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DISCLAIMER I received an ARC of this book from the author via Book Funnel This is a spoiler free review but has references to other books by the same authorKatherine Ann Kingsley had drawn me inexorably into the Cardinal Winds universe with her first book in the series Steel Rose Burning Hope the second book in the series expands on this universe and manages to deliver yet another completely engrossing romance story with complex characters and an immersive worldWhere Steel Rose which I highly recommend reading before Burning Hope introduced us to the world of the Cardinal Winds domains which seems both familiar and strange Burning Hope further briefly explores this world which we find out is somewhat of an alternate version of our own where the path of history changed as result of a disruption caused around the fourteenth century This is only marginally relevant to the story however and as with Kingsley's other books series the soft world building style ensures enough fascinating glimpses into the universe for the characters and their context to make sense without distracting from the story Like Rose and Viktor's story in Steel Rose Nero and Hope's story in Burning Hope explores complex themes of power desire and control in uneual relationships and navigating these differences in power and moral standards in a romantic relationshipKingsley writes as far as I am aware exclusively in the genre of villain HEA romance This means her stories and characters especially the male protagonists reminiscent of gothic heroesvillains are often embroiled in actions and decisions with uestionable moral orientation Her true skill as a storyteller lies in the way she navigates these characters and unfolds the plot of the story that keeps you on your toe about the possibility of resolving seemingly irreparable issues with the dubious morality of her villain love interests Burning Hope was no different in execution However as a reader I found myself having contrary responses to the trajectory of this narrative tension in this book While I was content with the overall conclusion of Nero and Hope's story and found the note it ends on absolutely delightful I also had a niggling discomfort about missed opportunities in exploring some of the complexities in their relationship For instance and without giving away any spoilers even though parallels between Nero and Hope's respective backstories were touched upon at least one very glaring parallel to do with the uestion of marriage between uneuals was not addressed even though it could have been even stronger fodder for exploration of their respective traumas and what it meant for the relationship Nero expected to have with Hope This definitely felt like a huge missed opportunity and I would rather appreciated a fuller utilization of the plot points that it carefully places around the narrative and delivers on the investment it makes building these charactersBurning Hope as with all of Kingsley's books has a cast of diverse but economically outlined characters One of the many things I appreciate about her writing is her portrayal of truly interesting female protagonists with very distinct personalities Hope is the newest addition to her cast of believable and memorable heroines who hold their own against and alongside the forceful presence of the villainlove interest The other thing I also appreciate in Kingsley's writing is the beautifully mature treatment of the relationships between the women in her story which is characterized by genuine warmth solidarity and empathy Unlike so many and gods are there so freaking many stories in the romance genre by various other authors the relationships of the women in these stories is devoid of sexual jealousy which is very refreshing to read and a very important reason I keep returning to her worksBarring my dissatisfaction with the treatmen

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