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From New York Times bestselling author Alice Hoffman comes the origin story of her beloved novel and basis for the cult classic film Practical Magic taking us on a captivating journey to the Salem witch trials featuring the indomitable matriarch of the Owens family MariaIt’s no secret that love has plagued the Owens family for centuries But when did the curse begin and why It all began with Maria Owens who arrived in America in 1680 with a baby in tow Born with pitch black hair and pale green eyes Maria was abandoned in the English countryside by her birth mo. Magic pours from the pen of the phenomenally gifted Alice Hoffman in this 17th century set historical fiction located in England Dutch Curacao Salem in Massachusetts and New York City to follow the life of Maria Owens As an abandoned babe in the snow Maria acuires Cadin the black crow and familiar before being rescued and taken in by the kindest of witches Hannah Owens Maria is raised and trained in the school of green magic blending the soul of the witch with that of the soul of the earth rooted in helping and healing those in need to do no harm as what is done comes back threefold In a time of plague and fire the huge numbers of deaths women healers are viewed as witches that must be put to death A grieving Maria sets sail for Dutch Curacao sold as an indentured servant for 5 years by her blood fatherIt is there that Maria forgets the warnings of love learned when she falls for untrustworthy Salem man John Hathorne who runs out on her A pregnant Maria gives birth to her daughter Faith taking her to Boston and Salem in her search for Hathorne on route meeting and healing Samuel Dias navigator and robber a true love that Maria is too blind to see Salem brings further betrayal and pain culminating in the origins of the family curse made by Maria and her imprisonment as a witch Dark forces and fate wreaks further grief and a move to New York and Samuel's home It may take years to learn the hard and costly lesson but the bloodline of a witch can't be cured charmed changed or forced to obey This is a narrative of the wonders of magic and the natural world heartache tragedies sorrows grief loss love bitterness mental and emotional damage revenge and the true power of witchcraftMagic recipes and spells drip throughout this beguiling and spellbinding storytelling of black soap black mirrors blue thread courage tea and so much including forays into the darker aspects of the magical arts such as the pursuit of revenge However the highest and most overriding of lessons the greatest magic and miracle is that everywhere at all times of history with its immense power to overcome curses love is the answer Hoffman is an astonishingly gifted writer venerating women their powers to heal with all their flaws facing a world that so often sees them as the enemy sinners to be put to death and eradicated Simply brilliant and highly recommended Many thanks to Simon and Schuster for an ARC

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Magic LessonsTher and raised by Hannah Owens who warned her “Always love someone who will love you back” She inherits Hannah’s Grimoire a magical book of enchantments that include instructions to heal illnesses ingredients for soaps that restore youth and spells that make a person burn with love for another When Hannah dies in an attack Maria leaves for Curacao where she meets John Hathorne a magistrate from Salem living freely for the first time in his life as he falls in love with Maria But Hathorne soon abandons her before Maria realizes she’s pregnant When she g. 5 Magical Stars “Always Love Someone Who Loves You Back” Maria Owens is a woman whose legend has been well known to those of us who loved “Practical Magic” and “The Rules of Magic” In Alice Hoffman’s new novel “Magic Lessons” we finally learn of her story The matriarch of the Owens family Maria is familiar with the “Unnamed Arts” Her life’s path will take her from England all the way to Salem Massachusetts in the time of the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600’s Maria is a friend a teacher and a lover and she does her best to bestow knowledge and kindness unto others Once however full of anger and spite she is unable to help herself and she unleashes a venomous curse It is then that she remembers the rules of magic Rules that her mother Hannah instilled into her “Do as you will but harm no oneWhat you will give will be returned to you threefold”For it is true you see as there are no take backs Chills ran down my spine as I had no idea what Ms Hoffman had in store Shocked me she did This will not terrify or scare you that I can promise You will however be wholly unprepared “Magic Lessons” is so different in comparison to both “Practical Magic” and “The Rules of Magic” so dark and ominous perhaps due to the time period in which it takes place and the feel of it as well as the writing style That being said I truly enjoyed this novel and found it to be a brilliant preuel to both of the seuels I can only hope that Alice Hoffman keeps writing novels in this series as I love reading about the Owens family For those of you who love reading about Magic and the Owen’s family you will not be disappointed by this addition to the seriesA huge thank you to NetGalley Edelweiss Simon Schuster and Alice Hoffman for the arcPublished on Goodreads on 5320

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Read & download ✓ Magic Lessons 108 ô From New York Times bestselling author Alice Hoffman comes the origin story of her beloved novel and basis for the cult classic film Practical Magic—taking us on a captivating journey to the Salem witch trials featuring the indomitable matriarch of the Owens family MariaIt’s no secret that love has pIves birth to a red headed baby girl Faith who possesses immense magical talent Maria embarks on a voyage to Salem to face her destiny with or without magic But aboard the ship bringing her to America fate intervenes and she meets a man who will change her life if she’ll only let him Her journey laced with secrets and truths devastation and joy magic and curses will show her that love is the only answer always Infused with Hoffman’s “trademark alchemy” USA TODAY and her graceful resplendent hypnotic storytelling this exuisite novel is uite simply magica. The origin of the curse from Practical MagicMaria Owens is the matriarch of the Owens family in America She was abandoned by her mother raised for her first ten years by a kindly woman named Hannah Owens who practiced the “Unnamed Arts” Maria learns magic wherever she goes The most important thing she was taught by Hannah was to “Always love someone that will love you back”I really liked this book but you know how sometimes you can be reading a book and it is 500 pages and it seems to go by in a flash while another book you can read and read for hours and you will look and you aren’t even a uarter of the way through the book That was this book The world building and character development was terrific and there were long descriptions of just about everything I’m not saying that was bad since I really enjoyed everything about this book it just seemed to go slower than some books Maria’s journey really begins when she is 10 and men come to her home and burn it down Hannah tells her to run and she does I enjoyed her journey and how she grows at each place she ends up Maria learns new magic at every place she goes new cures and spells which include the local flora and fauna Maria is a very likable character She is unafraid and able to take care of herself She has no problem going where she wants and talking to people whether it be to find passage on a ship or to find a job in a new city I have to tell you though I know it is history but I get so frustrated at the stupidity of people and especially when it comes to things that happened in the pastFor example how they would tie a witch to a chair and throw it into a body of water If the woman floated she was a witch but if she sunk and drowned she was innocent I mean really after they killed how many innocent people do they stop And the puritans that think women are the cause of all evil because of Eve and the apple So if a man feels something for a woman who isn’t his wife it is the woman’s fault for putting some sort of spell on him or seducing him or whatever Though this is a book about love even than it is a book about magic It shows all different kinds of love such as obsessive love jealous love true love false love mean and cruel love The fact that Maria has magic and can help to determine the course of love for others doesn’t mean she can help herself Since people with magic can rarely perform it on or for themselves when they do they pay a price and whatever they put out there is returned to them threefold “To any man who ever loves an Owens let this curse befall you let your fate lead to disaster let you be broken in body and soul and may it be that you never recover” Luckily the book doesn’t end with the curse There are twists and turns and surprises throughout the story I found myself in tears a few times I liked the book for the emotional pull for the magic and the whimsy the animals and I also adore books like this where I can learn a bit of history I hadn’t known before I never knew that in New York which was named New Amsterdam there once was a wall that separated the city from the wilds beyond and protected against attacks That is how Wall Street got its name This was such a good book in so many ways I am sure I will be reading it again at some point I voluntarily read reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts opinions are my own Blog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub