felt the author’s heart I mean I'm sure it took immense labor to write it But it was like listening to a song versus just reading the lyrics I don’t know if any of what I just said makes sense But bottom line the writer in me is just blown awayand also inspired to let myself write with a little freedom and wonder Speaking of this story is threaded with wonder all the way through And I adored thatBasically I loved every little thing about it And I am now interested in stars and sunken ships than I ever would’ve guessed I could be Also Dash is adorable