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No Halo RequiredShould a wife support her husband at all costs or do the right thingPerhaps supporting her husband is the right thing Isaiah Hightower has everything a forty nine year old man could want respect as a high school princip. Of sin sinners and how the truth sets you free just not completelyThis isn't my first read from this author and because I like his stuff I picked this up while thinking it'd at least be entertaining but wow This was unexpectedFirstly this blew me away by how the story elements all interwove and crossed in such seamless ways that you think you know what type of person you are reading or what the situation is but then it changes just that little bit that makes it something else like how without giving it all away a mistress IS a mistress or how a seemingly passing ally character turns into well that would be giving it away so I won't say than that I have to commend the evolutionAnother thing I liked is the title its meaning is or less maintained from the first time its mentioned near the beginning of the story where it's just this forgettable line to the final time its brought up near the ending where it goes from forgettable to the punchline and I like it even based of who says it first then last because that of itself is what gives it its connotation but again I won't give it awayI liked the characters for this story which is to say that I'm not a fan of their transgressions but I especially like Yvette and how she's given dimension by not only being the supportive wife or the victim; she's greatly flawed herself And that very uestion mark brings me to what really elevated this story for me the moral debate I don't think there's much to discuss as to the main character just how much paper to have handy for how many tallies are needed to count up his sins but there is lots to dissect when it comes to the rest of the cast and especially because I think depending on what you take into account for them their degree of culpability can range from 'understandable' to 'great'What I found most interesting about this tale and what I'd ualify as the most pleasant surprise is how it handles the themes I alluded to in the title This is a tale about sin of that there is the obvious affair fraud and lastly murder but there are also the subtle at least in comparison wrongs of pride spite and envy Though it could be argued that most of the sins ended up folding under their own weight what I take away from the tale is that it makes for a really interesting study as well as sets up contrasts of what a wrong is and what it brings beyond conseuences Yes this tale also brings up matters of race gender religion and education among others but to be honest I was impacted by the title themes; take that as you will but I hope to make clear it's subjectiveThe one “con” I would name to this story doesn't really have to do with the story itself it's that in a time of Black Lives Matter it's hard not to imagine it could suffer some severe criticism for how Isaiah was out for himself to the degree he had no compunction about using his race to his ends as well as that several other characters are racist just not in the way that said word is usually understood That said I really don't have anything worth mentioning as a negative for this story overall I found it really well told and it kept me reading I have to be honest I went into this thinking it'd be at least okay maybe good but probably nothing special I found myself uite happy to eat my words and so I give this five stars along with a tip of my hat for underestimating itI would recommend this to anyone who likes mysterysuspense or realistic contemporary tales but I'd caution that if infidelity religion or race are touchy subjects for you then you might want to skip this

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Al; admiration as a leader in the black community; and a wife who would do anything for himDespite his shining public image Isaiah's life is plagued with indiscretions When these threaten to unravel his world he silence. Travis Casey had written uite a fascinating novel here No Halo Reuired is a story of hope love and redemption Isaiah is a character that is remarkably flawed and somewhat contemptible but ultimately relatable This is the best piece of literature that I have read all year and I am eagerly awaiting the seuel

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Free download No Halo Required ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ Should a wife support her husband at all costs or do the right thingPerhaps supporting her husband is the right thing Isaiah Hightower has everything a forty nine year old man could want respect as a high school principal; admiration as a leader in the S the threat by any means necessaryWhen his wife Yvette witnesses her husband's greatest sin her life is about to change forever But it doesn't have to One lie will protect her lifestyle and save her husband's reputatio. Wow I was given an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review I am familiar with this author's work but didn't know what to expect with this book Casey has always had a great storytelling ability but it was his wit and humor I had always been drawn to No Halo Reuired does not disappoint in that respectIsaiah Hightower is a guy no reader will like although some may identify with him That being said I couldn't wait to see what he would do next This guy has no conscience but is apparently loved by the community he serves He is a black activist but that is not the point of this book and it is not an in your face attitude He's worry about getting laid than he is about doing good deeds which makes for compelling readingThen you have his wife Yvette It took me a while to figure her out and I'm still not sure if I totally understand the woman but I can't say too much about her without revealing important parts of the story And in true Casey style he has an interesting array of secondary charactersOverall I loved the book A great read that will keep you guessing from the church to the brothel and back again