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I Am Legend and Other Stories epub ç Paperback read à reflectionslisburnltd ☆ Je suis une lgende film — Wikipdia Je suis une lgende film AlloCin I Am Legend Distributeur Warner Bros France Rcompenses prix et nominations Voir les infos techniues Anne de production Date de sortie DVD Date de IJe suis une lgende film Wikipdia Je suis une lgende film AlloCin I Am Legend Distributeur Warner Bros France Rcompenses prix et nominations Voir les infos techniues Anne de production Date de sortie DVD Date de I Am Legend IMDb Robert Neville Will Smith is a scientist who was unable to stop the spread of the terrible virus that was incurable and man made in this post apocalyptic action thriller Immune Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City and perhaps the world Je suis une lgende roman Wikipdia Je suis une lgende Straight outta Compton another crazy ass vampireMore punks I smoke yo my rep gets biggerI'm a bad vampire killa and you know thisBut the pussy ass ghouls don't show thisBut I don't give a damn I'ma make my snapsIf not from the garlic from jackin the cropsJust like burglary the definition is 'jackin'And when illegally armed it's called 'packin'Put a stake through a motherfChorusCity of Compton City of ComptonDamn that book was dopeI know I’ve used the whole edited lyrics as review before but I couldn’t resist The story takes place in Compton and I need to build my street cred so – Viola I’m making secret gang signs at the monitor as I type this so – yo On with the reviewThere are advantages and disadvantage to being the “last man on Earth”AdvantagesYou are your own moral compassYou can smoke in the house or anywhere else for that matterYou can drink yourself into a stupor anytime you wantYou have plenty of time to try and work out a cureYou can park in front of fire hydrantsDisadvantagesLonely and isolated this book does an excellent job of depicting thisHorny shameless hussy vampires play on this by being provocativeNightly attacks by vampires some are feral some are lucid none sparklyYou suddenly have to become Mr Science Guy and MacGyver all rolled into oneAll you have to listen to is classical musicThere have been three films made from this story all with similar scenarios After apocalyptic nightmare that alters or kills the rest of humanity hero is lone human survivor The Last Man on Earth – This one has Vincent Price giving his typical overwrought fey performance It also has the undead moving about as fast as your Grandma using her walker It adheres to the plotline of the book closely than the other twoThe Omega Man – Charleton Heston during his SciFi period Here instead of vampires you have evil albino mutants Their mutant ability being annoyingI Am Legend – Will Smith big budget CGI zombies that move faster than Granma Watching the movie will not spoil the bookThis book also contains some of Matheson’s short stories Matheson also wrote teleplays some for The Twilight Zone so a few of these stories do have that kind of vibe Most notably Buried Talents The Near Departed Person to Person The FuneralDance of the Dead and Witch War both take place in the distant futureMad House a standout and Dress of White Silk would be classified as horror Mad House is set in the fifties before the whole concept of anger management took hold Prey has an odd familiarity to it It reads like something you would have seen on Rod Serling’s Night Gallery or a very special episode of Mr BelvedereFrom Shadowed Places is smexyGeorge Romero Stephen King and Anne Rice have all cited Matheson as an influence He wrote a Star Trek episode and his short stories and books have been made into a number of films including Duel Hell House The Incredible Shrinking Man Stir of Echoes and Somewhere in Time If you have an interest in horror fantasy or scifi you should give this a readYeah that word again Using Anne’s made up words will hopefully give me even street cred

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The last I Am Legend | Netflix I Am Legend h m Action Adventure When a virus turns the human race into bloodthirsty mutants civilization's last hope is scientist Robert Neville the only person left unaffected Starring Will Smith Alice Braga Charlie Tahan Watch all you want for free TRY DAYS FREE Will Smith stars opposite his daughter Willow who makes her big screen debut in this sci fi I Am Legend Movie CLIP Alternate Ending I Am Legend movie clips BUY THE MOVIE Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS CLIP DESCRIPTION I Am Legend film Wikipedia Will Smi Richard Matheson 1926 2013 In MemoriamSuch is the low profile of some great writers that it's only now I discovered that this early sf favourite of mine died five months ago I discovered sf in my teens as you know the answer to the uestion when was the golden age of science fiction? is 14 and I Am Legend was the first novel I read all in one without a break because I couldn't do anything except read it I was as hypnotised as a rabbit in the headlights of a big van being driven straight at my head Man what a trip Those were the great days of reading when every page was like an explosion This short novel if I remember right is frighteningly bleak there's not the slightest chance of any kind of happy ending It was the first apocalyse story I read Now they're as common as traffic cones How many times have you seen the Statue of Liberty's arm poking up out of a heap of rubblethe engulfing watersa pile of corpses Very surprisingly the latest movie version of I am Legend was pretty good I thought except for the usual audience tested fake ending I usually mentally discount the last scene of every big budget movie these days it's the next to last scene which is the real ending It's a convention they have to do it I did enjoy the head of the Statue being hurled into the street in Cloverfield which was a great little apocalyse movie and one I could imagine Richard Matheson writing I gave that scene my Best use of the Statue of Liberty in an SF Movie award for that year The wonderful tv series The Walking Dead is son of I Am Legend and I hope RM enjoyed the first couple of series before he died and didn't come back again

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I Am Legend and Other StoriesI Am Legend est un roman de science fiction de l'auteur amricain Richard Matheson paru en et adapt en et au cinma I Am Legend Reboot film AlloCin Dcouvrez toutes les informations sur le film I Am Legend Reboot les vidos et les dernires actualits I Am Legend Official Movie Trailer YouTube I Am Legend Trailer for UK market This movie was released in I Am Legend Rotten Tomatoes I Am Legend Rotten Tomatoes Adapted from acclaimed author Richard Matheson's influential novelette of the same name Constantine director Francis Lawrence's I Am Legend follows 40 to 45 stars Okay this rating is going to a take a little explaining Unfortunately I don't have a slide show or any multi colored pie charts to assist me as a visual aid on this one so I will try to be as clear as I can Warning I will probably be reuired to use uite a few ie and eg to provide clarification to my statements as well as some targeted use of bold and italics given that I am reviewing here without the safety net of my usual visual aids I have also decided to throw in the occassional word in Spanishwhy you ask?why not I answer? Okay from a pure “enjoyment” standpoint eg Steve while reading looks down and notices his toes tapping involuntarily to the smooth jazzy flow of the narrative I would probably go 3 to 35 stars ie no toe tapping but I did have the occassional feeling of warmth in my tummythough that could have just been the tacos Richard Matheson is a terrific writer and as with most of his work this story is very well written ie I have zero complaints about the prose or the technical choices Matheson took in constructing the narrative My issue was really with the main character Robert Neville who was not the most compelling or interesting character that I have ever come across Since the entire book is spent lollygagging around with Robby as he provides running jogging walking commentary it subtracted a bit for me at least from the enjoyment of the reading experience So why the 40 to 45 stars? Several reasons that are mucho importante Oh yeahthat's right I just turned this into my first bilingual review First Primero is the plot This book written in 1954 was the genesis for EVERY zombie book that follows and provides the basic framework for most of the post apocalyptic undead fiction being produced today I would also point out that it is one of the best of these kinds of stories despite being the first Here is the basic plot or argumento Robert Neville is the sole survivor of a pandemic that struck the world and caused the infected to exhibit all the signs of vampirism vampirismo He spends his day gathering supplies fortifying his house and killing the sleeping “vampires” and spends his nights barricaded in his house and fending off attacks from the walking dead Sound familiar? Well this is the book that started it all and I felt that deserved some serious recognition for both for its originality and Matheson's being a trailblazer pionero of the zombie sub genre Second Segundo is the back story and explanation of both the plague and the “vampires” which I thought was nothing short of EXCELENTE ie magnifico While certainly not good science in the sense that it can be analyzed objectively the explanations given are compelling and very interesting reading I actually wish time had been spent on this aspect of the book because I thought it was just fantástico ieif you really need a translation of this that one you need to put the crash helmet back on Third Tercero is the end of the book which in my opinion is worthy of 5 stars all by itself I would say that goes double for the very last line of the book which I think makes it a 10 star ending but I will have to go back and check my math Thus Matheson being the superb writer that he is not only invents a sub genre but then over 50 years after the fact still can claim to have one of the best written most original examples of it That is pretty especialThus for all of the reasons motivosabove I am giving the book a rating of 40 to 45 stars despite not always “enjoying” the book as much as I would have liked However if you haven’t read this I would highly recommend it as I think it has a lot going for it