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review The Actor and the Housewife 103 Ý A very different kind of fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale What if you were to meet the number one person on your laminated list—you know that list you joke about with your significant other about which five celebrities you’d be allowed to run off with if ever given the chance And oA very different kind of fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale What if you were to meet the number one person on your laminated list you know that list you joke about with your significant other about which five celebrities you’d be allowed to run off with if ever given the chance And of course since it’ll never happen it doesn’t matter Mormon housewife Beck. SECOND READ March 26 2010Listened to the audio book editionThe reader isn't the best but dang it all if I forgot just how funny the banter is in this book It makes me forget that I don't care for the reader because I am so busy smirking and laughing out loud so oftenI still love this book I tried to distract myself at the sad part by 1 knowing it was coming 2 only half listening to the audio book and 3 cleaning the bathrooms But dang that Shannon Hale for still making me cry despite it all Seriously I was washing the mirror when a tear rolled down my cheek But I still did uite a bit of laughing out loud and even smilingsmirking like a geek while listening to the book while grocery shopping FIRST READ March 4 2009I smiled I smirked I giggled I laughed I laughed some I mulled the problem in my head I laughed A LOT I thought about it some Then I laughed so stinkin' hard that I had to put the book down 3 separate times before being able to continue reading I thought some I laughed hard again and had to put the book down a second time to calm down my out loud uncontrolled laughter Then I got teary Literally Followed by some smiles More tears More giggles More thinking Then some big alligator tears A smile A smirk Some giggles Some laughter Some cursing at the characters for being stupid Some relief when they seemed to be headed back in the right direction again Some laughing Well actually a lot laughing And then the perfect ending for this story

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Y Jack is seven months pregnant with her fourth child when she meets celebrity hearththrob Felix Callahan Twelve hours one elevator ride and one alcohol free dinner later something has happenedthough nothing has happened It isn’t sexual It isn’t even uite love But a month later Felix shows up in Salt Lake City to visit and before they know what’s hit them Felix and Becky are best. I keep going back and forth as to what I should rate this book because although the premise of the book still makes me uncomfortable the parts about her husband are so powerful and hit me so hard that I felt it deserved than a 4I began this book with hesitancy angry at myself for reading the jacket knowing that a married woman would somehow get involved with an actor also married As I read I was sceptical as they became best friends worried as to where this may lead Any married woman knows that it is very dangerous ground to have a male friendconfidant I was a little upset that it was making it all seem okay but I kept readingI am so glad I kept reading because the story was a journey of love and friendship of which I was so happy to take a ride on Becky the main character a Mormon housewife living in Utah meets Felix a heartthrob actor and they find they feel like long lost siblings While their friendship throughout the story was a string that held it all together my favorite part of the book was Becky's relationship with her husband Mike and her four children Shannon Hale did such a wonderful job of portaying this regular woman and her life and love for her family I also felt like she did a fantastic job of portraying LDS culture and beliefs in a favorable way especially since it is a main stream fiction book and not an LDS novelI laughed I cried HARD and I left the book feeling better about myself as a motherwife and wanting to be better at the same time So glad I didn't stop reading

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The Actor and the HousewifeFriends Really Becky’s husband is pretty cool about it Her children roll their eyes Her neighbors gossip endlessly But Felix and Becky have something specialsomething unusual something completely impossible to sustain Or is it A magical story The Actor and the Housewife explores what could happen when your not so secret celebrity crush walks right into real life and changes everythi. This is the most ridiculous book I have ever read I knew within 50 pages I wasn't going to enjoy it and so I skipped to the end third and skimmed and IT ONLY GOT MORE RIDICULOUS I seriously don't recommend this book for anyoneLet me just say I enjoy Shannon Hale for the most part but this book Just I hope I have the words to accurately describer why this particular book doesn't work for me Reasons To Not Read This Book1 I don't know if this book was specifically marketed as LDS Literature or not but I hope it was I'm LDS and I could barely handle all the Mormon references in here I don't think anyone not LDS could enjoy it There are really specific references to temple marriages sacrament meetings priesthood blessings bishops conference talks etc More than that this is a Utah Mormon book There are so many Utah references and inside jokes Talking about pronouncing Laytn Lay'en and driving down Gentile Street Please do not be specific1a For a Mormon marketed book this book had some pretty racy language Now don't get me wrong nothing graphic or overtly inappropriate just surprising to find in this kind of book Granted it is about a married woman but there is a lot of reference to sex hidden in flowery terms and some mild cursing So I feel like some people who would otherwise enjoy this book wouldn't2 My edition an ebook version had typos3 Within the first ten pages there were ridiculously racist comments Now this is coming from someone who often uses the word Gypsy in her various screen names because I identify with a nomadic way of life but in all actuality the Roma people find the word Gypsy or Gipsy a racial slur We are kind of removed from that as Americans but this scene has the two main characters going on and on making racist comments about Gypsies stealing their babies because someone they met was dressed in an outfit reminiscent of gypsies Now imagine this scene in a different setting The person they met had tribal tattoos and a feathered headband and then the two main characters said that person was a redskin or an injun and started making comments about worrying that person was going to scalp them and then also booze and casinos Yes that would be an awful scene IT STILL WAS AN AWFUL RACIST SCENE4 The main character isn't very likable Or relatable to me All she does is say how dumpy and frumpy she is and she completely defines her life by her roles as a wife and a mother Of course I'm a generation younger and I don't have kids but I've enjoyed plenty of books with older protagonistswhom I have nothing in common with This one not so much Some people could relate to that definitely and maybe it was meant as a flaw but it is not very fun to read about I don't like main characters who are constantly putting themselves down 5 This book is the worst kind of wish fulfillment A book about a Mormon housewife screenWRITER who meets her favorite heartthrob actor Hmm who could the author be modeling this main character after And the Actor is some hunky British guy OF COURSE Think Collin Firth because who doesn't like PP And then she JUST HAPPENS to meet him and they JUST HAPPEN to be staying at the same hotel and then become best of friends THEY BECOME BEST OF FRIENDS Now I know this is a book full of wacky shenanigans but seriously It's a silly unrealistic premise that doesn't feel real It feels like the author writing themselves a fantasy And don't get me started about them talking about how the hand of God lead them together6 This book explores the idea of whether or not two married people of the opposite sex could be nothing but platonic friends And it dances around the idea of adultery Well let me tell you right now that Yes two married people of the opposite sex can be platonic friends but this is nothing like how you do it This is a bad example and an unhealthy example of that There is an affair in this book and I don't care that it wasn't sexual but emotional affairs exist and when you give your emotional intimacy to someone else not your spouse that is an affair not a friendship 7 Did I already say that this is not a great example of platonic friendship8 I guess one of the main problems is that we are told over and over again about how much Becky loves her husband Mike But we are not shown that at all They have little in common They can sit in comfortable silence and they have a good sex life but that is pretty much it Well throughout the whole book we are SHOWN how much chemistry Becky and Felix have And I don't really like the word chemistry but than that we are shown how well they work together as a couple and are basically soulmates but Oh yeah let me TELL you how much Becky loves her husband9 That ending though This book is basically a big m well let me just say it messes with your mind And not in a good way How can I talk about this without spoilers The whole book is a setup for a certain thing to happen It feels like a certain thing is going to happen Things progress in a certain way opening the path for those things to happen Things almost happen AND THEN THEY DON'T and the reader will be like WHAT THE MESS DID I JUST READ Ok I can't properly rant about it without spoilers so let me put some stuff under a cut view spoiler So Becky's husband dies of cancer It's very sad but very convenient Oh and how convenient that Felix also got a divorce And so then there's all this stuff happening between Becky and Felix And because they have had so much chemistry throughout the book they have even while he is wooing her And you assume they are going to get together but no she loves Mike but then she has a dream and Mike tells her it's ok So she thinks she's in love with Felix Then they kiss and Oh They have No Chemistry WHAT Did the author even read the book before she wrote that ending Of course they have chemistry You have been showing us that the whole time You can't just tell us that they don't I don't believe you Also that is an UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP ASPECT See below for on that hide spoiler