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Free download Ghosts Liars (The Impossible Julian Strande #2)

Download Ghosts Liars (The Impossible Julian Strande #2) ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã All Alice wanted was a job As the caretaker of the Strande Mansion she got far than she bargained for Between trying to crack the code of the sinister Julian Strande and her new love affair with CharleThor’s Note This book is what I would call “villain romance” This story is for anyone who always finds the villain interesting than the hero That said they are therefore sometimes not the nicest of male heroes This story has a HEA but it may be a tough ride getting there This story has mature themes and content. Ghost Liars is the second book in The Impossible Julian Strande Duet and as such YOU MUST READ Illusions of Grandeur Book 1 FIRST I don't even know how to talk about the goodness that is this series Julian Strande is the ultimate anti hero that I can't help but wanting for my own even at his worst no matter how angry I got at him and holy hell did I become enraged at many of his actions Ms Kingsley gave us of his history which made him the intense ruthless being he is Alice is the person who brings out some of his goodness but she's also a woman that he's willing to do anything to have even though he also treats her badly She just wanted a job but she got so much like we the readers are Kathryn Ann Kingsley is one of the few authors who can create an anti hero who captures my heart and that's gold to me This is a book that everyone needs to go into blind so that's all from me Hit those one click buttons to see how it plays out HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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All Alice wanted was a job As the caretaker of the Strande Mansion she got far than she bargained for Between trying to crack the code of the sinister Julian Strande and her new love affair with Charles the current owner of the museum she has a lot to balanceAlice didn’t believe in ghosts That was until she met Jul. Holy moly this was fantastical and Julian really came into his own in this second book so sinister with such devilish intent a master of manipulations and half truthsHe is a master at his trade and knowing when to play his handI adored that the cat had been let out of the bag in regards to Charles real identity and loved how devilishly mischievous Julian was while re auatinting Alice with his extra ghostly abilitiesI adored Julian he’s such a conundrum of contradictions and I don’t think even he is fully aware of what he really wantsWanting to protect Alice while at the same time also being her greatest threatWe get such an in depth glimpse of the inner workings of Julian here and start to understand just why he is the way he isI swung from being sympathetic because of his deep buried fears while at the same time shaking my head in pure disbeliefBut even when he was at his worst I still wanted to put my arms around him and give him a big hugHe was so beautifully contrite and sorrowful when he knew he had done wrong and gone too far and he just seemed so aloneIt was like he just couldn’t help himself when temptation was put before him and he was his own worst enemyJulian at heart was lonely and empty and Alice is the spark that jumpstarts his cold heart and though he thinks he doesn’t deserve her love he is still prepared to do whatever necessary to possess and keep her for his ownHe’s ruthless and pragmatic and believes the end justify the meansAlice well it’s her love and free choices that will ultimately save JulianHer ability to eventually accept all his parts even the ones that frighten and disgust her was a challenge but nothing worth really having is easyThe chemistry between Julian and Alice was electric and made me tingle right down to my toesEvery erotic encounter was delicious and made me practically shiver in delightLucky lucky Alice is all I can sayI adored these two together and loved where they eventually ended upThe fact that Julian was so far from a hero really made it that much deliciousBoth Julian and Alice grew a lot as individuals throughout and I loved that Alice accepted her man despite his flaws that she was able to look beyond the surface to what was beneathJulian and Alice have got to be one of my favourite book couples ever and I also really appreciated the epilogueThis really was such a fabulous duet and I highly recommend this uniue readI could wax lyrical all day about this masterpiece I am that enthused with itAnd If I could give this than five stars I bloody would it was that goodThis one gets a massive hell yeh from me give it a try it’s fabulousI voluntarily reviewed a copy of Ghosts Liars The Impossible Julian Strande #2Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

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Ghosts Liars The Impossible Julian Strande #2Ian Strande Unfortunately it seems the legends of the ghost of the estate are all very real and he seems to have become obsessed with herCharles has promised her that Julian is harmless and just playing pranks That he enjoys the company after all those years alone It’s too bad that Charles may not be all he seemsAu. I cannot say enough how much I loved this book It was a continuous rollercoaster ride from the start and I loved every moment twist and turn Julian and Alice are so deep and filled with emotion especially for each other it was a joy to read I love the way that Kathryn writes as it made me feel like I was actually the character as I was reading from her being so realistic with her wording and packing it full with emotions Once again the character development was great to see throughout the book I also really enjoyed being able to see how Julian though things through or read about many of the internal debates he would have in his head Poor Alice goes through the emotional wringer but she endures and couldn't be happier I love that we see how evil and twisted Julian can be and see all the past horrors he's committed and how he also shows us his vulnerable side and also the past trauma he had went through as a child and Alice is still able to love him I do also have to say that one of my favorite parts in this book which I admit I have a ton is the timed handcuffs 😉 This book is a MUST READ I'm also just a bit sad that its over but happy with how it closedARC Review