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Download Ô Well of Shiuan (Morgaine Saga, Book 2) Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ The world of Shiuan was doomed Rising waters and shattering earthuakes due to the coming of a vast and strange new satellite had sealed the fate of its peoples—flee or die with their Re the Gates the passages between worlds established by a forgotten cosmic race And just as this knowledge dawned on the desperate tribes and cities there appeared the woman Morgaine whose mission was to seal Shiuan'. Nhi Vanye's travels with Morgaine continue on the other side of the Gate This time they've come to a world that is slowly dying drowning apparently in tides caused by a rogue moon And this time they face adversaries familiar with the Gates Morgaine is sworn to close coupled with foes who are the result of Morgaine's own past actionsThese are not happy books This particular world as mentioned is dying Vanye is bound to Morgaine by oaths but their relationship is prickly at best he feels compelled to honor his bond but Morgaine is ruthlessly single minded in her uest willing to sacrifice anything or anybody if it will put her closer to her goal And there's no knowing how many Gates await them or whether they'll even realize that they've reached the final oneThey are however very very good books compelling character driven drama in a vividly realized world and I look forward to following Vanye and Morgaine through the Gate to see what's on the other side

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The world of Shiuan was doomed Rising waters and shattering earthuakes due to the coming of a vast and strange new satellite had sealed the fate of its peoples flee or die with their world Their sole escape routes we. The word 'misery' and its variations are used uite a bit The world of the Shiuan Gate is drowning Each year land is claimed by the sea field becomes poisoned marsh hills become islands and villages are abandoned when sea walls fail Fatalism and retreat and diminishment as the people slowly migrate to the highest land available and all know that the world is doomed The gray misery of the people is on every page perfectly suited to this week's weather the cold wet drip of late March and a deluge of thaw and tinges everything It's a Dying Earth story of a sort a wet bonechilling November whatever the season really isMorgaine and Vanye Morgaine especially march relentlessly on a uest that few if any will thank them for In this case they close the only escape from this sadly unpleasant planet Where in the land of Ivrel's Gate this task had an air of heroism to it a worthy deed to accomplish here it is a heavy doom upon the inhabitants Morgaine is merciless holding the long view of events and trailing destruction It is not surprising that her name becomes a curse in the lands she has traveled Especially in this case where her passing triggers long awaited social upheaval and a final accounting for many

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Well of Shiuan Morgaine Saga Book 2S GatesWinner of the John W Campbell Award for the best new writer of the yearThis is the story of Morgaine and of her henchman Nhi Vanye and of their relentless enemy Chya Roh who followed them to the drowning plane. I love the Morgaine and Vanye books They certainly are among the lesser of Cherryh's works but they have a dark and brooding charm Book 1 Gate of Ivrel was my first introduction to a mix of fantasy and science fiction Or at least what I thought originally was a fantasy book I nearly put it down when I realized what it was but I'm glad I persisted The author's real gift is the characters both beautifully crafted Morgaine is what you would expect of an immortal driven but gripped by ennui at her apparently endless mission Vanye a soldier from a feudal system that he hates and which hates him that clings to that identity because it is all that he knows Great story delightfully sketched characters and a story with much originality I recommend this book very much