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review All We Can Save ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Provocative and illuminating essays from women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth courage and solutions to lead humanity forwardThere is a renaissance blooming in the climate movement leadership that is characteristically feminine and faithfully feIenne maree brown Rgine Clment Abigail Dillen Camille T Dungy Rhiana Gunn Wright Joy Harjo Katharine Hayhoe Mary Annase Heglar Jane Hirshfield Mary Anne Hitt Ailish Hopper Tara Houska Zhaabowekwe Emily N Johnston Joan Naviyuk Kane Naomi Klein Kate Knuth Ada Limn Louise Maher Johnson Kate Marvel Gina McCarthy Anne Haven McDonnell Sarah Miller Sherri Mitchell Weh'na Ha'mu Kwasset Susanne C Moser Lynna Odel Sharon Olds Mary Oliver Kate Orff Jacui Patterson Leah Penniman Catherine Pierce Marge Piercy Kendra Pierre Louis Varshini Prakash Janisse Ray Christine E Nieves Rodriguez Favianna Rodriguez Cameron Russell Ash Sanders Judith D Schwartz Patricia Smith Emily Stengel Sarah Stillman Leah Carda Stokes Amanda Sturgeon Maggie Thomas Heather McTeer Toney Alexandria Villaseor Alice Walker Amy Westervelt Jane Zelikova. As a door stop or on the table of your waiting room this colorful thick book will signal to your patients and to your shallow friends that you care about climate change as long as nobody ever dares to open and read it You will not find anything new or interesting in this collection of disconnected chapters Inspirational words with no depth or substance become annoying about ten pages in Thankfully the pages are not too busy and a couple hours is enough to go through Sadly this book will not give you any valuable insight or information about climate change Instead the authors have gathered all the worthy causes of the moment to create buzz without explaining how or why they are related in a feel good Best of 2020 that serves no clear purpose Is this book about climate change about women rights About Poverty About human rights About communities The authors simply pretend everything is connected to make the novice reader feel smart but the substance is just not there Only the end goal is clear Selling paper and monetizing climate activism along with other popular causes While some of the chapter authors are recognized in their field Regine Clement Maggie Thomas and had the decency to handpick popular cuts from their previous work and some are good poets you will also find hilariously naive chapters like Community is our best chance and November written by delusional aspiring climate activists who never achieved anything substantial in their lives beyond managing their own social media presence If you do care about climate change perhaps the best decision is to NOT buy this book no trees deserve to be chopped for that

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Provocative and illuminating essays from women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth courage and solutions to lead humanity forwardThere is a renaissance blooming in the climate movement leadership that is characteristically feminine and faithfully feminist rooted in compassion connection creativity and collaboration While it's clear that women and girls are vital voices and agents of change for this planet they are too often missing from the proverbial table More than a problem of bias it's a dynamic that sets us up for failure To change everything we need everyone All We Can Save illuminates the expertise and insights of dozens of diverse women leading on climate in the United States scientists journalists farmers lawyers teachers activists innovators wonks and designers across g. 108th climate bookTo begin with I can't claim to be unbiased or a disinterested observer but no one can No one reads 108 books about climate change without deep investment and most of the contributors in this collection I am already familiar with; if not in books then in newsletters articles scientific papers youtube series podcasts documentaries or TED talks All We Can Save is practically a roll call of 2020 Climate Heroines Katherine Hayhoe Dr Wilkinson Dr Johnson Amy Westervelt Dr Marvel Adrienne Maree Brown Mary Anne Hitt Rhiana Gunn Wright Emily Atkin Varshini Prakash Susanne Moser Mary Annaise Heglar Leah Stokes etc and I was excited enough to read it before my NetGalley reuest was approved so yes I received a free electronic copy in exchange for a review; and then I bought a copy in actual paper because it's really good and ebooks give me a headache There was really no chance I wasn't going to love it and spoiler alert I do The editors have done a great job in compiling climate perspectives that centre black and indigenous women climate leaders and address everything from climate grief and staying motivated through advocacy strategies and how to talk about climate change through specific highly technical solutions like regenerative ocean farming and soil conservation techniues The essays are interwoven with fabulous poems by poets like Ada Limon Joy Harjo Mary Oliver Alice Walker and Sharon Olds Nothing is going to make me likely to buy a book statistically speaking than the combination of amazing poetry and climate action Add in some feminism and I'm done forThere's a lot to love about this essay collection and only one glaring disappointmentTo begin with if by some chance you're not familiar with at least half of the names in the contributors' list you're in luck you'll get a beautifully written elevator pitch length summary of their work from Katherine Hayhoe's advice on talking about climate change to Rhiana Gunn Wright's work on the Green New Deal Mary Ann Hitt's work closing hundreds of coal plants Emily Atkin's climate journalism see Heated Adrienne Maree Brown's Emergent Strategy Shaping Change Changing Worlds and If you want to know who is doing what on climate action and why so you can figure out whose work to follow participate in and promote start hereThere were no bad essays and many of them were just breathtaking Pretty much every piece in Feel was a standout Under the Weather Ash Sanders made me cry and of course anything by Mary Annaise Heglar is wonderful Home is Always Worth It Sarah Stillman's Like the Monarch uses animal migration as a positive analogy for human migration and provides a beautiful counter point to fascism and xenophobic rhetoric Heaven or High Water by Sarah Miller previously published on Popula is a hilarious and eye opening first person account of climate impacts on the Miami Beach real estate market I didn't necessarily expect to read pieces on mobilizing fashion models or the 1% to foster the revolution but I enjoyed reading them None of this leaves a lot of obvious room for disappointment but here it is and it might not have been so glaring for me if I weren't reading Care Work Dreaming Disability Justice at the same timeThe book beautifully centres indigenous and black leadership the importance of women the need to build in class and income disparities and analysis considers climate displacement from the global south and in general considers thoughtfully and in depth every marginalized community but one disabled peopleAs a type 1 diabetic and a single mom to a disabled teen that does sting Worse it didn't have to be that way many of the leaders they discuss struggled with health issues or disabilities of various kinds Adrienne Rich had arthritis Rachel Carson died of cancer Audre Lorde had cancer and vision loss Mary Oliver struggled with PTSD Octavia Butler was dyslexic etc Greta Thunberg is autistic for heaven's sake and calls her autism a superpower Chances are good that a bunch of this book's contributors have disabilities or chronic illnesses but you would never know it from the text Both All We Can Save and Care Work  discuss Octavia Butler's Earthseed books but only Care Work acknowledges and discusses that Lauren Olamina was disabled and it was her disability that made her an effective leaderThere were so many natural opportunities to bring up disability and disability justice and they were all overlooked  One of the essays At the Intersections by Jacui Patterson discussed in passing one person with hearing loss and a few others with AIDS as people who need care and assistance because of climate change which is valid and true but nothing in the book discussed disability or chronic illness in terms of leadership or contribution despite Greta despite the disabled writers uoted I hope the editors have future editions in which this can be remedied because as true as it is that disabled people are often overlooked in emergency response planning and exposed to much higher mortality risks from climate impacts and should be included on that basis it's also true that disability justice has a lot to offer climate activismAs just one example what would climate activism and environmentalism and conservation work generally look like if we could release our cultural vice grip on cure as the only valid goal or outcome Think pieces on the futility of our work given that we're past the point of being able to return our world to the pre industrial condition of 1550 or pre colonial condition of 1450 and the grief and difficulty of loving a broken world allowing yourself to care about environments that don't look like they used to etc are as common in green publications as kentucky bluegrass in a Canadian suburb and about as worthwhile Do you know who has grappled already with knowing that some things can't be fixed can't be cured and yet are worth loving and offer lives worth living with lots of joy and community Disabled people Ask them usOr not but you know you're suffering needlessly and this will affect your work Disability justice advocates have expertise and relevant skills for climate work and it is such a shame that this otherwise very comprehensive collection didn't take advantageIf I could have given this 4 12 stars I would have; I wanted to round it up to 5 but dammit they left out my kid also available with additional uotes on my blog

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All We Can SaveEnerations geographies and race and aims to advance a representative nuanced and solution oriented public conversation on the climate crisis These women offer a spectrum of ideas and insights for how we can rapidly radically reshape societyIntermixing essays with poetry and art this book is both a balm and a guide for knowing and holding what has been done to the world while bolstering our resolve never to give up on one another or our collective future We must summon truth courage and solutions to turn away from the brink and toward life giving possibility Curated by two climate leaders the book is a collection and celebration of visionaries who are leading us on a path toward all we can save With essays and poems by Emily Atkin Xiye Bastida Ellen Bass Colette Pichon Battle Jainey K Bavishi Janine Benyus adr. All We Can Save edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine Keeble Wilkinson is a collection of essays and poems by a diverse group of women who are leading in the field of climate change The book is divided into themes including Root Advocate Reframe Reshape Persist Feel Nourish and Rise Rise ends the book on a beautiful and hopeful note with a call to action to addressing climate concerns In Persist I was moved by the poem “Did It Ever Occur to You That Maybe You’re Falling in Love” by Ailish Hopper as it illustrates the harmful ways we have tried to ignore justify rewrite and repackage our history and current involvement in the climate crisis There are so many amazing writers contained in this collection and have provided a spotlight for many diverse activists that deserve recognition for their work There are many calls to actions throughout the collection and provide information on the organizations and people doing so much great work in climate change I recommend this book to anyone hoping to learn about climate change what they can do while also reading beautiful work Many thanks to the publisher One World Random House and Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review