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Download eBook à The City Not Long After ì Not Long After ä reflectionslisburnltd Ô Half a generation ago a gesture in the name of peace turned out to spread plague and disaster In San Francisco the survivors are heir to a city transformed It is a haunted dreaming place peopled Wer hungry men are descending on San Francisco Teenagers Jax and Danny boy must lead the fight for freedom using the only weapons they have art magic and the soul of the city itself Well add this to my rapidly expanding top shelf loves This was just amazing I want to urge any of you young’uns that like the Dystopia genre to check this out The genre is actually a hard one to nail down because it’s definitely post apocalyptic which a dystopian can be And there is definitely a dystopian state up North but what is going on in San Francisco is of a Utopian vibe and they fight to keep the Dystopians off However there are some fantasymagical realism elements as wellThis ticks so many boxes for me First of all I’m from San Francisco I still live in the Bay Area and this is a big ol’ post apocalyptic love letter to the people and the spirit of San Francisco lovingly referred to as “the city” by locals SF is a small city something nearly everyone that comes to visit mentions Even so it’s hard to imagine a place that held millions of people having only a few hundred in it What is no surprise is that those people are artists The city has become a giant art project Art and expression and how it affects and changes us is a huge and beautiful part of this novel The fellow we spend most of our time with is Danny boy who lives in a hotel in San Francisco He grew up among the abandoned buildings still full of the detritus of the earlier time as well as ghosts and memories that still live in the city There is a pivotal exchange between Danny boy and a man named Duff who is a businessman that runs a sort of armers market to bring the artists of the city and their scavengedreimagined items or inventions and the farmers and merchants outside the city together to trade goods Duff is disgusted by the way the people in the city treat it He thinks what the artists are doing is a waste of time He keeps saying if people could just get together they could “do something” Danny boy is like what would you want us to do It comes down to the argument over art vs trade There will always be people who see art as a waste and people who see not makingperformingdoing art as a waste It’s from this buggaboo that Danny gets the idea of painting the Golden Gate bridge blueThe reason there are so few people is because of the plague It began in major cities and spread outward decimating the world’s population However San Francisco was the epicenter and some places still hold the city responsible Our teenagers in the book were born around the time of the plague so it’s been 15 17 years after that the story takes place The first person we meet is a teenage girl who has no name Her mother believes that an angel offered to help her deliver the baby if allowed to name it However the angel didn’t remember or had other plans and didn’t leave a name for the baby Afraid to bring the angel’s ire down on her family she simply doesn’t name her Our Girl does find a name so I’m going to call her Jax Jax grows up wild and mistrustful of other people Her mother is haunted by what happened during the plague and is distant I mentioned the dystopian part of the story that is where Jax lived She basically ends up having to leave and her mom wanted her to go to San Francisco and warn them that the General the despot in charge of their city state is going to invadeThere are a lot of themes in this book the value of art the transformative nature of items belonging in society and the the nature of war The plague we learn started in some sort of attempt to bring peace to the world I don’t want to give too much away about that but when war comes to the remaining people of San Francisco it has to be fought differently than it ever has before Jax tries to tell everyone they have to kill their enemy that is the way of the world But Danny Boy says no we don’t we make the world what it is He didn’t want to lower himself and become the thing that he hated The war stuff is just amazing good fun In the beginning when it’s mostly good times and artistic expression we hear all about the art installations ranging throughout the city described with this haunting beautiful prose I knew we had a war brewin’ and I was afraid that fun experience that joy and beauty was going to be lost but the inventive way they fight and deal with the general and his men is amazing There are a lot of magical elements weird dreamy things that happen and one or two slight instances of deus ex machina I found that easy to absorb with the rest of the story if a little unusual You don’t usually see magical elements in dystopiautopian stories The city itself is a living breathing character and it will work for or against peopleThis is a beautiful lyrical read with wonderful characters If you happen to be an artist or someone with a great passion in your life that is occasionally shit on by other people I think you would really like this and be inspired The imagery in this book is just amazingIf you want to see pictures I have this on my tumblr

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Place peopled with memories and in a strange way nearly alive itself And although it is only beginning to recover from near ultimate disaster the city is at risk again An army of po Pat Murphy’s novel The City Not Long After is a puzzling piece of work With generous helpings of fantasy it doesn’t uite ualify as science fiction Sometimes the book is categorized as a dystopian novel Since the near future American society Murphy depicts is in shambles because of a pandemic that took place 16 years earlier it fits the general description of dystopian fiction But the manner in which the pandemic occurred is fanciful in the extreme And many of the characters find it difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy the future San Francisco of the novel seems to have a larger population of ghosts than of living human beingsHere or less is what happened San Francisco peace activists led by a Buddhist named Mary Laurenson launch a campaign to secure a large number of monkeys from a Tibetan monastery high in the Himalayas These are very special monkeys—”peace monkeys” As the prophecy goes the monkeys will bring peace but in an unexpected way And so it comes to pass The activists distribute small colonies of monkeys to major cities throughout the world New York Washington Tokyo Paris Moscow Beijing and so forth Everywhere “people welcomed them as harbingers of peace” Unfortunately fleas living on the monkeys transmit a deadly virus known as “the Plague” to the human population The virus spreads worldwide killing nearly everyone in its wakeAs the pandemic breaks out Laurenson gives birth to a daughter Though she learns to read and gain some understanding of human affairs from her mother the girl grows up essentially wild She roams free all over the countryside around Woodland a small community near Sacramento She learns to hunt with a crossbow becoming a deadly shot and to break into abandoned houses to find salvageable canned goods Meanwhile all around them society is disintegrating Small numbers of people have gathered in towns and cities Others drift about the Earth hostile to everyone who approaches Somehow a large number of soldiers—about 150 we learn later—have survived Under the command of a self styled general named Alexander Miles known to most as Fourstar they are invading the towns in Northern California as part of his plan to reconstitute “America”At the age of 16 Laurenson’s daughter accompanies her on a trek to San Francisco Along the way they are stopped by one of Fourstar’s patrols The young woman—still nameless—is released after a time but her mother is kept for longer The young woman finally manages to gain her mother’s release but Laurenson has become extremely ill in captivity and soon dies The young woman heads off alone to San Francisco urged on by her mother shortly before her death At the army camp they have learned that Fourstar intends to invade the city The young woman’s mission is to warn themSan Francisco is a disorienting experience for the nameless young woman She is frightened by the sheer size of the buildings and put off by the people she meets The city’s population totals about 100 leaving her to roam unmolested virtually everywhere In one abandoned home she finds an old Scrabble game laid out on its board Three letters stand out J A X She immediately resolves to take Jax as her nameJax finds the people of the city unconcerned about Fourstar’s planned invasion Most of them are artists of one sort or another Danny boy is a painter whose canvas is the city itself the big project he soon undertakes is to paint the Golden Gate Bridge blue and invite graffiti artists including Snake Mercedes and others to express themselves on the bridge’s pillars and cables—but only in shades of blue The Machine is a young man the son of a deceased robotics engineer who believes he himself is a machine created by his father The boy is a mechanical genius and spends his time scavenging for materials to construct solar powered metallic insects and other robotic creatures as well as a robocopter he flies all around the city Ms Migsdale is a former school librarian who had lived along before the Plague She publishes the city’s occasional newspaper the New City News and tosses cryptic and mysterious messages in bottles into the Pacific in hopes of getting a response Ms Migsdale spends a lot of time with an obsessive man named Books a former senior research librarian at the San Francisco Library Though slow to warm to these people Jax eventually becomes friendly with many of them especially with Danny boy At length she moves in with him in the St Francis Hotel suite Danny boy has claimed as his ownWhen it becomes clear that Fourstar’s invasion is imminent Jax is unable to persuade Danny boy and the others to defend themselves by meeting the army in combat They insist on doing things their own way as artists When the invasion actually occurs she reluctantly agrees to their plan Now with astonishing creativity the people of San Francisco baffle and frustrate the soldiers and their leader by refusing to exchange shots with them even though they have ample arms in the city Insteadthey adopt a plan Jax has devised one by one sneaking up on individual sentries and members of patrols they anesthetize the troops and paint the word “DEAD” on each of their foreheads autographing the work on the soldiers’ cheeks Meanwhile others have built barricades and mazes and The Machine has used his robocopter to bomb the army with stink bombs and other annoyancesEventually once than a third of the soldiers are marked “dead” it becomes clear that someone will have to label the general himself—or kill him outright as Jax wants to do Sneaking behind the army’s lines through tunnels and storm drains Jax succeeds in getting into the room where Fourstar is sleeping Against her better judgment she simply uses ether to immobilize him and mark him “dead” like the others When escaping however she is seen by an army patrol She manages to elude capture only because The Machine flying overhead crashes into the soldiers in a suicide mission to save her Undone by the death of her friend Jax wanders unthinkingly all over the city Eventually she is captured by troops and taken to the general who orders her death by hangingOn the gallows the following morning with the noose around her neck and Fourstar by her side a shot rings out from a nearby rooftop The general collapses dead But the shooter who turns out to be Danny boy acting entirely against his pacifist principles is himself shot dead by troops near the gallows Jax freed from the noose manages to persuade the troops to end the war Some will join the people of the city and others will simply leaveLife goes on in the city and Jax lives to an old age

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The City Not Long AfterHalf a generation ago a gesture in the name of peace turned out to spread plague and disaster In San Francisco the survivors are heir to a city transformed It is a haunted dreaming Not uite the end of the world Just the end of war Peace Are we sure it is worth the price