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FREE READ Our Way by T.L. Swan ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub µ Nathan Mercer the only man in my lifeLoving him was never an optionWe met ten years ago when we started at the same company on the same dayBoth new in town and with nobody else to rely on we uickly became friendsAnd while Nathan went on to rule San Francisco I’EopleWe finish each other’s sentences we spend Christmas together and he sleeps at my house than hisHe’s beautiful beyond beliefIn another life he’s probably my soul mateHowever lately things have changed He’s started looking at me differentlyHis eyes drop to my lips as I speakHis hugs are tighte. 35 I think when a relationship give you a headache isn’t worth this kind of trouble

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Nathan Mercer the only man in my lifeLoving him was never an optionWe met ten years ago when we started at the same company on the same dayBoth new in town and with nobody else to rely on we uickly became friendsAnd while Nathan went on to rule San Francisco I’m still doing the same job with the same p. “But when I look at you I don’t see a female or a male”“What do you see”“I see happiness” Song Kygo OneRepublic Lose SomebodyNote Ejaculate is never going to sound sexy Someone have a chat with TL Swan about her overuse of this word in all of hers books please and thank you Reading about a hero that is desperate to ejaculate makes me desperate to bleach my eyes So this is the complicated and messy story of Eliza Bennet and Nathan MercerThey met 10 years ago on their first day in a new city new job and new life That very first day Nathan makes it clear that Eliza is the wrong sex for him but they fast become friends confidents and platonic soulmates Fast forward ten years and Nathan is incredibly protective of Eliza spoils her rotten and their relationship while certainly worthy of an eyebrow raise or two is wholesome and you could feel how much they care for each other and how much they make each other happy ”Being inside Nathan Mercer’s arms is my favorite place to be” One day out of the blue Nathan gets an erection while looking at Eliza and all hell breaks loose What follows is a LONG journey of misunderstandings miscommunications jealousy hurt judgement contradictions and headaches sprinkled with moments of happiness laughter friendship and loveI had a smile on my face about 40% of the time during their vacation the banter before their fights escalated when they kiss each others hands 🥺They really had some amazing moments ✨ “Where do you want to go” I ask “Anywhere with you” “Why did you bother coming to bed if you want to read Why didn’t you just stay out there and read”“Because I wanted to be close to you but of course you are completely wrecking it so stop talking” “I want to be friends”“I don’t want you as a fucking friend Eliza I want you as my wife” he shouts Felt okaymeh through 10%And the remaining 50% WARNING that was the classy composed part of the review This next part is LONG made up of spoilers spoilers spoilers and one frustrated as fuck Minaview spoilerYou know it’s about to go down when I start talking about myself in third person Aiight tbh this book intrigued me because I saw people talking about the hero’s sexuality some said he turned bi others said pansexual and since I read another book with a pansexual hero that I loved I was excited Save for some weird words cough ejaculate cough I really enjoyed the writing and especially some of the banter between the characters ➪ Now let’s talk about the hero’s sexualityNathan Mercer at the end of the book identifies as pansexual Allow me my friends to walk you through his sexual identity journey throughout the book Upon their first meeting here’s what happens “Just don’t fall in love with me or anything” I say sarcastically“No chance of that” he replies casually as he takes a mouth full of food “You’re the wrong sex for me”And then just to be clear Eliza seeks further confirmation “You’re gay”He laughs out loud “Why is that so shocking to you” You’re gay aiight moving onTen years later on a shopping outing to prepare for their vacation Eliza wears a ✨magical gold bikini✨and BAM Nathan gets hard Keep in mind that he’s seen her naked on multiple occasions and has been waking up in her bed for 2 years I expected some build up a little awareness here and there Nathan slowly opening his eyes but no who needs build up when you got ✨magical gold bikinis✨ Understandably Nathan freaks out Jesus ChristI’ve never reacted to Eliza this way before and I’ve seen her in every possible way He goes to see a therapist t

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Our Way by T.L. SwR longerOur fights are passionate his jealousy insaneI know it’s all in my headit has to beThey say to never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinaryI don't To him I'm a ueenBut our story is complicatedAnd as much as I love Nathan Mercer with all of my heartHe’s the one man I can never have. Man it's awesome really I have nothing else to say TL Swan just know exactly exactly what she writes it's complicated it's sexy and glamorous all at the same time the undenied attraction between Nathan and Eliza its just top notchjust some aspect from both characters that it's just too much nagging one to each other for being honest and the level of possessiveness kinda threw of 1 of the 5 stars that I intended to give but nevertheless I'm completely irrevocably enjoy the book so much