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ePub ´ mobi Courtship and Curses ó 9780805091878 Free Þ reflectionslisburnltd ✓ From the author of Bewitching Season and Betraying Season comes a brand new regency romance with plenty of intrigue and magicSophie's entrance into London society isn't what she thought it would be MamOf all the illness that left her with a limp unable to dance at the Season's balls also took away her magic When the dashing Lord Woodbridge starts showing an interest in Sophie she wants to believe it's genuine but she can't be sure he's feeling anything than pitySophie's problem Last year I read Marissa Doyle's Bewitching Season and was a bit dubious My dubiousness started when I saw the cover with the badly fitted dress from the wrong period this is 1837 not 1850 and the funny curls In short the cover summed up my problems with the book it just didn't convince me that the setting was really Victorian EnglandBut then I saw the cover for Doyle's latest book Courtship and Curses and look at it It's not an awkwardly posed photograph; in fact it seems to be a tinted print from the right period and it made me stop and go Huh And then I put it on hold And I was right about it it's a very nice book with lots of period detail and a heroine who is learning to deal with the fact that she's disabled Plus there's a sweet romance and a good depiction of a friendship between two girls So was I right to judge the two books by their covers? Would I have liked Bewitching Season better if I hadn't been instantly put off when I picked it up? I don't know I'd guess that it might have helped but that Doyle has also grown as a writer

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S escalate when someone uses magic to attack Papa at the Whistons' ball and it soon becomes clear that all the members of the War Office are being targeted Can Sophie regain her own powers find her balance make a match and save England?Find out in Marissa Doyle's Courtship and Curs Special Content only on my blog Strange and Random Happenstance during Regency Magic March April 2016Sophie spent years dreaming of what it would be like to have her first season in London Needless to say her daydreams were nothing like the reality her life has become When the illness came no one could have guessed the toll it would take on the Rosier family Sophie lost her mother her sister and the assurance of two strong limbs holding her up She is now crippled and must rely on a cane to support her Therefore spending months in ballrooms unable to dance escorted by her aunts isn't exactly what she hoped for That doesn't even take the rumors into account The fact that the ton has somehow gotten it into it's collective consciousness that she is some kind of malformed freak that can't string two words together let alone form a sentence is galling At least if they see her their misconceptions should be fixed shouldn't they? But for all that Sophie has endured nothing has cut her to the uick than the loss of her magic The illness that ravaged her body also took away what was most precious and secret to her What's worse is that she has no one to turn to Her mother taught her in secret and with her mother gone who can she trust?Soon Sophie's lack of magic is a major worry Her father Lord Lansell is almost the victim of a tragic accident The almost had nothing to do with Sophie but with the dashing Lord Woodbridge In fact Sophie only made matters worse But soon another accident leads Sophie to a startling discovery many members of the War Office have been attacked in these seemingly random ways Could a French Spy be using magic in order to undermine the British war effort against Napoleon? If this is the case Sophie needs her magic back then ever But protecting her father isn't the only thing occupying her time Lord Woodbridge won't leave her alone Sure she could see herself prior to her deformity falling for such a man but that was before What could he see in her now? As for his cousin Parthenope and her parakeet Hester they have uickly become Sophie's trusted allies So why can she trust Parthenope but can't trust her feelings for Lord Woodbridge? It is all too confusing and she really needs her mother But perhaps Sophie will realize that even with a cane she can stand on her own two feet and make a contribution to the worldThis is THE Regency Magic book you've been waiting for in Marissa Doyle's series While the first two books were lovely being set during the time of Victoria they weren't so much Regency and therefore had a different if still magical writing style Courtship and Curses though is all Regency all the time Tangentially relating to the previous Leland sisters book by following Pen and Persy's mother Parthenope and her first season there's a moral formal Jane Austen air to the writing that some people might find too stylized but which I reveled in There's just something magical about books set during the Regency whether they contain magic or not Personally I would never want to do the season and as for paying house calls everyday? Spare me now It's a world that I wouldn't ever necessarily want to live in yet somehow these books about bygone days of balls and manners just draw me in Now I don't want you thinking I'm not a connoisseur of this style because I am It takes a special kind of author and story to whisk me away and Marissa Doyle did an admirable job of providing me with the cheapest kind of time travel around Being fully back in the Regency means that we get war and Wellington I kid you not that Wellington is one of my favorite characters to be portrayed fictionally He was such a symbol of the time and such a lightning rod for the war with France that I seriously just want him at every ball being boisterous and opinionated Of course I always picture Wellington as Stephen Fry from Blackadder and that doesn't hurt But Marissa Doyl

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Courtship and CursesFrom the author of Bewitching Season and Betraying Season comes a brand new regency romance with plenty of intrigue and magicSophie's entrance into London society isn't what she thought it would be Mama isn't there to guide her Papa is buried in his work fighting Napoleon And worst It wasn't so funny like Bewitching Season first part of the series at least for meThere could have been no magic at all here the story would have survivedTo me it was the story about defining oneself Who you want to be who you are afraid to be Who you think other people want you to be The message was really well put into the story I am sure that many young people with some kind of illness or just looking a little different from most people will find here comfort and encouragement You’re the only one who can make you what you ought to beA love story was charming Totally predictable and sweetAnd when it comes to a mystery as NPoohBear wrote Even though I guessed the identity of the villain I still couldn't put the novel down until I saw the plot through to the endI want to give Marissa Doyle an additional point star for her ability to interweaving the historical facts with magical events Like in 'Bewitching Season' she did it in a way that conseuences remained the same So a reader can almost believe that magic could have existed The historical background here was so good truthful that I would not be afraid to recommend it to someone who doesn't know Regency era the year 1915 Some other stories give a wrong impression for inexperienced readers