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Cassidy's GirlIs a frail angel with a 100 proof halo and a bottle instead of a harp With those two Cassidy found that the ride to hell could be twice as fastCassidy's Girl has all the traits that made its. Although the character types and the setting are completely different the knock down drag out verbal and physical battles between the men and women characters in this Goodis novel had me continuously visualizing Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton from that great movie based on the Edward Albee play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf So that is a big part of this novel the characters guzzle booze and fight The other part of the novel is Cassidy's arc He's a disgraced airline pilot who crashed a plane and is now driving a bus for a living After a boozy brawl with his buxom wife he dumps her for an alcoholic waif Cassidy should be watching out for the woman scorned but isn't Fights with her lover instead and then foolishly lets the guy on his bus in the seat behind his driver's seat with a flask of booze Can you see what is coming On the run helped by friends doing harm than good Cassidy can't stop thinking about saving the alcoholic waif and his wrong decisions keep stacking up Enter stage left his scorned and vengeful wife And so it goes The dialogue gets a bit repetitive at times but Goodis also portrays these self destructive lives with some beautiful prose

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They say that a man needs a woman to go to hell with Cassidy had two One was Mildred the wife who kept him chained with ties of fear and jealousy and paralyzing sexual need The other was Dor. Philadelphia TenderloinDavid Goodis' novel Cassidy's Girl offers a portrayal of lost people in forgotten streets of Philadelphia in the years following WW II The characters in the story are tormented and fallen They struggle with alcohol and with their own demons Goodis portrays them with rawness yet with sympathy The book is as much about atmosphere as about character The story is set in the bars tenements narrow streets of the old Delaware River harbor and waterfront I am familiar with parts of the Philadelphia that Goodis describes from the time I lived in the city years ago But many of the places and scenes described in the book had already been lostThe primary character of the book Jim Cassidy 36 drives a bus between Philadelphia and Easton for a cut rate company with headuarters on Arch Street Here is how Goodis introduces Cassidy and the theme of the book at the outset of the novelThe bus made a turn of Market Street went up through the slashing rain to Arch went into the depot Cassidy climbed out opened the door stood there to help them down from the bus He had the habit of studying their faces as they emerged wondering what their thoughts were and what their lives were made of The old women and the girls the frowning stout men with loose flesh hanging from their jaws and the young men who gazed dully ahead as though seeing nothing Cassidy looked at their faces and had an idea he could see the root of their trouble It was the fact that they were ordinary people and they didn't know what real trouble was He could tell them He could damn well tell themCassidy spends his evening fighting with his voluptuous but shrewish wife Mildred and drinking at a cheap establishment called Lundy's Place Earlier in his life Cassidy had flown planes in WW II and then commercially When he was blamed falsely for a plane accident Cassidy's life deteriorated He suandered his money and ultimately found himself in the Philadelphia tenderloin When he secures the job as a bus driver Cassidy gains a small sense of purpose and control that he does not feel otherwiseAfter a particularly harsh fight with Mildred Cassidy learns that she is interested in another patron of Lundy's Place Haney Kendick In his turn Cassidy becomes involved with a young woman Doris 27 who is slender and withdrawn and an incurable alcoholic As the story develops Goodis explores which of these women Mildred or Doris constitutes Cassidy's GirlThe book includes many scenes of violence heavy drinking sex and tragedy It is also highly introspective as each of the down and out characters has his or her own story Cassidy is forced to flee when he is accused of causing an accident in driving the bus eerily similar to the accident years earlier with the plane For all the rage and hopelessness of the characters and the setting the book comes to a resolution that is slightly less hopeless than is the case in some of Goodis' later novelsBeginning in 1951 Goodis 1917 1967 published a number of paperback noir novels most of which are set in his native Philadelphia The novels offer a noir portrayal of the city and of the loneliness of urban life Cassidy's Girl sold over a million copies when it was published in 1951 but was soon forgotten With the Library of America's recent publications of Down There in its anthology Crime Novels American Noir of the 1950s followed by its publication of a volume of five Goodis novels David Goodis Five Noir Novels of the 1940s and 50s Goodis' dark world has achieved a place in American literature Readers who come to Goodis through the Library of America volumes will enjoy exploring his other novels including Cassidy's GirlRobin Friedman

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Cassidy's Girl review Ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¼ They say that a man needs a woman to go to hell with Cassidy had two One was Mildred the wife who kept him chained with ties of fear and jealousy and paralyzing sexual need The other was Doris a frail angel with a 100 proof halo and a bottle instead of a harp With those two CassidAuthor a virtuoso of the hard boiled a fiercely compelling ploy; characters who self destruct in spectacularly unpredictable ways; and an insider's knowledge of all the routes to the bottom. If ‘Noir Fiction’ is defined as a sub genre of the hardboiled with an “emphasis on sexual relationships and the use of sex to advance the plot and the self destructive ualities of the lead characters” Then Goodis wrote that definition in ‘Cassidy’s Girl’ In deed practically every character in this minor master piece is self destructive and bent on the failure of the very idea of redemption for Jim Cassidy see the rest of the review on Crimeways