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Reader ↠ My Ántonia 272 pages Ë Willa cather Ë The story of Antonia Shimerda is told by one of the friends of her childhood Jim Burden an orphaned boy from Virginia Though he leaves the prairie Jim never forgets the Bohemian girl who so profoundly influenced his life An immigrant child of immigrant parents Antonia's girlThe story of Antonia Shimerda is told by one of the friends of her childhood Jim Burden an orphaned boy from Virginia Though he leaves the prairie Jim never forgets the Bohemian girl who so profoundly influenced his life An immigrant I would have called 'My Ántonia' an immigrant novel But then I realized that dubious distinction is reserved only for the creations of writers of colour Jhumpa Lahiri Zadie Smith Xiaolu Guo Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Sunjeev Sahota Yiyun Li Lee Chang Rae and so on and so forth Especially now when the word 'immigrant' hurled at us ad nauseam from the airwaves and the domains of heated social media discussions invokes images of gaunt exhausted but solemnly hopeful faces of Syrians knocking on the doors of Europe and America having voyaged across perilous waters that have already claimed many of their loved ones as price of admission Who are immigrants anyway? Those who had the foresight and temerity to circumnavigate the globe and assert their self declared God given right to rule over lands inhabited by 'savages' they could easily extirpatesubjugate by dint of military might? Or those who foolishly came afterwards much much later balancing their starry eyed dreams of fulfillment or often mere survival on the crutch of that primeval instinct that humanity will vanuish the fact of man made demarcations only to languish in exile for a lifetime pining away for a lost home they could never regain? Let's separate the chaff from the grain 'Immigrants' are always sallow skinned tan complexioned sun browned needy Asians Africans Arabs Latinos glibly umbrella termed into convenient one word identities And yet narrator Jim's Ántonia epitomizes the immigrant's dream The dream of making a home out of an alien place of finding comfort success a modicum of acceptance among complete strangers and perhaps coming to own a sweep of land to settle in and spread one's roots Yes I know this is a eulogy offered to the prairies edged in gold in the dying light of dusk an attempt to memorialize a way of life that the ill informed city dweller cannot begin to imagine the author's wistful contemplation of a time and place frozen only in the amber of her memories Her earnest effort to capture the nuances of the hardscrabble life with the land teeming with its secret life in visible and hidden corners as permanent fixture in the farmer's existence But my reasons for 5 starring this are slightly different In that singular light every little tree and shock of wheat every sunflower stalk and clump of snow on the mountain drew itself up high and pointed; the very clods and furrows in the fields seemed to stand up sharply I felt the old pull of the earth the solemn magic that comes of those fields at nightfall As far as central themes go the American Dream is a bête noire within the repertoire of notable American fiction An ostensibly noxious concept deserving of indictment by authors who have found it commensurate with an obsession with the unattainable a doctrine of mindless avarice that leads one down the path of self destruction But Ántonia's version of the American Dream envisages a life of simple self sufficiency despite the hardships it may entail It is worth protecting worth immortalizing through the written word The sky rocketing desire for riches and social affluence is foreign to her Bohemian Czech sensibilities In a way she is an extension of the Nebraskan wilderness itself raw rough and tender at the same time inexplicably beautiful cheerily resilient against the vicissitudes of fate and time indomitable advocate of vitality and growth The whole prairie was like the bush that burned with fire and was not consumed That hour always had the exultation of victory of triumphant ending like a hero's death heroes who died young and gloriously It was a sudden transfiguration a lifting up of day For Jim Burden Ántonia is home indelibly associated as she is with his boyhood days spent chasing rabbits and prairie dogs She is a personification of those bygone days sucked into the spiral of time that can never be recovered but the incontrovertible reality of which will remain etched on to the palate of Jim's consciousness in the brightest of letters till his dying day Years afterward when the open grazing days were over and the red grass had been ploughed under and under until it had almost disappeared from the prairie; when all the fields were under fence and the roads no longer ran about like wild things but followed the surveyed section lines Mr Shimerda's grave was still there with a sagging wire fence around it and an unpainted wooden cross Coming to the negatives the casually racist comments directed at an African American character He was always a negro prodigy who played barbarously and wonderfully and the exaltation of Antonia's womanhood could have curtailed my enjoyment somewhat but Cather did everything else so splendidly well that I'm choosing not to nitpick Besides nowhere else within the wide realm of literature have I encountered such a believable depiction of friendship between a man and woman each tied to the other through the bonds of shared childhood and a form of affection so wholesome that even a separation of two decades could not mellow it each reduced to the status of a genderless individual a blubbering emotional mess in the other's presence If I have I cannot recall any such name at the moment About us it was growing darker and darker and I had to look hard to see her face which I meant always to carry with me; the closest the realest face under all the shadows of women's faces at the very bottom of my memory Brava Ms Cather

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Alor of spirit that no hardship can daunt or break When Jim Burden sees her again after many years he finds her a rich mine of life a figure who has turned adversity into a particular kind of triumph in the true spirit of the pioneer A plainspoken account of turn of the century life on the Nebraskan prairie told from the perspective of an East Coast businessman recounting his childhood in the Midwest The coming of age novel centers on the lifelong friendship between the affluent narrator Jim Burden and his former neighbor Ántonia Shimerda a Bohemian immigrant whose family struggled to assimilate into the American mainstream The novel starts off shakily slow moving and full of stereotypes but turns into a thoughtful reflection on the hardships of immigrant life rural labor and womanhood

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My ÁntoniaChild of immigrant parents Antonia's girlhood is spent working to help her parents wrest a living from the untamed land Though in later years she suffers betrayal and desertion through all the hardships of her life she preserves a v What a spell Willa Cather weaves in this the final book of her Great Plains Trilogy sometimes known as the Prairie Trilogy This novel than any of the two previous novels reminded me absurdly yet so strongly of Kent Haruf’s novels Absurdly? Yes – their time frame is separated by a few generations and their locations separated by a few States in between Yet it is the atmosphere created the way the stories are told simply yet clearly and with great feeling – these are the ualities that make me want to hug these booksI had tears running down my cheeks a few times in this book One incident that moved me very strongly was when 20 year old Jim and 24 year old Antonia say goodbye before he heads off East toward his destiny The way the setting was described and how they shared that moment together their last time together until twenty years into the future was so beautifully poignant it just moved my soulOnce again Willa Cather’s skill as a writer her ability to create brilliantly coloured moving pictures with her words and her keen insight into the hearts and souls of many diverse characters shines in this novel I cared so much about these people about the hardships they endured about the successes they celebrated and about the losses they mournedWilla Cather can move a story forward during one paragraph than many writers can in a chapter – and she does so with in depth character insight as well as vivid descriptions and flowing plots I love this book and recommend it to everyone who enjoys beautiful literature that has no need to draw attention to itself; it just is And to experience it is sublime