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Flock (The Ravenhood Duet #1) Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Can you keep a secret ⁣I grew up sick⁣ ⁣Let me clarify⁣ ⁣I grew up believing that real love stories include a martyr or demand great sacrifice to be worthy⁣ ⁣Because of that I believed it because I made myself believe it Ving it it’s over At least that was the case for me and the men I trusted my foolish heart to⁣ ⁣Looking back I’m convinced I willed my story into existence due to my illness⁣ ⁣And all were punished Both books in The Ravenhood Duet are now available and must be read in orderDuet Reading OrderBook #1 FlockBook #2 ExodusThis is an angsty unconventional love story with high steam loaded with suspense a little action and ALL OF THE FEEL. 5 Liberation Can Be Beautiful Stars ⭐Intense mysterious captivating and liberating I now understand why you should go into this story blind and open minded This book has the power to reel you in and uestion the way you've been programmed to think Flock led me down an unknown path Every time I thought I knew where this story was heading I was blindsided It's not often that a book is completely enthrallingFreaks hide in plain sight baby You’re living proofCecelia has relocated to Triple Falls for the next year of her life With parents that are estranged she finds herself now living with a father who is an enigma Out of her element she is surprised to instantly befriend Sean a man as gorgeous as he is mysterious What she never imagined is how momentous this would beHe winks It’s all about the company we keep Don’t credit me for being the fun one We both know I’m not I’m a ‘stay in the lines’ kind of girl and you’re well you’re the red crayonIntroduced into a world of a brotherhood that she nor us readers understand Cecelia uickly finds herself involved with Sean and his friends With this new association she begins to embrace a different kind of living One without limitationsStep outside that brainwashing for a few seconds and be honest with yourself That’s all I’m asking Just be truthful In your heart of hearts if you didn’t have to choose would youFrankly it's difficult to explain myself without spoiling the story Not to mention that as a reader you never know how the heck this saga will unravel And that is thrilling As this is the first book in the Ravenhood duet I need to truly hold on to my panties for the finale But what I will say is that 3 are better than 2 Hot damn 🔥

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Can you keep a secret ⁣I grew up sick⁣ ⁣Let me clarify⁣ ⁣I grew up believing that real love stories include a martyr or demand great sacrifice to be worthy⁣ ⁣Because of that I believed it because I made myself believe it and I bred the most masochistic of romantic hearts which resulted in my illness⁣ ⁣When I lived this story my own twisted fairy tale it was unbeknownst to me at the time because I was young and naïve I gave i. #1 Flock ↠ 275 stars#2 Exodus ↠ 175 starsUpdate Just wanted to clear some things in the spoiler part cause I feel like there might be a misunderstanding If you've read the blurb and you have uestions I might have some answers for you The blurb and the reviews are super vague when it comes to the pairing Is it menage Is this reverse harem A threesome For those who want to go in blind please only read the first part which is going to be spoiler free But for those who hate surprises and all the secrecy surrounding this book read part 2 on your own risk I SPOILER FREE REVIEW Can we take a second to admire the gorgeous cover Look at that raven The majesty The Grace Those wings tho ngl I'm jealous Flock is told from the almost 19 year old Cecelia Horner perspective She decides to work at her estranged father's company for a year to save money to help her mother During orientation day Cecelia meets Sean her supervisor at the plant Sean and Cecelia instantly click upon meeting and start to hang out Cecelia before coming to Triple Fall was always 'the good girl' She had good grades took care of her mother and was never in any way a rebel Upon meeting Sean and his group of friend Cecelia goes on journey of self discovery and winds up in a twisted secrecy Flock has a good reading flow it's pretty easy to get through and I didn't find myself bored The steam level in here is pretty high My problem is that I didn't really connect with either of the main characters I neither love nor hate them my feeling towards them is indifference Towards the end of the book I started to get a bit annoyed at all the vague stuff Sean was saying Stop talking in riddles it was very confusing to say the least I'm still not really sure what I just read cause the books leaves you with so many uestion Everything about the characters and what they say is annoyingly cryptic That cliffhanger at the end tho hmm Luckily Exodus released a week after Flock therefore we don't have to wait long for answersWhat you can expect Ravenhood meets Robin Hood II SPOILERS If you continue reading this PLEASE DON'T SPOIL IT FOR OTHER READERS AND PUT SPOILER TAGS I think that should be obvious but just wanted to say it again I'm giving these spoilers not because I want to ruin the book or anything but because I've seen several people asking for it I don't really see any harm saying what it is cause it's not even that special or outrageous It's shitty to make such a secret out of it expecting people to spend their money on something they may not like to read otherwise view spoilerI'm giving you one chance to look away hide spoiler

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Flock The Ravenhood Duet #1Nto temptation and fed the beating beast which grew thirstier with every slash every strike every blow⁣ ⁣Triple Falls wasn’t at all what it seemed nor were the men that swept me under their wing But in order to keep them I had to be in on their secrets⁣ ⁣Secrets that cost us everything to keep⁣ ⁣That’s the novelty of fiction versus reality You can’t re live your own love story because by the time you’ve realized you’re li. You can’t re live your own love story because by the time you’ve realized you’re living it it’s over At least that was the case for meTOP READ OF THE YEARGET THIS RIGHT THE F NOW Your lives will never be the same FUUUUUCK YOU GUYS I AM LEGIT CONSUMED BY THIS STORY IT'S RUNNING ON REPEAT IN MY HEAD I STAYED UP TIL 5 AM READING I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS BOOK EVEN IN MY GOT DAMN DREAMS The characters in this story are some of my FAVE I'VE EVER MET The story line ORIGINAL refreshing sexy mind blowing heart melting and heart stopping I've also DEFINITELY JIZZED MY PANTS MULTIPLE TIMES I CANNOT EVEN WITH THIS STORY Days after finishing and I'm still CONSUMEDTHE RAVENHOOD DUET IS LIVE and in Kindle UnlimitedFLOCK