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SUMMARY Ö The Road of Resistance á ‘Stirring gritty connected and epic A great read’ Christian CameronWhen a rogue defense AI traps world weapons technology in the Iron Age all is chaos When the President of the United States consigns all but the elite and their cronies to mass incarceration forced labor and martial law; gang bangin' and set trSt Book of the Vanguard I Tyranny and injustice lead to insurrection action and adventure in this all new African American fantasy Chessed was doing his best to manage dystopian survival and that was before the nation jumped from the frying pan into the fire around him But when martial law hits his hood the nerdy ex gang member must use his love of the SCA and historical African martial arts to hit back Lose yo. The Road to Resistance The First Book of the Vanguard is an action packed nearly dystopian novel about the journey a group of young Black men who were former gang members andor family members on their road to resisting hate groups martial law and white supremacy in the US Titling themselves the Vanguard led by main character Chessed they use their street intelligence and their personal strengths to band together and overthrow the US government who has underserved Black people and other marginalized groups since its inception They’ve also picked up others along the way as they joined the fight Okay Even though dystopianssci fifantasies aren’t my top genre let’s just say this book gave me LIFE in many ways Unapologetic blacknesslanguage scientific nerdy hood niggas and a revolution against white supremacy oppression and martial law was super interesting to read about from a fictional standpoint This book was filled with intense and detailed battle scenes with swords bow and arrows machetes and all kinds of war weapons that made this medieval style battle worth reading There was very smart organizing and raiding teamwork and love in the Vanguard’s efforts to create a new Constitution that is inclusive and a start of a new world Even takes it a step further and seemed to argue for almost a democratic MonarchyKing Chessed really had stellar leadership skills He was smart brave and he loved his wife even tho him his wife and this chick Xiomara had an interesting dynamic He also got a little too bloodthirsty towards the middle of the book which kind of became his flaw But overall he was an interesting character and his team there were many teams often made me laugh in between battlesThe ending was crazy and I don’t wanna spoil too much but the end also includes the “Covenant of Governance” that outlines how society should run There’s only so much caption room for the review but if you like descriptive battle scenes action and want to know what a revolution would potentially look like in the US with a new way of governing this one is for you


‘Stirring gritty connected and epic A great read’ Christian CameronWhen a rogue defense AI traps world weapons technology in the Iron Age all is chaos When the President of the United States consigns all but the elite and their cronies to mass incarceration forced labor and martial law; gang bangin' and set trippin' find an all new purpose in the contemporary dark fantasy thriller The Road of Resistance Fir. I have seen movies like 300 and always wondered what it would be like to see a movie like that with Black people in the cast I would even have liked to have read about it But that wasn’t a possibility until I read The Road of Resistance This book is an epic tale that begins when a weapon is unleashed on the world that destroys all weapons made after a certain time period so the only weapons left remaining are swords hammers and axes The world goes awry the Constitution and Bill of Rights are no and the cops are completely out of control what else is new raping and brutalizing any citizens who dare speak up about their atrocious behavior Chessed and his homies are from the streets But they are also nerds And preppers And swordsmen And the time has come to implement their plans for a post SHTF world Chessed rallies his homies and what ensues is a riveting tale of homies from the hood battling corrupt cops martial law and hate groups as they attempt to secure their city of Bridgeport Connecticut This book will have you turning pages all night The fight scenes alone are so well choreographed they are breath taking I can see every sweep of the swords and axes and found myself wincing and jumping at the descriptions which evoked such vivid imagery The Road of Resistance is Black Lives Matter meets Vikings but the Vikings are brothas this time And they are taking no prisoners Could this book be a foretelling of things to come Read it and make the decision for yourself

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The Road of ResistanceUrself in a thrilling hip hop infused dive into Afrofuturism and sword and soul as medieval fantasy unites with urban fiction to weave a vibrant tapestry rich with arthurian themes romance and post apocalyptic science fiction Chessed must face fascists corrupt cops and hate groups as he and his allies discover a brand new meaning in ridin' for their hood as they form their own Camelot in their embattled communi. The overall story was intriguing because the author created a society that does not exist in this world and most likely never will in our lifetime Chessed is the main character who becomes King of The Vanguard a group formed to fight the hate groups of this world This all begins when Pandora Epstein creator of AINI Artificial Intelligence Nanoswarm Initiative kills herself right when she launches this program to destroy every modern weapon known to man Chessed training since he was young in the art of sword fighting is prepared for this day to come He gathers his troops which consist of close family and close friends Together they fight the world with their old fashioned weapons against all the groups of tyranny oppression and fascism If you enjoy countless scenes of bloodshed and battle then this book is definitely worth your timeThe main character Chessed had tremendous chemistry with every single character in this book I especially loved his tender heart when it came to Khalise his wife He showed great courage and protected what was right and just in his heart to the very end I give it a solid 35The story flowed very well as the reader is initially introduced to how The Vanguard is formed and each chapter addresses every hate group being attacked and subseuent battles I praise the author and his idea of Covenant of Governance establishing a new set of laws and rights for the world in which he helped to create anewThe fact that Chessed became a King and he defeated all of the evil forces that existed in the world as we once knew it It was like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones where it is good against evil and plenty of battle scenes to add to the flair of the plotWhile this particular story didn't work for me necessarily as I could not connect with the characters or the story as a reader I can still appreciate the creativity and writer's skill at creating this fantasy world