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Free read ✓ Excession ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ø Iain M Banks is a true original an author whose brilliant speculative fiction has transported us into worlds of unbounded imagination and inimitable revelatory power Now he takes us on the ultimate trip to the edge of possibility and to the heart of a cosmic puzzle DOnly one way to break the silence of millennia steal the soul of the long dead starship captain who first encountered the star and convince her to be reborn And in accepting this mission Byr will be swept into a vast conspiracy that could lead the universe into an age of peaceor to the brink of annihilation From the Paperback edition. Good but definitely not my favorite Culture bookUnlike a lot of the other Culture novels this one is definitely for those that read a lot of harder SF for lack of a better term Challenging and rewarding but not all that character focused More about ideas than anything elseThe number of different mindsships communicating with one another made it very easy to get lost but I grasped the plot pretty well for the most part I think this book might be better on a second read

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Ke a delicate and dangerous mission The Department of Special Circumstances the Culture's espionage and dirty tricks section has sent him off to investigate a 2500 year old mystery the sudden disappearance of a star fifty times older than the universe itself But in seeking the secret of the lost sun Byr risks losing himself There is. Excession Too complex for meat based life forms to understandExcession is the fourth book in Iain M Banks’ CULTURE series I’ll assume you already know the far future decadent post scarcity intergalactic empire of the Culture dominated by its mostly benign AIs known as Minds and its trillions of citizens some human and others exotic It’s a great invention a vast and limitless space for Banks to explore via the Culture’s Contact and Special Circumstances divisions especially the interactions with non Culture empires like the Idirans or in the case of Excession the AffrontExcession probably arose when Banks was sitting at his computer thinking – wouldn’t it be cool to have a Culture story centered on Minds rather than humans But how can you easily depict the incredibly complex and cerebral interactions motivations stratagems of these AIs that can process a million separate thoughts in a nano second They are so far advanced beyond organic life forms that it’s a wonder they even bother dealing with them They often seem to take a paternalistic and indulgent attitude to the humans and other beings they deal with So the plot of Excession is very simple in outline but difficult to grasp in the details A mysterious black body spherical object shows up in a remote corner of space dubbed an “Excession” and is impervious to most forms of analysis and observation but seemingly is trillions of years old far older than the universe itself This Excession is far too enticing for the Culture along with the inuisitive Elench and hyper aggressive Affront think Vogons minus the poetry So there is a massive mobilization of Ships from various Culture factions and alien species all rushing to figure out what this BDO Big Dumb Object is and whether they can leverage it for their own purposesThe best part of the story is certainly the Minds themselves particularly the names of the Ships Banks has a special genius for inventing clever ironic names for super intelligent AIs Clearly they have enough cognitive power to allow for a highly developed sense of irony Some of my favorite ship names were Fate Amenable to Change Grey Area aka Meatfucker Jaundiced Outlook Shoot them Later Attitude Adjuster Killing Time Frank Exchange of Views Ethics Gradient Sleeper Service Serious Callers Only etc Their names suggest both their mind set and sometimes their agendas but they are mostly entertaining in a very Douglas Adams’ vein In any case I suspect Excession would reward a careful reading taking the time to understand the veiled motivations of all the different parties The best parts are the interactions of the Minds with each other As with all of Banks’ CULTURE books there are casual throwaway references to intriguing ideas that could form the basis of their own stories But basically this is story about the AIs and a scattering of humans involved in inscrutable schemes surrounding the Excession I have to admit that I listened to the audiobook and had trouble following the plot details as well as the large cast of AIs aliens and humans If you are already a fan of Banks’ CULTURE series this is probably a 4 star book but if you are new to his milieu I wouldn’t recommend the audiobook approach even though the narrator Peter Kenny who does all the Culture books does an excellent and hilarious job with a host of different voices It’s just a bit too much to keep straight Better to read this one in hardcopy

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ExcessionIain M Banks is a true original an author whose brilliant speculative fiction has transported us into worlds of unbounded imagination and inimitable revelatory power Now he takes us on the ultimate trip to the edge of possibility and to the heart of a cosmic puzzle Diplomat Byr Genar Hofoen has been selected by the Culture to underta. This happens to be exactly what I wanted when I wanted it I wanted intelligent galaxy spanning space opera with a handful of baseline humans getting caught up in an existential conundrum that the far superior AI Ships and Main Characters had to faceAnd we even get a BDO to spark an enormous intergalactic war Woo Woo Of course the BDO big dumb object is nothing of the sort In fact it might be smarter than all of them combined Who knows I loved the speculationLife love sex conspiracy extremely high stakes this novel really pretty much had it all but I think I had the most fun chuckling over all those damn ship names I Blame Your Mother I Blame My Mother Use Psychology Jaundiced Outlook It's Character Forming Unacceptable Behaviour Serious Callers Only and Meat Fucker just to name a uick few that tickled my fancyThis novel kept my attention much better than the previous novels but honestly I think I liked those previous ones better on the re read than the first shot Maybe I'm just getting used to Banks's writing at long last or all my fancies were tickled in just the right measure in just the right timesThese are of a higher uality Space Opera than practically anything else out there but it's of a very particular sort Tongue In Cheek Absolutely Out to prove that a beneficent galactic society can still have some real humdingers for stories despite the apparent lack of conflict You bet It's like a master's course in Proving It Can Be Done despite all the doomsayers It's nothing like any kind of Space Opera I've ever read again Still Continuing on It's pretty damn awesomeI want to continue these Culture novels like something fierce but I have so much on my plate already I'll schedule them for one a month from now on and savour them in delight