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Download In Bed With A Stranger kindle ó 316 pages Ò reflectionslisburnltd ó An Imperfect MatchBrodick McJames is an earl in name only To secure his clan's future he needs an English wife Mary Stanford daughter of the Earl of Warwickshire will suit perfectly He's never met her but what matter? SArs his child he need see her no Anne Copper looks just like her noble half sister but she was born illegitimate and can never forget it The best she can hope for is to stay a serving girl in her own father's house But when Lady Mary finds herself betrothed to a Sc Anne Copper is the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Warwickshire Annes mother Ivy is The Earls Leman and his wife cold Countess Philipa hates Ivy and her children especially Anne The Earl returns home from court briefly to announce that his daughter Mary his and Philipa's legitimate daughteris married by proxy to scottish Earl Brodick McJames Phillipa hatches a plan Rather than have her only child forced to bed with a barbaric Scot Phillipa sends Anne in her place Anne has to pretend to be Mary Anne is two years younger and it seems she resembles Mary she is to bed him and get pregnant or Phillipa will turn Annes mother out with her father away and no protection Anne has no choice but to agreeBrodrick is expecting a bratty painted english woman like he has seen at court but Anne and her unspoiled ways see him falling in love with her Anne likewise falls for him but she is not his wife and soon she will have to leave When she is pregnant Anne is to return home give Mary the baby then Mary will take her rightful place as Brodricks wife With Marys duty seemingly done she will be free from wifely duties??WTF??? that is the part of the book I find unbelievable After living with Anne for nearly a year was Brodrick supposed to look at Mary and not see the differance? I know Phillipa thought he wouldn't pay much heed to his wife but still come on? and Anne was just going to hand over her baby? Couldn't Anne have wrote to her father from Brodricks house? Anyway I pushed all the minor annoyances out of my head and carried on reading and found I got engrossed in the story and loved the book and MW's style of writing I couldn't put it down eager to see how it would all fall into place Brodrick is a great Hero who is not afraid of love or shys away from it Anne is a sensual romantic Heroine and there are some pretty sensual scenes between her and Brodrick The love scenes are a bit steamy than usual but well done Loved the secondry characters and will read the Cullens story next

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Ot it seems there's a use for Anne after all The woman who arrives in Alcaon is not what Brodick expects and the passion that grows between them promises far than a marriage of convenience When fate draws two together it may take than a noblewoman's plot to part th Being bastard born Anne is psychologically abused by the mistress of the house Lady Philipa her father's wife Her family's safety is used as a tool to keep her honest when she is coerced into taking Lady Philipa's daughter Mary's place in the forced marriage to a Scot She is supposed to get pregnant and return so Mary can take her place without having to actually give birth to the heir Unfortunately Anne falls in love with the Scot and vice versaI absolutely abhorred Philipa and wanted to reach through the pages and punch her in the face What a bitch Anne made the best of her circumstances and stayed true to herself at all times I particularly liked Brodick the Scot He fell instantly and his devotion never wavered The ending was spectacular Poor Cullen was so jealous of his brother's good fortune If he is matched with his enemies daughter that will be an interesting and potentially violent courtship I can't wait to read Cullen's story

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In Bed With A StrangerAn Imperfect MatchBrodick McJames is an earl in name only To secure his clan's future he needs an English wife Mary Stanford daughter of the Earl of Warwickshire will suit perfectly He's never met her but what matter? She'll grace his bed eventually and once she be This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary  Brodick McJames is in need of a wife to secure his lands and even though he is Scothe will need an English wife to do so So he connects with his English neighbor and to get married by proxy to his daughter Mary Anne Cooper is the illegitimate daughter of Earl of Warwickshire Her mother has been his leman for many years Anne has had to live under the abuse of her father's wife for many years But when her step sister Mary is called upon to enter into this marriage a scheme rises up from Mary's mother Lady Phillipa refuses to have her daughter be married to a Scot or suffer the pain and death of the childbed She despises Anne and blackmails her into going into Mary's stead as the wife of McJames At first Anne wants to refuse but with her mother and sister and brother's lives on the line she will do anything to keep them from harm and abuse So she goes knowing that this evil scheme she wants no part of but sees no other choice Her plan is to reach her father somehow and inform him of what is going on because she knows he would protect her from this if he knew about it But then she meets her fake husband Brodick McJames and soon they discover a hidden passion and a deep love for each other She forgets about what she will be forced to do to Brodick and enjoys what time they have together Will Anne have the courage to tell Brodick the truthor will she have to sacrifice her love for him to save their son and secure his future? Plot and Story Line  Wow what a ride that Mary Wine has given us with In Bed With A Stranger Its apparent I haven't read this author enough and my goodnessdo I need to change that I was amazed by how swept away I was by this sweet love story I was a bit apprehensive upon reading the blurb But I knew that with Mary Wine as the author I was going to enjoy listening to this book and dang I DID This is a story that can be overwhelming at times We see the beginnings of Lady Phillipa and how truly evil she can be We also see how horrid she and her daughter Mary treat Anne and the rest of her family My heart ached for them to be honest because with the father away so much at courtthey are left to Phillipa's machinations And boy can she be cruel to any servantWhat I loved most was our heroineshe has such courage and I loved her strength From the beginning I knew I liked her Our hero is pretty wonderfuldefinitely book boyfriend material What I really liked about Brodick is how he treats Anne from the beginning He is a bit of a rogue at times but he is sweet and tender in the most intimate moments between them I truly liked how true he is to Anne and never loses faith in her He is very protective he is a leader for his people and we see his true colors from the start and I couldn't stop admiring him as the hero for the story We see the guilt and turmoil that our heroine suffers I was curious to see how it endedand boy did it end in such a great way I was totally happy with the outcome especially with how Phillipa and Mary get their just deserts for sure in this one Overall this was a fantastic read and highly recommend to any historical romance lover out there Narration  I adored this narratorwhen I first heard the sample I was a bit nervous not sure if I would like his voice But manhe handled this story so well The accents inflections the emotions conveyedperfectly portrayed and well done This won't be my last book listening to him that is for sure The Cover  What a yummy coverI love the colors that we see here I love the gold and dark backgroundadds a bit of mystery to it but is also very sensual Overall View  In Bed With A Stranger is a beautifully woven romance that gives us a realistic conflict some evil villains a true prince at heart and a romance that carries you away SIMPLY ENDEARING foogallery id19358