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Review õ Mistaken Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ “Then it’s settled” The leader gestured to the group of warrior orcs in the room “pick one to be the boy’s father” I sat on the floor with my son Max He crawled into my lap as I whispered “One of them is going to keep taking care of yNuered species in one of the many refugee camps on earth none of that was his fault He was just a baby She couldn’t bring herself to leave him there so Kari adopted him Max wasn’t the only grey child in the place Kari and the others raising grey children had formed their own family group Eventually that got them noticed Suddenly all the kids were assigned an orc father and taken from the camp where they had been living This asshole may be the official father but as far as Kari is concerned if he thinks that means he's part of their family he is mistaken One way or another Kari has to figure out how to make this work Her son needs her to keep him safe When part of her extended family is brought to her new home she has a couple of allies Kari slowly starts to understand that the orcs maybe aren’t as monstrous as they seem She will have to face her past and come to terms with her new reality before she can face her futu. Real rating 45 starsCWTW PTSD discussion of rapessexual slavery punitive rapeThe first couple chapters of this book are a bit awkward prose wise but after it settled in and I did too I'm so glad I did; this is a gem of a sweet and heart wrenching story so full of unexpected sweetnessIf you read the forward by the author yes this is a story about dealing with PTSD related to war sexual trauma and enslavementcaptivity There is some sexual contact in this book but no PIV intercourse happens during it This isn't an erotic work despite being so centered around sex It's an exploration of trauma and how one might work through it to try and rebuild her life and accept her entire world shifting underneath her feetThe setting of this book is a dystopian not too distant future Earth where an orc like race of aliens has come andwell it seems a lot of terrible things happened in the 3 5 years since they arrived We're not privy to exactly how things started how they escalated or any of that information only the devastating situation humanity finds itself in What we do know is that many people are dead cities were razed and emptied and the survivors are being kept in what are basically concentration camps slowly starving to death And many of the women are birthing half orc boys It takes a while to get of Kari's full story which leaves a lot open at times to interpretation and conjecture but it's worth the journey to get there We open with a petrified Kari's trying to understand why her adopted son was taken from her and thinking she's supposed to pick an orc father to be assigned to him—only to discover she's picking a mate for herself Just point and pick When little Max picks a huge tattoo covered male Karidoesn't take it well to put it mildly What follows is a long journey toward learning to understand how to listen help and care how to blend two cultures together when one was conuered and still resisting when it can and how to reclaim oneself when it was stolen from her While the orc alien culture's masculinity is very toxic in nature not all of the males are Bear and his understanding of consent and ability to change and care made me so very VERY happy He's in the running for Best Boy 2020 Throw in people from different cultures and parts of the globe LGBTIA secondary characters non conventional families and a refreshing lack of romance's tropesdramas and you have one happy reader over here This is the first book I've inhaled in months I just had to keep reading to see where we were going next This story is so so good and I like where it left off I'm wishing that all the good things happen for Kari and her Bear And their gaggle of boys tooThank you Ms Unger for sharing this story with us

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“Then it’s settled” The leader gestured to the group of warrior orcs in the room “pick one to be the boy’s father” I sat on the floor with my son Max He crawled into my lap as I whispered “One of them is going to keep taking care of you Can you tell me who the nice one is” The orcs in the room snorted with disbelief and laughter Max pointed to one with a shaved head and extensive tattoos “That one” I asked “Are you sure” He nodded before hiding his face into my neck “OK” I looked up in the vague direction of the leader “That one I guess” He said something They looked surprised but the one Max had indicated came over and scooped him up easily “MOMMA” he screamed and tried to reach for me I hung my head and wept Then the warrior bent down and grabbed my arm in his other hand He pulled me upright and led me away “What What are you doing” “The boy is going to need a family” the leade. 4 StarsCW sexual abuse survivorPTSD I really really liked this but I needed relationship development to truly love it The story focuses heavily on the healing journey of the female MC and while part of that journey involves romance a larger part involves her very personal recovery from past traumasI adored seeing many of my favorite tropes gentle giant foundchosen families lgbt rep hurtcomfortI just wanted to see these elements developed a little And the baby orcs totally adorable cuddle sweethearts Oooh and those sweet and gentle moments between Bear and Karithe acorn pendant my heart melted Bear is truly a gentle giant and watching him pining for Kari and yearning for her so deeply made me want to see just a little affection offered in return from KariEven though the ending was abrupt I am still 100% rooting for Kari Bear and their large extended family I would love to read from this worlddear author a seuel perhaps

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MistakenR said like it was obvious “It is an odd move letting your child choose your mate but you are an odd people” A few years earlier there had been an invasion Hordes of tall grey aliens with tusks arrived in spaceships as big as cities Before all the news went dark humans named the creatures orcs The human armies had fought and failed War crimes were committed on both sides Eventually society collapsed and the government was overthrown when food supplies failed The humans turned on each other Nowhere was safe The orcs had rounded up the surviviors and locked them away in refugee camps In the fullness of time some women had little grey babies Kari had watched the screaming and cursing woman give birth to Max in the field that had been converted to a prison Afterwards the woman shakily got to her feet and left him there as he cried He was going to die alone unwanted Even if he was only half human and Kari was living as a co. Worst ending and let down ever What an absolute disappointment The entire book is building up to trust and her getting over her fears enough to engage in intimacy and the book ends with her still saying “I don’t know what I want” and never consummating her relationship with Bear What sort of BS let down is that She essentially uses him drags him along with all her emotional ups and downs she’s always completely obsessed with herself and she gets him to give her things while she never reciprocates If there was a way to give zero stars I would This doesn’t even deserve one star I’m returning this trash for a complete refund I’m so angry I spent hours on this book only to have it end the way it did