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characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Kathleen ONeal Gear People of the Lightning takes us to ancient Florida to a village of fisher folk who must face their deepest fear Pondwader now a lanky boy of fifteen summers He is the White Lightning Boy the first of his kind to be born in tens of tens of summers His white hair pink eyes and p. I bought People of the Lightning a couple of weeks before my son was born back when it was a new publication I thought I would have time for reading but soon declined into the only 2 modes I would have for a long time Mother and Sleep It took FOREVER to finish because I just didn't have the time or energy for it but I really liked this book a lot This is the first Gear novel I ever read and it hooked me I like novels set in deep history and this one takes place in Florida 10000 years ago As a lifelong Floridian the setting was why I bought it Is it high literature using silver dollar words Not even close but it's still engaging Since the authors are also archaeologists there are historically accurate tidbits throughout but this series of standalone books is about intra tribal dynamics competition for resources with other tribes and native American mysticism I'm not going to lie there's a good dose of soap opera in these books too People of the Lightning is the story of the great warrior woman Musselwhite and the three men in her life First is her true love Diver who has been taken by a rival clan Thinking he is dead the leaders of her tribe marry her to Pondwader a young man both feared and revered for his albinism Since an albino has not been born in a thousand years tribal elders assume he is the one whose destructive destiny has been foretold Last is Cottonmouth the warrior of a rival tribe and former lover of Musselwhite His jealousy and need for vengeance drives the action throughout the storyThere is one freuent review topic I want to say something about It always surprises me to see how many people complain about all the physical and sexual violence that occurs in this series The truth is that this was commonplace even accepted behavior all over the world until VERY recently To omit such motivations from these stories would not be telling the truth about what freuently drives people Imo the characters in these books are tough and reading the stories of how they rise above these experiences is often inspiring I say these are fun enjoyable books and they don't have to be read in order which is a good thing because this series is huge approaching 30 books now I think I've been reading these since the mid 90's and I'm still picking up older entries I haven't gotten around to yet I've gone several years without reading a People of the book but I always come back to them eventually I'm going to make an earnest effort to read at least a couple of them a year so maybe I'll get to them all before I die lol This isn't great literature but it's good for what it is light fiction about ancient Native Americans

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Free download People of the Lightning 107 Ç People of the Lightning takes us to ancient Florida to a village of fisher folk who must face their deepest fear Pondwader now a lanky boy of fifteen summers He is the White Lightning Boy the first of his kind to be born in tens of tens of summers His white hair pink eyes and pale skin make him fearsome en T really want him She must face an old enemy who has captured her beloved husband an enemy who is determined to destroy her What good to her is this soft hearted youth She has yet to learn that Pondwader is a Lightning Boy He can hear voices in the wind telling of coming horror. Interesting story The authors apparently are anthropologists so some of the ideas possibly started with their research All their books are based on Indian tribes in the Americas and this one supposedly from 6000 bc in FL

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People of the LightningAle skin make him fearsome enough but legends foretell that a Lightning Boy will make Sister Moon bury her face in the clouds and weep falling stars and the winds of destruction will be unleashedThe folk manage to trade him in marriage to Musselwhite a woman warrior who does no. People of the Lightning North America's Forgotten Past #7Gear W MichaelGear Kathleen O'neal A divergent story from the normal formula of people series Don't worry fans you still have a found object Turtle bone doll and you still have a fantastic story with loveable characters The divergence of the story is that the story is told by an elder orally It’s a hilarious break in the story as the elder loses his train of thought and suggests other stories he has not yet related It is a uniue aspect of the story that makes it so memorable Musslewhite is a War Leader of the Windy Cove Village devastated by continual raids and attacks on the village and its warriors by her ex lover husband Cottonmouth Cottonmouth is a ruthless domineering personality that wants to bring destruction to the world Cottonmouth in revenge and political domination has attacked all neighboring villages in an attempt to either exterminate the people apposing his beliefs or incorporating him in his tribe Diver is Musslewhites husband for the past 25 years after fathering 12 of her children the devastation of the village and a final attack has left them with only 2 children left Pondwader our hero and dreamer of the story is uniue story a true albino white skinned white haired and pink eyed Pondwader is nearly blind restricted to long robes for his fair skin clumsy in his travels But by the visits of Turtle bone doll learns to become one of the greatest dreamers of his time as he learns to flash thunder and heal the world around himThe supporting cast of characters brings humor and intimate moments as the struggle for the survival of the world hangs in the balanceCharacter listPeople of the Lightning Musslewhite War Leader and matron of Windy Cove Village Renowned warrior and great leader of her tribe Married to Diver divorced from Cottonmouth and married Pondwader when she believed Diver was dead on the war path Seedpod Musslewhite’s father The Seedpod is the closest person to Musslewhite Spirit Elder of his village Thornboy Musslewhite’s youngest son six years old Son of Diver Diver Musslewhite’s husband believed to be dead on an attack on the scouting party tortured by Cottonmouth in his attempt to change him against feelings for Musslewhite Cottonmouth a false dreamer spirit elder of his group has a corrupted vision of the worlds end and wants to destroy the world Glade the infant son of Musslewhite and Cottonmouth who was dying of illness when his mother killed him to protect him Pondwader albino boy who is beginning to be a dreamer the legendary Lightning boy who would destroy the world Kelp Pondwader’s sister Matron Moonsnail matron of the Heartwood village grandmother of Kelp and Pondwader mother of Dark Rain Diamonback Son of Musslewhite and Diver wounded when his father is kidnapped by Cottonmouth He was injured in the attack on the scouting party Beaverpaw ex –war leader of Heartwood Village seduced by Dark Rain Bowfin a warrior for Heartwood Village seduced by Dark Rain Dark Rain an Outcast woman who gambles and whores until her debts are then she can pay then trades on the honor of her family gave Pondwader to Musslewhite to cover her own debts Dogtooth an old dreamer teacher of Pondwader An odd hermit that speaks to spirits and spiders Wolfspider an animation of Green Spider